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A trekking enthusiast is always on the lookout for new trekking destinations, which provide a new and unparalleled trekking experience. If there is a single place where experiences of various natures can be had, it has to be the northern part of India. The towering heights of the Himalayas are home to some of the least known and best experienced places, which can be trekked to, all round the year. A lot of these places are mystical and seem to be straight from the books of fantasies. Roopkund Lake in the Himalayas is one such mystical place, which is full of mystery and questions.


The Roopkund lake trek is for the experienced trekkers predominantly, and asks them to trek to the higher reaches of the mighty Himalayan peaks. But if the trekkers are ready to take this effort to head this high, there is indeed a treasure awaiting them – the treasure of witnessing some once in a lifetime experiences. These include gazing on towering heights, snowcapped peaks, streams, thick pine forest and the crown jewel itself – the mysterious lake of Roopkund. The lake is one of it’s kind in the world, and is surrounded with and full of skeletons from an unknown source and time. NatGeo did a special feature on the lake and showcased a researcher’s work from 1942 that tied these skeletons to AD936. The skeletons are supposed to be of a group of pilgrims who apparently were stuck in a torrential hailstorm, which killed almost all of them.


The trek is covered predominantly in the higher reaches of the mountains and hence requires assisting oxygen cylinders and conservation means. The trek can only be approached to during two months of the year – once post the monsoons (September and October) and once post the winters (May and June).


DAY 1 : Report In Lohajung by Evening. Check into Guest House

On this day you have to report in Lohajung by 5 PM. The details of your accommodation in lohajung will be communicated to you 2 days prior the departure date over the email. Stay will be in Camp/Guest House on sharing basis.We recommend that you plan your travel from Haldwani/Kathgodam early In the morning so as to reach Lohajung by Late afternoon. Distance from Haldwani to Lohajung is 210 Km and takes 10 hours approx. Explore the beautiful surroundings of Lohajung in the evening. Do not leave anything for last minute buying. Lohajung is a small place with very small market.Before the dinner we will have a team introduction session. After the dinner we will have a briefing about tomorrows trek. Retire to bed early on this day to give yourself a good long sleep.

* In case you wish to join us from Haldwani to Haldwani or Delhi to Delhi, you can select the suitable option while booking your trek.

DAY 2 : Lohajung to Tolpani ( 11 Kms )

Initially a parallel walk along Neelganga river. After crossing the river by a metal bridge near Kuling there is a steep climb to Tol Pani. The route is via village Didina. Didina lies in the east of Lohajung. Right behind Didina, a snow covered peak can be seen. Its name is Nanda Ghunti (6,309 M). You will see this peak for a major part of this trek. There are two ways for Didina from Lohajung . One way is along the river. For this you have to descent to the river in Lohajung & then walk parallel to it. The other way is via kuling . There is a road parallel to the river from Lohajung to Kuling . From kuling you have to decend to the river . Both of these routes merge in Akhodi which is 15 minutes walk away from kuling. Didina is a beautiful village with very less population. There are a couple of homestay options in Didina. After a small halt in Didina for Lunch we keep walking till be reach Tolpani which is our campsite for the day. Overnight in camps.

DAY 3 : Tolpani to Bedni Bugyal ( 6 Kms )

We start early today to enjoy the best views. We will walk through twin meadows of Ali & Bedni. The trek is steep till we reach Ali Bugyal. From here the trail comprises of long sections of gradual ascent. The meadows are one of the best in the country as you will realize during your trek. As you are walking through the Ali Bugyal, Nanga Ghunti & Trishuli are prominently visible in the East. We trek on the marked trail. You will spot a small structure made from stones. It is a temple.Slightly to your right you can see a cluster of fibre huts green in colour. Find a suitable spot here for the packed lunch. Starting from the stone structure, a section of the trail ahead is uphill & in zig zag shape. After the lunch we commence trek and reach Bedni Bugyal Campsite by afternoon.

Day 4 : Bedni Bugyal to Patar Nachauni ( 6 Kms )

The trek is short today and has been kept so for better acclimatization. We will commence the trek around 8 AM. Walk slow and steady as next campsite is not very far. There is only one steep climb as you leave camping site of Bedni Bugyal. After that there are sections of mild ascent till we reach Patar Nachauni, situated at the foot hill of the mountain at the top of which lies the temple of Kalua Vinayak.

DAY 5 : Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa (4 Kms)

Distance wise todays trek is not very long but it is one of the steepest section of the entire trek. Taking an early start always helps. You have to climb the mountain right in front of you to the top. The trek starts with a flat walk, followed by a steep ascent to kalua Vinayak which is a Temple. The view in Patar Nachauni is restricted by mountains. But once you reach Kalua Vinayak you get a panaromic view. Some of the prominent peaks visible from this point are Kedarnath ,Chaukhamba,Neelkantha,Trishul & Nanda Ghunti. From Kalua Vinayak, the trail is downhill upto Bhgwabasa camps. We reach Bhagwabasa camps by early afternoon.It is the highest campsite of this trek. The night is extremely cold here. Bhagwabasa is used as a base camp for trek to Roopkund lake.

DAY 6 : Bhagwabasa to Roopkund & return to Bedni Bugyal (16 Kms)(6 Kms Uphill, 10 Kms Downhill)

Starting early is the key today. As we get late snow starts melting and makes the climb difficult. Morning snow is fresh and easy to walk upon. Trek today is a 4 km long gradual ascent with sections of steep ascent in between. In the last leg you have to climb down 250 feet to reach the lake. If weather permits we will trek to Junargali which is just 250 ft up from Roopkund. After spending some time around we will head back to Bedni Bugyal. Expect to reach Bedni Bugyal by late afternoon.

DAY 7 : Bedni Bugyal to Lohajung (11 Kms trek & 11 Kms road)

Break camps early & head towards Wan. Todays trek is about 5 Hours. We descent to wan village.We will take a brief halt at Ghairoli Patal which is also a good camping site.We have to descent to the bottom of the valley where river Neel Ganga welcomes us. Its not a bad idea to wash yourself in the river after a strenuous downhill trek. From the river it’s a half an hour uphill trek upto Wan. From Wan village its further one & half hour downhill upto Kasar Bagad which is the road head.We boad a vehicle from here. Drive up to Lohajung. Check into the Guest House in Lohajung. Trip end here. You may plan your return the next day on your own. If you wish to book your return journey with us, select the suitable option while making your booking.

DAY 8 : Lohajung to Kathgodam by Road.

For those who have booked their return travel with us, vehicle will be ready early morning. Board this vehicle for Haldwani. Expect to reach Haldwani by late in the evening.


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