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Enjoy Paragliding in Bir Billing

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“Open the wings of freedom and make your dream true of flying in the air.”



Of all the paragliding places in India, Paragliding in Bir Billing and Camping before that is truly a once in a lifetime experience, something you don’t want to miss. The Bir Billing paragliding height is 1,525 meters above the sea level. A poise breeze touches you when you are in Bir, something that is enough to make you feel that you are in a place you want to come again to all the time.  


A peculiar feeling grips you when you decide to take a leap of faith and jump from the mountain. The feeling of flying high in the sky that will make paragliding in Himachal Pradesh one of the most memorable experiences of your life. One of the best weekend getaways, Bir Billing paragliding best time is from the month of October till June.  You can also plan to take up Bir Billing Paragliding course if you ever plan to fly high in the sky on your own with no supervision from the instructor. 


So next time you explore to go someplace magical, you know you got to explore our Bir Billing Paragliding packages. Of all the paragliding destinations in India, Bir Billing is the only one that is a complete package as not only it will satiate your adrenaline hunger but will also give you the much-needed serenity and poise. Up in the mountains, camping in the woods, you will find a perfect spot for rewinding your soul.


So what are you waiting for? Start exploring the place that seems too good to be true. We have the full travel guide for you. For all the tours and packages, as well as the overall paragliding in Bir Billing cost, we are there to help you make this time even more magical. 


1 Day


08.00 am     Breakfast.

11.00 am     Local sightseeing visit:   Dzongsor Instititue, Lord Shiva Temple Baijnath.

01.00 pm     Enjoy lunch.

02.00 pm     After lunch drive to water fall at Slavag village, Dharamalya meditation centre at Ghornala, Nyingmpa Budhist Monastery, Tea garden & landing Site at  Chougan  Bir,

08.30 pm     Enjoy Dinner.

09.30 pm     Night stay in the Hotel.


2nd  Day


08.00 am     Breakfast.

09.00 am     Day hike Trek start from Bir to Billing  via Nagan village. This is wild Trek(7 km) Enjoy nature view mid of trek and surrounding area.

01.00 pm     Enjoy lunch

                   Menu- Rice, Rajmah, Aloo Gobhi, Curry and Salaad.

03.00 pm     Games-Badminton, kairam Board , Chess.

05.00 pm     Snacks-Tea, Biscuit, Namkeen.

06.00 pm     Bonfire.

08.30 pm     Mattar Paneer, Mix veg, Dal makhni  with rice and chapatti, salad.

09.30 pm     Night stay in the tent.


3rd Day


08.00 am     Breakfast.

                   Menu- Bread butter, Bread Omelet, Jam, Maggie and tea.

09.00 am     Enjoy paragliding tandem ride from Billing and landing at Bir.

                   Tour end.

Pack cost:    5500 per person.


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Duration 3 Days 2 Night
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Capacity 40 Seats
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