Adventure Amidst The Shower

Monsoon is pouring its heart out and with this, the perfect and offbeat way to make the most of it is to witness it by nature. The aura of the environment is soothing and blooming at its best and to experience the real beauty of nature, all you need is a little adventure.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls


Rain showers comes to add several layers of beauty in nature and one of it is to the waterfalls. Dudhsagar Waterfalls, which means the milk waterfalls are in a complete force during monsoon. And it is a pure visual treat to watch the gushing milky white Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa amidst the abundance of green. This can be truly live by going for a trek. The current time being the peak season, there are several dates and events organized for the Dudhsagar falls trek. But having time in hand and choosing an organizer who dedicates 8-9 hours of the trek are perfect specifications in the itinerary to make the most of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls trek.

Adventurous Adieu To The Summer

Kolad River Rafting

rafting in kolad

Kolad River Rafting is the only spot that pops on one’s mind when asked about rafting experience in India. But fewer knew about Kolad River Rafting that serves a solace to river rafting adventure seekers. Kolad is a perfect place for rafting for people residing in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai. The river flows with the immense flow and it gives you a chill in your back when you chase the water waves, go against the wind and find the water showering. What adds up more to this experience and for what Kolad River Rafting charges you for is when you get into the freezing water of the river, under the dark clouds, surrounded by water. Kolad River Rafting cost 2888 INR which includes all the safety measures, life jackets and expert charges.  So all you have to do is pick your slot from the Kolad River Rafting booking and soak in the tranquillity.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

bhrigu lake trek cost

If surrendering to nature with more time in hand is the plan, Bhrigu Lake Trek is an apt explicit pick. May and June is the perfect time to scale up to the high altitude of alpine meadows as you walk by the lush green meadows carpet of the Gulaba base camp. And with this, you get to look at the long stretch of pleasing sight of the mountains covered with a green blanket of nature. The Bhrigu lake trek cost for the fulfilling purpose when you reach the peak, passing through the trails of nature and find yourself the view of the sparkling blue Bhrigu lake under the blue sky surrounded by mountains.

Here Is Your Bucket List Of Adventure-Dipped Locations You Ought Not To Miss!

Hampta Pass Trek

hampta pass trek

Hampta Pass, one of the jewels of Himachal Pradesh is home to some jaw-dropping landscapes and trails. While the Hampta Pass Trek can be done throughout the year, the best time is during the monsoon months, i.e., from June to September. What makes this trek different from the others is that you get to catch the glimpse of all the different hues and shades, from some frozen snow to the green land. The Hampta Pass Trek cost for 9975 INR per person for 5 days where you everyday catch the sunrise and the sunset from different views.

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