Trekking Expedition Summer

Summer Treks You Should Start Planning

Nothing teaches a person the lessons of life as easily as just seeing different places and meeting new people. It is a whole lot welcoming experience to see the world outside the clustered cities we live in. As easy and fun filled as this idea might seem, for some of us, it is a far sought dream owing to our hectic schedules and busy lifestyle. No matter how hard one does try, it is impossible to find time for these simple pleasures of life like going on trekking expedition, travelling to a far off place or simply going on a camping trip with your loved ones.

Holidays are few and there is a lot to do even in those days like visiting your grandparents or going to a friend’s wedding but this Summer Vacation, we suggest you to give yourself the much-awaited freedom and go on an adventure filled trekking expedition. Not only will it become one of your most favorite memories but you will also realize that this is a must have experience. To make your task a lot easier, here is a list of twenty most sought places where you can go for a full fledged trekking expedition. Remember that half the fun is in the journey, so make every single moment count.

  1. Kedarkantha Trek

Needless to say, Kedarkantha Trek is one of the most desirable and classic winter treks you can go on this summer but it is no less fun in the summers either. This trek does not only offer you lustfully beautiful scenes to treat your eyes on but also ensure that the spirit of trekking is maintained by offering you some of the toughest paths to trek on. Terrific as it may sound, the Kendarkantha trek undoubtedly offers you some of the most beautiful camping sites  on the way.

Kedarkantha Trek

The camp starts from Haridwar, where you can see the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti and the next stop is Sandri via the beautiful path from Mussoorie. The next camp is set up at 9,100 ft. above the sea level at the Juda ka Talab from where you can enjoy the view of the serene snow-covered mountain peaks. Next stop is the Kendarkantha Base, at 11,250 feet. Camp here until you are ready for the final lap of the trek to the Kendarkantha peak at 12,500 feet. The view from the top is amazingly awesome and you get to see the mountain peaks of the holy Yamnotri and Gangotri ranges. Spend some time at the peak and enjoy the serenity of this place which is untouched by the human footprints before trekking back to the base camping site at Hargaon. This trek is easily going to blow your mind off and to add to it, if you have the company of your friends, you are going to have the time of your life there

  1. Dayara Bugyal Trek

To think of trekking in the Himalayas itself gives you one an adrenaline rush and that is one of the major reasons why the Dayara Bugyal Trek is revered by nature loving clan of people. Garhwal is in itself a beautiful valley and this trek lets you explore this valley like any no other trek can; and of course you get to gaze at the mesmerizing Himalayas too.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Especially popular among the adventure enthusiasts, the Dayara Bugyal is a five-day long trek that is sure to leave an everlasting imprint on your heart and soul owing to its beauty. Commencing from Brasu in Uttarakhand, the trek has a challenging terrain which keeps changing throughout and it can be pretty tiring at times too. Therefore, you better yourself up physically as well as mentally for this since it is sure to be one hell kind of a trek. You also get to witness the tough lives of the people living in the Garhwali villages along the Gangotri. Overall, the Dayara Bugyal Trek is the fair balance of beautiful scenarios combined with the thrill and excitement of trekking. The meadows are sure to make you feel like you are starring in a Hollywood feature film but the steep terrain will keep you on your toes as well. Our piece of advice is that you carry a comfortable pair of trekking shoes with you.

Tips To Prepare You For Camping

  1. Dodital Trek

If you are a mystery lover, then wait no more for the Dodital trek which is definitely the trekking expedition you should undertake these summers. Dodital, as the name suggests is a lake which lies on the trail of the holy river Ganges and is surprising a freshwater lake. Another Himalayan Trek, the Dodital Trek route is a favorite route among the birdwatchers as well, owing to the vast and rare species of birds that you get to see throughout this trekking expedition. Birds like the Red Billed Blue Magpie and the Bush Robin can be easily spotted here, so do remember to carry your binoculars with you. Another five-day long trek, the camping sites along this trek offers you attention-grabbing views to witness as well.

