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Your monsoon nature trip commences with a pick up from your hotel, from where we proceed towards Harvalem waterfall. Harvalem or Arvalem is near the village of Sanquelim – where the colonial government settled its Rajput mercenaries (known as the ‘Ranes’) in the mid-1700s. You could gaze this enchanting waterfall listening to nothing but the sound of the river cascading through the trees.


Nature Trip


After the Harvalem waterfall, we head to the most ancient temple in Goa – Tambdi Surla Mahadeva Temple – about an hour away. It is the only specimen of Kadamba-Yadava architecture in basalt stone preserved in Goa and was built in 12th century. However, some interesting details about the construction lead to debates about its origin. It is wondrous how the Mahadeva Temple still stands, in almost perfect condition, despite Muslim invasions and Portuguese persecutions.


Ancient Pandava Caves


The nearby Ancient Pandava Caves make for an engaging history lesson. Legend has it that these caves were named after the 5 Pandavas of the Mahabharata. These Pandavas were thought to have taken refuge in these caves whilst on their exile. Giving relevance to this fact is the presence of 5 shivlingas and compartments in the cave complex provides.


Then we make for the Sahyadri Spice Farm, tucked away in a beautiful village in Ponda. Here we get to relish a traditional Goan food buffet with all the famous Goan dishes. The buffet caters to all palates and has a wide assortment for both – vegetarians and non-vegetarian dishes.


Elephant Ride


After gorging on the delectable Goan specials, our adept team will accompany you either on an elephant ride or a bathing session with the elephants, your choice. This is definitely an experience you should not miss.


Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus


Post this, if time permits, we would pay a visit to the 400 year old Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus – where the remains of St. Francis Xavier are housed. Both are world heritage sites and are a part of UNESCO’s protected zones. Alternatively, we may visit the Tirupati Balaji Temple where you are greeted with a visual treat of lush green lawns surrounded by sugarcane and a garden of well maintained flowers.


The monsoon nature trip culminates with a journey back your respective hotels, bringing in the sunset, relaxing again.




Duration  :  8:00am to 6:30pm


You can wear Comfortable Clothing. Also wear strap on rainy sandals.
Please carry your towels and pair of clothes to change.


Cost per person (INR)
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Where North Goa
Duration 10 Hours
Difficulty Easy
Capacity 40 Seats
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26th Nov, 2017
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