Nag Tibba Trek

Treks In Uttarakhand You Must Go At Least Once With Your Friends

The snowy mountains with its enchanting views of Uttarakhand have always drawn people towards it. The place is a host to some breathtaking peaks and glaciers. And well, who doesn’t want to scale up to such peaks and witness the beauty by yourself? Trekking in cities and trekking here is completely different. Crossing the villages, […]

Nanda devi

The Relative Issue Of Acute Mountain Sickness While Climbing A Mountain

“The glittering shine of height seems so beautiful, but every beautiful rose has its own thorns!” Climbing a mountain has always allured people from far overseas for its adventure and beauty. We get excited by the very idea of imagining our self of standing on the peak of the mountain. The feeling of summiting the […]