Dodital Trek

The highest site in this trek happens to be the Darwa Pass top which offers you one the amazing 360-degree view of the Himalayas. The pass is just a few hours away from the Dodital Lake and is situated at an altitude of 4150 meters. Do not forget to treat yourself to the local meals of the surrounding villages such as the delicious Gahat Reshmi Badi and some other dishes as well. The trek is sure to leave you energized, rejuvenated and glad at having seen the beautiful places that you didn’t even know existed. On your way back, you can pay a visit to the historical Har ki Pauri once again to memorize it forever.

  1. Goechala Trek

A trek along the northeast sounds extraordinarily welcoming doesn’t it, especially if it is a trekking expedition along the Himalayas. The Goechala trek offers you a new angle to look at the majestic Himalayas. When planning an expedition in the Himalayas, we either think of Uttarakhand or of Himachal Pradesh, unaware of the fact that Sikkim is another state which has some part of the Himalayas covering it. Being somewhat neglected, this trekking path is comparatively untouched by humans and the beauty you get there to witness from here is unmatched. Apart from the snow-covered mountain peaks of the Himalayan Ranges, the natural beauty of the Goechla Pass is unmatched as well.

To add icing to the cake, you can also witness an obstacle free view of the Mount Kanchenjunga. To enjoy the trek at its best, it is advisable that you try to opt for travelling by train up to Jalpaiguri since the local places in the north east are exceptionally beautiful too and you can stare at them all through the journey.

Goechala Trek

The highest camping site is the Dzongri top, at 12980 feet and it offers you a clear panoramic view of the snow laden Kanchenjunga peak.  Also, unlike the other treks, the Goechla Trek cost is also very low and pocket-friendly as well.

  1. Har Ki Dun Trek

The Har ki Dun trek is a trek in the snow laden valley of Garhwal which cradles many villages and an experience of what the life in a Himalayan village is like. Unlike the usual treks, this trekking expedition takes six long days to cover up the path and it has a little something for the nature lovers too. The scenery all along the trek is mesmerizing and the valley happens to be rich in flora and fauna as well.

Har Ki Dun Trek

Starting from Dehradun, you can go to Sankri via Mussoorie, treating your eyes to the beauty of the tiny hill station. The next stop is Seema, where you can get to witness a typical Doon Valley village and green pastures. After reaching the Har ki Dun Trek, you can take a short detour to the Jaundhar Glacier and get the once in a lifetime experience of seeing a glacier. This marks the end of the trekking in Har Ki Dun trek and from there on, you may descend back via Taluka. Eventful as it sounds, this trek is excellent for the first time trekkers and gives you some idea of trekking into the mystical and the majestic Himalayas.

  1. Roopkund Trek

The name “Roopkund” might certainly sound familiar for a lot of people. Roopkund lake trek is one of the mysterious places in India which has many hidden secrets and as many theories behind its existence as well. A new destination is always welcomed and the Roopkund trek is a must experience trek for all the trekking lovers out there. Apart from the amazing view of the Himalayas and trekking through thick alpine forests, the trek also lets you have a look at the mystical Roopkund Lake itself.

Roopkund Trek

You can only take a visit to this trek during the months of May and June. Since it covers the higher reaches, one requires carrying oxygen cylinders as well. If you are a first-time trekker, it is advisable that you must come being mentally and physically prepared for this one.

Top Uttarakhand Treks To Spend The Winters In The Lap Of The Himalayan Mountains

  1. Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

The Himalayan Ranges have so much beauty, calmness and serenity hidden inside them that it is impossible to imagine that places such as Detrital and Chandrashila could possibly exist in such close proximity to these mountains. To trek in the Himalayas once in your lifetime is for sure on your bucket list and thankfully, there cannot be any other better option for that than the Chandrashila Trek. An extremely remote and beautiful destination, Chandrashila is said to be the resting place of Lord Moon himself.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Trek

Starting from Rishikesh, you can reach the Sari Village via road. The Deoria Lake is 2387 meters away from the village and the trekking path is via dense forests. You also get to see the majestic Chaukhamba Peaks and you may camp there overnight. The path from Deoria to the beautiful Chandrashila is rather long and you get to see the beautiful Kala Parvati and Bisuri Tal on your way up as well. On reaching Chandrashila, you get the undisturbed view of the Himalayas and bird watchers may feast their eyes to the Golden-breasted eagles.

