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Nature Adventure Camp Ramanagara

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About the Stay:

  • Adventure and nature is around the corner and Bangalore people are just excited for the same. Experience differently with camping, Activities, bonfire, Music, Food, and Trek all this amidst at Hombale adventure camp at kanakapura.
  • Located right near to historical place of kanakapura, this location is one of the best for welcoming the adventure explore.
  • Spend an entire 24hrs in the scenic spot with full of adventure and peaceful stay.





12 hours and 24hours stay and Day out 8AM to 6PM


Packages and stay type

  • Day out per person Rs 799/- 

Breakfast, lunch, hi-tea with all activities.


  • 24hrs tent stay package per person Rs 1799/-

Breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, dinner, bonfire + music, stay at the tent with all activities. (12pm to next day 11am)



  • 12hrs tent stay package per person Rs 1499/-

Hi-tea, dinner, breakfast, bonfire + music, stay at tent with all activities. (4pm to next day 11am)


  • 24hrs Room stay package per person Rs 2199/-

Breakfast, lunch, hi-tea, dinner, bonfire + music, stay at room with all activities. (12pm to next day 11am)


  • 12hrs Roomt stay package per person Rs1799 /-

Hi-tea, dinner, breakfast, bonfire + music, stay at room with all activities. (4pm to next day 11am)







     Example of tent allocation: 

  • Team of 3 or a multiple of 3 will be provided 3 people sharing tents.
  • Team of 2 or a multiple of 2 will be provided 2 people sharing tents. Or 4 people sharing. Tents with/without partition.
  • Team of 5 or a multiple of 5 will be provided two types of tents (2 people & 3 people sharing).
  • Team of 10 or a multiple of 5 tents will be provided. 


  • Other group sizes will be provided with a combination of 2/3 sharing tents decided by management.
  • No single person tents will be allocated. ( available on demand decided by management  )
  • Rooms 4 sharing and 6 sharing ( available couple rooms on demand ) 



  • Swimming pool with kids pool with poolside chairs.
  • Rain dance and  DJ music  with colourful lights
  • 1) Barma bridge
  • 2) Zig zig walk
  • 3) X walk
  • 4) EBGB
  • 5) Horizontal  ladder
  • 6) Deep bucket walk
  • 7) Earth Quick
  • 8) Multi vine
  • 9) Zip line
  • 10) Spider web
  • Pallankuli (Ali Guli  Mane)
  • Outdoor valley ball
  • Outdoor shuttle cock
  • Outdoor cricket
  • Basket ball
  • Outdoor Triboard
  • Outdoor Soft  archery
  • Indoor  carom board
  • Indoor table tennis
  • Indoor foosh ball
  • Team building activities ( available on extra cost )
  • Indoor chess, Ludo king , playing cards,
  • Outdoor amphitheatres for official corporate entertainment are guitarist.
  • Kayaking are pedal boating at small natural pond



  • 1)Jeep Riding
  • 2)Bike Riding
  • 3)Jumper
  • 4)Swimming
  • 5)Bosket Ball
  • 6)Tennis
  • 7)Jaaru Bande
  • 8)Spider Web
  • 9)Net Climbing
  • 10)Wish Toy





Special Note: 


  • Check-in after 12pm for 24 hrs stay package. Check-in after 4pm for 12 hrs stay package.


  • Carry enough liquid cash, ( ATMs are available at kanakapura only )


  • Extra snacks, Soft drinks, Water can be purchased at campsite.


  • Ice-Cubes, Disposable glasses can be availed at on pre-request.


  • Liquor will not be available at location to purchase.


  • Campsite is not responsible for storage of liquors bought by customers.


  • Food Timings: Dinner Buffet-9:00PM-10:00PM, Breakfast- 8:30AM-9:30AM, Lunch – 1:30PM-2:30PM.
  • Guests are not allowed to carry the food to rooms are tents.
  • Common bonfire and common music available for all type of group size.
  • Amphitheatre available on pre request. 

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Cost per person (INR)
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Date Everyday
Where Kanakapura, Ramanagara, Karnataka
Duration Dayout
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 50 Seats
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7838984471, 8368292699, 01142156013
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