Athens Woman Overcomes Skydiving Fear For Charity

Fear is an emotion that holds one back from trying different things. And it was the same for Tania Yelton, a 40 year Athen woman. Handling a physical challenge, today she is a trainer at Orange Theory Fitness in Athens. She declined the offer to jump out of an airplane earlier this year because of […]

Wally still skydiving at 97 years old

The Oldest Person To Jump Out Of A Plane – Delton Walling

“Don’t wait for the perfect moment, Take the moment and make it perfect.” – Zoey Sayward Me – “So what should we do on your birthday?” Hubby – “Umm! Nothing. I have to work. May be next birthday.” Me – “Who knows we will be together till your next birthday or not. Let’s do something this […]


Experience Waves Of Skydiving In India

There are videos and pictures published often about, skydiving is a lifetime experience. And the same images and scenes shots often excites one to be in the same situation, floating in the air amidst the clouds and witnessing the world from a bird’s perspective. But what if you can dive into the sky every time […]