  1. Pindari Glacier Trek

An ideal trekking expedition for the first timers, the Pindari Glacier Trek is a rather easy trek as compared to the other Himalayan Trekking Expeditions. Covering the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, the trek offers you some amazingly impressive views of the snow-capped mountain ranges.  The final spot, the Pindari Glacier trek cost is low also and offers you lots of immensely beautiful views to gaze at.

Pindari Glacier Trek

Starting from Loharkhet, you reach Dhakuria which offers the mesmerizing view of the majestic Himalayas. From Dhakuria Top to Khati village, which is another beautiful village on the banks of the River Pindar? You get to interact with the villagers here and from there you ought to move towards the Phurkia Top. This path offers you some amazing natural views and hereafter is the Pindari Glacier Zero Point from where you get to witness the views of the snow covered peaks of Mt. Baljuri and  Mt. Panwali Dwar.

  1. Rupin Pass Trek

One of the most renowned treks along the majestic Himalayas, the Rupin Pass is sure to give you some fond memories and an amazingly spent time with your friends and family members. The Rupin Pass trek is one of the longest treks along the Himalayas and it shows you the full length of the Himalayas. A home to some of the sinfully beautiful scenarios, this trek is usually trailed on very remote areas which have little or no human population.

Rupin Pass Trek

Challenging as it is, the Rupin Trek begins in Dhaula, a small village in Uttarakhand and after almost eight days of trekking, camping and enjoying beautiful views, you reach the upper waterfall camp which is just 4090 meters away and is the final destination of this trek.

  1. Hampta Pass Trek

A less popular but very fun filled trekking expedition in the Himalayas, Hampta Pass trek is specially meant for the ones who look forward to getting some adrenaline rush. It is one of those rare trekking expeditions which take you at 11,000 feet above the sea level into the highlands of the stunning valley of Himachal Pradesh.

Hampta Pass Trek

The major reason why this trek happens to be a favorite one among the trekking lovers is because unlike all the other major treks, which are flagged off from some rural areas, this one starts from the hot favorite destination of travelers- Manali. The Hampta Pass connects the Kullu Valley and the Lahaul Valley. The scenic beauty from here is sure to make you gawk at it for a few minutes and this trekking experience is surely going to be an adventure filled experience for you forever. So just pack your cameras and trekking shoes and go off on the Trek. Camping in hampta pass is another great way to make your journey more memorable and thrilling as well.

  1. Kuari Pass Trek

Popularly known as the Kuari Pass Trek, this trekking expedition can be easily cited as the most popular trail in the list of trekking expeditions held in the Himalayan Garhwal ranges. This trek is indeed unique for lots of diverse reasons. The kauri Pass lies inside the Nanda Devi National Park itself and thousands of visitors pay a visit to it every year. Secondly, this trek is a perfect blend of wildlife as well as various beautiful landscapes. Another reason for its popularity is that the Kuari Pass offers all the visitors, a view of the second highest Himalayan Peak, the Nanda Devi ranges.

Kuari Pass Winter Trek

As grand as it gets, there are several other peaks that one can see the trekking trail too. You also get to see the beautiful tributaries of the Holy River the Ganges and the trekking through the dense alpine forests is another level of fun altogether.

A six-day trek to the Kuari Pass is ideal for exploring the trail properly. Starting from Joshimath, the next stop on the trail is Chitrakhana which is beautiful as its name. After that comes Tali Top and the next and final stop is the Kuari Pass. Another Trek route, the winter Kuari Pass Trek route is a much loved route among the birdwatchers as well, owing to the vast and rare species of birds that you get to see all the way through this trekking expedition.

  1. Valley Of Flowers Trek

The name might seem familiar and it is indeed a valley full of beautiful flowers. Located ahead of the Bhyundar pass, the valley of flowers is no less than a real fairy land and trekking to this land is a fulfilled expedition. Even after many centuries, the land hasn’t lost its beauty and the flowers continue to attract its enchanted travelers to this place. Counted among the World Heritage Sites by the UN, the Valley of Flowers indeed seems a miracle to a viewer.

