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Trek Mountain of Lakes to Elusive Futta Saur

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Trek To Elusive Futta Saur Mountain Of Lakes


The trail begins in Haripur, 14 kms from Manali, meanders on HalaanTheli and finally leads on to Futta Saur which sits in the PirPanjaal range of the Western Himalaya. Mountaineerz takes pride in being the pioneers in this trek as we have traversed these trails many a times to explore. Walk this path least travelled with our experienced guides to see the wonder that is the Elusive Futta Saur – Mountain of lakes.

Max. Altitude: 14,290 feet

Day 01

Trail Course:Manali - Haripur – Soil – Guhad - Mindua

Max. Altitude: 8,410 feet

Duration:  4/5 hours)

Arrive in Manali and Mountaineerz will be happy to pick you up from the air port/bus terminal and we will assist you to settle in to dA Base/cottage/hotel/accommodation of your choice.The climbers who have not stayed overnight with us at dA Base, are welcome to join us for breakfast and a chat session with the Mountaineerz team and your fellow climbers. Get all your questions answered in order to ensure a great trek. We will drive up to the oldest village in the Kullu Valley, ‘Soil’. After visiting the beautiful ancient temple of JamdagniRishi and Kabir (Kabir was to Rishi Jamdagni like Nandi was to Lord Shiva). No one is allowed to enter the inner sanctum of the temple. Only the pujari (priest) can go there and he too has to be blindfolded.Soil in itself is a charming little village and it is sheer joy to trek across it.

From Soil, we start walking towards ‘Mindua’. The trail is fairly easy and leads up toGuhad. It is a vast expanse of meadows with forests of Kharshu, Walnut, Chestnut, Bhojpatra etc. A trek for another 4 to 5 hours will lead us to Mindua. We will pitch our tents here and camp overnight with some bone warming bonfire and lovely dinner with chatter.

Day 02

Trail Course:Mindua – Shodupathar –Dhundha

Max. Altitude: 10,850 feet

Duration: 4/5 hours

The sun rise at Mindua is surreal. Enjoy a high-nutrition breakfast here and charge up for the trek ahead. We start our ascent to Dhunda. The trail runs through dense Oak forests and the pure oxygen almost hurts the lungs. The trail will now lead to chowkigarhnalla, a small stream, and we will cross this to reach a lush green meadow amidst a thick forest of predominantly Oak trees. We will pitch our tents here. Take in the beautiful surroundings and explore the surroundings. After some nice warm dinner, snuggle up in your sleeping bags for the night.

Day 03

Trail Course:Dhundha – Parkuni

Max. Altitude:  12,580 feet

Duration: 6/7 hours

After a morning charge up session and a healthy breakfast, we leave for Parkuni, which is above the tree line. The trail meanders through thick forests of Birch, Rhododendron and Juniper. This region is laden with variousrare plants and herbs like Karu, Chora, Patish, Gugal, wildGarlic etc., which are known to have some high medicinal value.

The air is heavily laden with unadulterated oxygen and there is only so much you can do to keep your excitement in check. For those who may need a bit of motivation to keep walking, the sights and sounds and textures of Himalaya will prove to be a fuel enough. We will camp for the night in Parkuni.

Day 04

Trail Course:Parkuni-  Kukarban – Batarunaag Saur- Vasukinaag Saur– Futta Saur –Mata Kotli Saur– Parkuni

Altitude: Vasukinaag Saur – 13,870 feet

Futta Saur – 14,250 feet

Mata Kotli Saur – 14,290 feet

Duration: 7/8 hours

Today, we get our much deserved eternal reward when we feast on the sights of natural grandeur that will form memories of a life time. After breakfast, we will trek for about 45 minutes to reach the first lake ‘BatarunaagSaur’. A short walk will bring us to one of the most ethereal lakes; ‘VasukinaagSaur’. A short distance from here basks the elusive lake ‘FuttaSaur’ and ‘MataKotliSaur’. I have chosen to call them “Elusive” as they are almost always hidden in mist and give the illusion that they are just a stone’s throw away.

The attempt to sight the Elusive Lakes will be done in Alpine style. The terrain here is a bit rocky and not very suitable for camping. So, our tents will remain pitched at Parkuni while we will trek to the lakes and back well in time for dinner and bonfire (if conditions permit). Turn into your sleeping bags and slide into a blissful sleep while atop the Mountain of Lakes. Talk about luxury

Day 05

Trail Course:Parkuni–Mindua

Max. Altitude: 8,410 feet

Duration: 5/6 hours

Now you can take things at your own pace. Just unwind and chill with some breakfast at Parkuni. From here. Retrace your steps backwards to reach the campsite at Mindua.Pitch tents here and just connect with nature. The challenging part of the trek is over. You have earned the righjt to celebrate.

Day 06

Trail Course: Mindua – Soil – dA BaseBase, Haripur

Max. Altitude: 8,410 feet

Duration:  5/6 hours

After breakfast and some photography at leisure, we will leave Mindua for dA Base at Haripur via Soil village. Reach dA Base and unwind and celebrate with some hot lunch and a non-stop chatter about our achievement of trekking through the Mountain of Lakes.

Believe me when I say this, we have earned our celebration because there are very few who can honestly claim to have gone to the Mountain of Lakes and been blessed with the sightings of the mystical lakes. Relax at the base campbefore we part ways here to meet soon for our next adventure. Take the bus back to Delhi from Manali at 5:00 pm to wrap up your tour.




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