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This trail gives the trekkers an opportunity to trek through the rhododendron and deep virgin oak forest and glance through the gurgling brooks and admire the beauty of the campsite; fulfilling each and every desire of a trekker in the nature's lap. The most amazing feature of this trek is that despite it being one of the high altitude treks, it is considered safe even for beginners. This trek is one of the well planned trek that even a beginner can complete the entire trekking without the help of an experienced guide. There is no scope for getting lost anywhere on the trek. Another advantage of roopkund lake trek is that you get a full opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the famous of Himalayan meadows for a period of approximately 1.5 days.


The sheer intensity as well as thrill which this trek offer is highly incredible that it makes the Roopkund trek one of the most trekked trek in Uttrakhand. The extraordinary experience of trekking through the dense forests of the Himalayan region that dates back more than 500 years adds to the charm of this trek. One can watch Mt. Trishul in the backdrop while trekking here, but for the trekkers who decide to climb till Junargali, can take a full view of the beautiful Mt. Trishul peak.


The Roopkund trek offers a lot to its trekkers, not only the excitement to stand at 4000 m above the level of the sea, but also the charm of enjoying the beautiful views of the trek and the ample amount of knowledge about trekking that one gains while trekking here. The trekkers are required to be mentally as well as physically fit in order to enjoy the different aspects of trekking in the beauty of Roopkund. If you think you will get tired by this 8 day long trekking expedition, then you are certainly wrong. All you will become is relaxed and refreshed by this astonishing 8 day trekking trip to Roopkund. The trekking trip is organised only on selected dates and covers 8 days and 7 nights. The Roopkund trek attracts people from round the globe because of the trek being a perfect blend of adventure and thrill.


Brief Itinerary


Day 1 :- Kathgodam to Lohajung


Altitude 7,662 ft.

Stay in guest house.

Drive 210 km (10 hrs drive).

Local market and network is available.

Pick up time 06:30 am at the parking of Kathgodham railway station.

Route:- Kathgodam - Bheem Tal - Almora - Kausani - Gwaldam - Dewal - Lohajung


Day 2 :- Lohargunj to Didna Village


Trek 6.5 km.

7,662 to 8,045 ft.

Reach Didna before lunch.

accommodation in village home stay.

No local market but Network is available.

Till ruan bagad bridge gradual descent (4.5 km).

Refill your water bottle at ruan bagad bridge from Neel Ganga river.

After ruan bagad bridge 2 hours of a steep ascent to Didna Village (2 km).


Day 3 :- Didna Village to Ali Bugyal


Trek 10.5 km.

8,045 to 11,320 ft.

Accommodation in tent.

Carry water and ors both.

Reach Ali Bugyal by late noon.

Keep your wind and waterproof handy.

Tolpani is the last point for drinking water.

First half of is through oak and rhododendron forest (Steep ascent).

Second half of the trek is through big alpine meadows (gradual ascent).


Day 4 :- Ali Bugyal to Patar Nachauni via Bedni Bugyal and Ghora Lotani


Trek 7 km.

11,320 to 12,818 ft. 

Easiest day of the trek.

Accommodation in tent.

Reach Patar Nachauni before lunch.

Ali Bugyal to Bedni Bugyal (gradual ascent 2 km).

Bedni Bugyal to Ghora Lotani (gradual ascent 4 km).

Ghora Lotani to Patar Nachauni (gradual descent 1 km).

Spend some time at Ghora Lotani good for acclimatization.

Ware proper clothing (this is the place where most of the trekkers get AMS).


Day 5 :- Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa via Kalu Vinayak


Trek 4 km.

12,818 to 14,117 ft.

Accommodation in tent.

Reached Camp site by lunch.

Patar Nachauni to Kalu Vinayak Tempel .

(first 1 km is gradual ascent and rest 1.5 km is steep ascent).

Kalu Vinayak to Bhagwabasa (gradual descent 1.5 km, become tricky in may and June ).

There will be snow on the trail in the month of may and jun and in sep and oct it will be a rocky trail.


Day 6 :- Bhagwabasa to Roopkund to Patar Nachauni


Trek 10 km.

14,117 to 15755 ft.

Accommodation in tent.

Start your trek by 4:00 am.

Climb to Roopkund is 3 km.

Challenging day of the trek.

Carry energy bars, ors and water.

Breakfast will be at Roopkund top.

Reach Bhagwabasa back by lunch time.

Reach Patar Nachauni camp by evening.