Valley of Flowers trek

The Valley of Flowers trek is a six-day long expedition and since it is situated in the higher altitudes of the Himalayan Garhwal ranges, it is pretty challenging too. Apart from the thrill and excitement of camping in the Himalayas, it also offers you of the most amazing views to the trekkers such as waterfalls, valleys, meadows and lush green alpine forests. The trek indeed is a heavenly one with so much to see and so much to feel. One feels truly rejuvenated after a trek to the valley of flowers. Though, you can also have a good fun time with your friends there both in the month of July and August, but it is considered to have a remarkable time there best month August is really said to be as best.

Starting from Govind Ghat, you are to reach a village cum town called Ghangaria and from there it is an easy trek to the Valley of Flowers. The trek cost to this beautiful flowers trek allows you to spend the best of your life time with your loved ones without having to give stress and pressure on your pockets. After having witnessed this beautiful Valley of Flowers, you may move forward to the Hemkund Sahib which is a holy place for the Sikh people. On returning, it is advisable to explore Joshimath, which is none other than a beautiful spot.

  1. Stok Kangri Trek

Imagine trekking in the picturesque Ladakh! Dreamy, isn’t it? Well, so is the Stok Kangri Trek which trails in the popular towns of Leh and Ladakh. There are many trekking expeditions held in this region, but this one is easily the most popular of them all and attracts many followers.

Stok Kangri Trek

The Stok Peak is the highest peak of the Stok mountain range in the Himalayas and the height of the trekking expedition happens to be as much as 70% that of the Mountain Everest itself. Offering a huge number of difficulties and as many challenges too. The air here has very less oxygen and as a result, the first two days of the trek are used to get accustomed to the locality and the atmosphere of the place. The Stok Kangri expedition cost offers you some unbelievably picturesque landscapes of the Himalayas and the surrounding areas at low cost. On the trail, you can also get to see the Hemis National Park. To finally reach the destination of the trek- the Stok Mountain peak is a heavenly feeling.

  1. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

A trek to the Kullu Valley can be ideal for summer, isn’t it? The Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the most amazing trekking expedition you can join in Himachal Pradesh. Starting from the Queen of Hills, Manali this trekking expedition has plenty to offer when it comes to the beautiful Himalayan landscapes and alluring view of the Kullu Valley.

An eleven-day long trek, the Pin Parvati Pass shows you an avid variety of landscapes, ranging from the lush green fields of the glorious Kullu Valley to the abandoned and rough terrain of the Spiti Valley deserts. The major attraction to this trek is the exposure to the culture of Kullu Manali that the participants get. This place is an intermingling of customs and traditions as well. While the Kullu region is filled with Hindus, Dussehra festival is being widely celebrated here; the spite desert gallery is filled with Buddhists.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

The Kullu Great Himalayan National Park falls along the way to and is a must visit. Starting from Kullu, the trek ends in Pin Valley and Mud. The Pin Parvati pass is located at a height of 17,500 ft and the view from this point is beautiful, to say the least. The popular ranges like Dibibokri and Kulu Makalu can be seen from here too. Moving towards Wichkurung Thatch, the view is quite pretty with flowers covering the land all around and the next stop, Mud gives you an amazing view of the Spiti Valley, which was once a non-accessible land. The Pin Parvati Pass trek is a perfect combination of adventure, fun and sightseeing as well. It is an ideal trek and  it is suitable to go on this expedition during summer months so as to save oneself from the scorching sun.

To Conclude:

They say if you haven’t had many adventures in your life, you haven’t really lived it well and since we have got just one life, why to take the chance of not living it well in a better way? Trekking might sound very risky but it is surely a must experience task in life then if you’re not the kind of person who likes adventure. The idea of walking into hilly terrains and climbing up to high altitudes might sound terrifying at first but that is a real beauty of trekking- you can get to explore the wild and more adventurous side of yourself. All of us have a streak of adventure running deep inside us which we sometimes fail to explore since we are too busy leading the same boring life.

For once, just decide to let it all go and head off to one of these trekking expeditions this summer. It does not always have to be about a friend’s wedding or about your kid’s summer vacation homework. Some things are worth spending your stamina, time and hard earned money on and trekking is one such thing. It is not the boardroom that you are going to tell your kids about when they grow up and ask u about the adventures you have had. It is these amazing moments of life like a trek or a camping trip to a nearby place that you are going to cherish the most and live with. So before it’s too late, go make some memories with your friends and families.
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