kondana cave

Enjoy The Amazing Kondana Caves

Adventure is a part and parcel of everyone’s life. It is upon us to explore that side in our lifetime. Keeping this in mind we have many groups that help us to enjoy this side of life. It helps us to spare some time from our hectic and stressful schedule and enjoy the nature’s best […]

Adventurous Places In India

Relive Yourself With 9 Adventurous Sports In India

India has been known for its diversity in culture and religion over the past few decades but actually, it offers much more than that. In recent years, India has organized different events and most of them were related to the promotion of different sports. At times, it is just not about getting involved with some […]

Waterfalls That Are Totally Worth The Adventure

12 Waterfalls That Are Totally Worth The Adventure

It goes without saying that waterfalls have immense appeal on any visitor. The sound, the view and the magic of the surrounding overpowers the materialistic you. Waterfalls have an original capability to take our breathing away. There is something motivating about them – the way water transitions in structural form from a simple smooth area […]

Adventure Places Near Mumbai

15 Best Adventure Outing Places Near Mumbai

If you want a break from a city life, then visiting the beautiful place is a good getaway for weekends. There are various famous spots near to Mumbai to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Sandhan Valley Trek Famous For : – Valley, Rappelling, and Trekking Sandhan Valley is located […]

Waterfall Rappelling

The Dare Devil Act Of Rappelling At Dodhani Waterfalls

Havoc rains pour down furiously as my train arrives at Panvel station. The raindrops hit the rooftop like a needle, drilling my ear. The blurred vision outside and thunder lightning, create doubts in my mind. I step down at the platform wondering how we will travel and then trek in such weather. As I walk […]