In Aug, Sep, Oct can see skeleton but no snow.

In May and Jun snow will be there but can't see the skeleton.


Day 7 :- Patar Nachauni to Lohajung via Bedni and Wan


Trek 15 km.

12,818 to 7,662 ft.

Accommodation in guest house.

Patar Nachauni to Ghora Lotani (1 km gradual ascent).

Ghora Lotani to Bedni Bugyal ( 4 km gradual descent).

Bedni Bugyal to Doliya Dhar ( 0.5 km gradual walk).

Doliya Dhar to Ghaeroli Patal ( 3 km steep descent ).

Ghaeroli Patal to Neel Ganga ( 4 km steep descent ).

Neel Ganga to Ranka Dhar ( 1 km moderate ascent ).

Ranka Dhat to Wan Village road head ( 1.5 km gradual descent).

Wan Village to Loharjung ( 45 minutes drive, road condition is not good).

Route :- Patar Nachauni - Ghora Lotani - Bedni Bugyal - Doliya Dhar - Ghaeroli Patal - Neel Ganga - Ranka Dhar - Wan Village - drive to Lohajung.


Day 8 :- Loharjung to Kathgodam


10 hrs drive.

Drive 210 km.

Reach Kathgodam by 6:00 pm.

On the way to Kathgodam at Kausani you can buy herbal tea and some souvenir.


Roopkund trek in Seasons.

Summer Treks (April, May, June) 

1. Less colder

2. More windy

3. Weather is unpredictable

4. Can't see human skeleton

5. Roopkund is in frozen condition

6. Higher camps covered with snow

7. Natural source of drinking water are easily available

8. Best for those who want to see snow and want to do a difficult level of trek


Autumn Treks (September, October, November)

1. Less windy

2. More colder

3. Mostly clear weather

4. Can see human skeleton

5. No snow at any camp site

6. Roopkund lake is properly visible

7. Natural source of drinking water are limited

8. Best for those who want to see greenery and want to do moderate level of trek


Detailed Itinerary


Day 01: Kathgodam to Loharjung


You can reach Kathgodam through one of the most famous trains reaching the destination, which is the Ranikhet express. Once you reach here, you would start feeling a change in the entire atmosphere. The Roopkund trek has its starting point from here. The mystery lake trek would give you a remarkable experience you might just feel that you are living your dream.


Kathgodam is a small yet beautiful place . Once you reach Kathgodam, You can travel easily to Loharjung through the roadway. The roads are narrow, with beautiful curves and would give a good view of the surrounding. The lush green beauty that travels along is amazing.


Day 2 :- Lohargunj to Didna Village


Just behind the bus stand in Lohargunj, take the trail that takes you to Raun Bagad. It is a fairly marked trail that descends through mixed forests. It is a moderate trek and you would take around 2-2½ hrs to reach the Ruan Bagad, which is an iron bridge across the famous Neel Ganga river. There is also an alternative route to reach here from Lohargunj which is through the road towards Wan. It is an easy 6km walk to Kulling Village where after there is a steep slope towards Ruan Bagad. You can opt for the latter, which is easy to travel but you would certainly miss on the beautiful mixed forests. Hereafter the climb to Didina starts once you cross the iron bridge. It is a difficult climb and you may get tired pretty soon. With a relatively tough time in the beginning, you would reach Didina in about and an hour and a half’s time. You would have e great mountaineering experience all this while.


Day 3 :- Didna Village to Ali Bugyal


To reach Ali Bugyal from Didna, there are two alternative routes. If you look in the direction of the valley, you would look at Tolpani, which is a cluster of huts that belong to the shepherds. It is almost 3 kms away and 1000 feet high. From Tolpani, you take a trail that climbs to Tolkaan in the northern direction. The meadow trek goes through a series of switchbacks and grassy oak mountains. From Tolkaan, you take a sharp left towards the south and steer through the ridge to come out of the forest at Ali Bugyal.


The alternative route is to climb directly towards Ali Bugyal without going through Toplani. You would certainly save on distance but it a relatively much steeper and tiring climb. It takes nearly two and a half hours to reach Ali Bugyal on this route. To enjoy the seductive views from Ali Bugyal, you need to reach there before afternoon. It is a great post monsoon trek as well as a pre monsoon trek.


The day 3 is however the day when you trek to Chang Ma. This might be a difficult trek and you may experience the joy of a snow trek. You would like to spend the night here and the overnight stay would be in tents in the open lands.


