Experience Waves Of Skydiving In India

There are videos and pictures published often about, skydiving is a lifetime experience. And the same images and scenes shots often excites one to be in the same situation, floating in the air amidst the clouds and witnessing the world from a bird’s perspective. But what if you can dive into the sky every time […]


How About Sky-diving In A Navwari Saree?

So you thought Sky diving can only be done in the monochrome, plain costume of the divers? We are sure that you will be surprised to hear that a young Maharashtrian woman from Pune has done sky diving in nine yard saree in Thailand recently! Shital Mahajan-Rane, 35, is a record holder having about 700 […]

Skydiving Adventure

Get Ultimate Skydiving Adventure On The First Jump

If there is something that can give one the highest adrenaline rush, that has to be skydiving. There is nothing more dangerous and yet adventurous than this sport. You are into a different world when you are doing this. Think about sailing over the vast expanse of the earth, cherishing the natural secrets as well […]

Winter Destinations In India

Give A Break To Yourself And Embrace These Winter Holiday Destinations In India

There are too many cliché articles about winter destinations surfing on internet. But to the matter of fact, all theses destinations mentioned have tremendous potential to visit them in winter considering weather, crowd, facilities and its unique experiences to offer. Previously, people use to visit international destinations extensively. But now the trend is changing and […]