Parachuting Dog Could Receive His First License To Skydive Without A Human

Duke, the 75-pound dog experiences skydiving partnership unlike any other. Surprising, right? Desoto County Sheriff’s Deputy and skydiving instructor Alex Coker has Duke, who has jumped from a plane with him four times. Duke is just 21 jumps short of receiving an honorary skydiving license. Coker said, “It’s nothing better than having a battle buddy […]

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Top 10 Incredible Health Benefits Being An Adventure Freak-Read On

Talking about adventurous sports, there are many like scuba diving, sky diving, base jumping, hiking, etc. And it’s surprisingly true that where getting engaged in such adventures can stir your emotions making you feel both fearful and cheerful at the same time; these have some positive side effects on your physical, mental and social health […]