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9 Must-Visit Enhralling Trekking Destinations In Southern India

The diverse landscapes of India make it a perfect destination to enjoy nature in all its glory and splendor. One of the best ways to do so is through participation in various adventure activities available across the country. The most popular of these activities are trekking, which can be enjoyed at countless destinations across the length and breadth of India. In addition to the hundreds of thrilling trekking trails within the Majestic Himalayan ranges, there are numerous equally enthralling destinations located in Southern India. Every year thousands of adventure enthusiasts visit some of the most famous destinations for trekking around Bangalore.

Adventure trekking provides an effective way for people to refresh their body and their mind. Over the years, the number of people opting for adventure trekking has increased significantly and this, in turn, has resulted in a boom in the agencies helping people to enjoy a trek in Bangalore region and other nearby areas. Given below are the brief details of 9 such amazing destinations around the city every individual deeply passionate about trekking must visit at least once.

Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri Trekking

Situated deep in the Western Ghats in Shimoga, Kodachadri is the tenth highest peak of Karnataka. The 1343 m high peak to be reached through Kodachadri trek features lush green jungle trails sweeping through the tropical forests. The hill is a part of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary and is known for its picturesque waterfalls and mesmerizing landscapes. This proximity with nature along the Kodachadri trekking route helps the participants to relax and unwind. The trekking trail is suitable for both day and night trek and offers a mesmerizing view of sunset and sunrise, with the great Arabian Sea forming an amazing backdrop. Trekking in Kodachadri offers a truly unique experience as it one of the few destinations offering a scenic combination of the beauty of mountain and ocean.

Your Must-Have Guide For Trekking In Bangalore

Tadiandamol Trek

Chelavara Falls trek

The scenic beauty of Western Ghats makes it one of the most favored destinations amongst adventure seekers looking to explore the wilderness. For such people, the Coorg Tadiandamol trek and rafting tour proves to be a perfect choice. Standing tall at the 5735 feet Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg and boasts of beautiful blueness of several water bodies along with the lush green expanses of Shola forests. Tadiandamol trekking cost is quite reasonable and it is an adventure activity suitable for people seeking short relaxing getaway amidst the splendor of nature. Even though the Tadiandamol trek proves to be a wholesome experience in itself, some adventure lovers undertake it along with Chelavara Falls trek for a truly great experience.

Mullayanagiri Trek

Mullayanagiri Trek

This is yet another trekking trail located in the Western Ghats in Chikmanglur taluk and is a part of Baba Budangiri Hills. Rising up to a height of 6,330 feet, Mullayanagiri peak is the highest in the state of Karnataka. It is named after the holy saint Mulapa Swamy located on the hilltop.  What makes the trek truly unique is that unlike other treks, the starting and finishing points of the trekking trip are located separately. The participants of the trekking trip can also opt to undertake Chikmanglur camping along with the thrill of trekking. Given the popularity of this trekking destination, it is for the participants to check and compare the Mullayanagiri trek cost from different providers to make the right choice.

Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte Trek

Every year countless visitors opt for various Coorg tour packages to experience the somewhat mystic and ethereal beauty of this small hill town of Karnataka. For most adventure seekers coming here, Nishani Motte offers a truly amazing trekking experience thanks to its unadulterated natural beauty. This has been made possible primarily due to the fact that trekkers are first required to obtain a permit from the local forest department. The trek is also famous for offering the best homestay in Coorg experience to the participants, enabling them to observe the life and traditions of the local population from up close. Nishani Motte trekking cost is not too high which makes it a suitable option for adventure seekers and nature lovers with limited funds.

Sakleshpur Trek

Sakleshpur Trek With Waterfalls

Located in the Hasan district of Karnataka, Sakleshpur is considered by many to be a haven for both nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. Apart from trekking, people also come to enjoy camping in Sakleshpur amidst the beauty and majesty of nature. The rich aroma from coffee plantations that form an integral part of the landscape of this hill town keep the trekkers and camping enthusiasts feeling constantly refreshed. The best aspect of trekking at this destination is that participants can choose from a wide selection of various trekking routes. They can also enjoy the experience of homestay in Sakleshpur. This is a preferred choice of adventure enthusiasts intending to reduce Sakleshpur trek costs and keen about familiarizing themselves with the local lifestyle.

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek In Chikmagalur

Kudremukh is a unique hill located in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka famous for its shape of a horse’s face. The trek to Kudremukh takes the participants across a wide variety of landscapes including rolling green hills, forest trails, bamboo shrubs, clouds kissing the mountains and several waterfalls. All these natural treats ensure a constantly changing scener, which often leaves the participants of Kudremukh trek in Chikmanglur completely amazed and refreshed in mind and body. As the participants walk up this scenic trail, they are able to immerse in the beauty of the iconic Western Ghats, which make every single penny invested in Kudremukh trek cost worth its value in gold.

Brahmagiri Hill Trek

beautiful brahmagiri hills trekking

Brahmagiri, which means the “Abode of Lord Brahma”, is amongst the tallest peaks in Karnataka and stands 5200 feet tall. One of the biggest reasons that makes Brahmagiri hills trekking so famous is the fact that it is one of the few destinations that offer a great balance of awesome views and ease of trekking for first-timers. The starting point of the trekking trail is located within the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.  Even though the trek requires the participants to possess great strength and willpower, the reward awaiting them at the top in the form of the mesmerizing view of Coorg valley is actually worth the effort. Some extremely enthusiastic participants may also extend the trip to Abbi Falls for a more fulfilling experience.

Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna Beach Trek

Gokarna is one of the most famous beaches in India known primarily for its great natural beauty.  It is also one of the few beach trekking destinations in the country and provides adventure enthusiasts to experience the activity in a unique manner. The rustic mountains of the beach make for an amazing trekking destination with the scenic Western Ghats located to their one side and the beep blue spread of the Arabian Sea forming the other side. For people seeking an exotic adventure option, this trekking destination proves to be a perfect choice.  The entire trek is completed in two days making it a great weekend getaway option. The Gokarna beach trek cost may vary according to the participants choice of the agencies providing the same. As such it is advisable for them to compare the costs and the facilities before making a final choice of provider.

Dudhsagar Falls Trek

Dudhsagar Water Fall

The Dudhsagar Falls holds the distinction of being the tallest waterfall in India. The mesmerizing beauty of this four-tiered waterfalls attracts countless visitors and adventure enthusiasts eager to participate in the Dudhsagar waterfalls trek. The milky white water cascades of water are visible for far and present a sight to behold for one and all. Participants intending to enjoy Dudhsagar Falls trekking have to first get inside Bhagwan Mahavir National Park, which presents an equally mesmerizing sight due to its lush green beauty. The trekking trail features lush green natural beauty in the form of thick deciduous forests which are well-known for their rich biodiversity. Monsoon time is the best Dudhsagar Falls season as during this time the waterfall is at its peak and makes for an enthralling trekking trip.

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