Day 4 :- Ali Bugyal to Patar Nachauni via Bedni Bugyal


The trek from Ali Bugyal to Ghora Latoni is an easy trek. You would follow a straight line ahead of you for about 3 kms. On your gradual increase to the slope, the trek brings you to the other side of the ridge. The view from this point is absolutely marvelous.


Ghora Lotani is a brilliant campsite and offers you great views all around. It is an easy day and you will get time to relax and acclimatize to the weather conditions before going ahead with your trekking. In fact, you could consider spending a day here to adapt to the altitude and atmosphere.


Day 5 :- Patar Nachauni to Bhagwabasa via Kalu Vinayak


This is the day when you make a steep dash to gain altitude and finally trek in the snow line. The day’s snow trek will bring you to an altitude of 14,500 ft from 12,500 ft. It is an high altitude trekking and you would start feeling the effects of weather change and thin air and definitely the effects of high altitude. You would have to start your day early as you would like to reach Bhawabasa as early to acclimatize to the weather. Your route takes a climb to Kalu Vinayak, which is a steep and zig-zag way to take you up the mountain. Go through this section carefully and slowly.


It takes around one and a half hours to reach Kalu Vinayak. The route from Kalu Vinayak to Bhagwabasa is simple and gradually sloping downwards. Bhagwabasa is 2 kms away and you can have a view of the Bhagwabasa huts from here. The trail towards Bhagwabasa goes through snow patches and you would enjoy the journey.


Day 6 :- Bhagwabasa to Roopkund to Patar Nachauni


You have to start the day as early at 4 am. The sooner you start, the better it is for you as the snow is still hard, while later in the day, it would get soft and your feet would start sinking in. Roopkund is a 3 km gradually up-hill climb from Bhagwabasa. You will have steep climb towards the end of the trail to reach Roopkund. It would take about 3 - 3½ hours to reach Roopkund.


Once you climb to Roopkund, you must climb up to Junargali. Trekkers must visit unless the weather is very harsh and does not permit you. The climb to Junargali is not long. It is around 200 ft and doesn’t take much time. It is hardly a climb of 25 - 30 min.


You can start off early to return back to Bedni Bugyal via Bhagwabasa. You need to be careful in trekking back as the snowy slopes may trick you.


Day 7 :- Patar Nachauni to Lohajung via Wan


It is a great journey back to Lohajung via Wan. The path is fairly simple and you would not feel any distress throughout. You would cross the oak forest as you go and the scenic beauty is just mesmerizing. You would see the end of meadows after a few minutes.


On a clear day, you would be astonished by looking at the Trishul on your way back from Bedni Bugyal to Wan. You would go down the Rhododendron forest. You would have a steep descent for the Neel Ganga. Faster trekkers reach there in approximately one and a half hours. However you should take your time and enjoy the beauty as you go by.


From the river, it takes about half an hour to climb to the ridge above Wan village. Overall it takes about 6 and half an hour to Wan and it is an hour’s drive back to Lohajung.


Day 8 :- Loharjung to Kathgodam


After getting to the base camp at Loharjung and finishing the Roopkund trek, you might think of spending a day at Loharjung. This is a great place to relax and chill out after your high altitude trek that has left your adrenaline pumping. You would enjoy the weather but definitely miss what you had at Roopkund or on its way. Travelling back to Loharjung is pretty simple and doesn’t really require any skill. An enjoyable road-trip to end the lake trek on an exhilarating note.


How to Reach


The Kathgodam station is one of the main stations in the district and it is an old station. It has good connectivity to many places and these include Lucknow, Delhi, and Howrah. Tickets from Delhi to Kathgodam by train cost around Rs. 150 for a second class sleeper ticket and Rs. 400 for a third A/C sleeper ticket. It is essential to book the tickets at least one month in advance as this route is always in demand.


By Train :- 

From Delhi take the Ranikhet Express (5014) Dep. Delhi at 10:40pm arrival Kathgodam at 5:30am (Overnight Journey) or the Uttar sampark kranti (5035) Dep. Delhi at 4:00pm arrival Kathgodam at 10:40pm (6 hrs.40min.Journey)


From Dehardun take the Doon Express (4120) Dep. Dehardun at 10:30 pm arrival Kathgodam at 7:10 pm (8hrs.journey)


By Bus :- 

Regular buses ply from ISBT Delhi Anand Vihar station to Kathgodam. Buses that go to Nainital stops at Haldwani which is a twin town of Kathgodham (8 hrs. Journey).


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