Skydiving Sports in India

Enhancing The Thrill of Skydiving Sports in India

Despite being an adventure sport that has been practiced across the globe for more than a century now, skydiving is relatively new in India. In fact this adventure activity has gained popularity in the country only over the past couple of decades. However, even over this extremely short period, there has been a significant development […]

Winter Destinations In India

Give A Break To Yourself And Embrace These Winter Holiday Destinations In India

There are too many cliché articles about winter destinations surfing on internet. But to the matter of fact, all theses destinations mentioned have tremendous potential to visit them in winter considering weather, crowd, facilities and its unique experiences to offer. Previously, people use to visit international destinations extensively. But now the trend is changing and […]

Diving In The Skies of Mehsana, Gujarat

Diving In The Skies of Mehsana, Gujarat

‘If you are moving with eagerness in your heart, then you are alive! If you are moving with that spark of dreams in your eyes, then you are alive! Learn to stay free like a breeze of air Learn to flow along the waves, like a sea Meet every moment with your arms open Every […]

Rann Of Kutch

Kutch Nahi Dekha To Kuch Nahi Dekha

“Kutch Nahi Dekha to Kutch Nahi Dekha” The slogan rings in my head as I imagine Mr. Amitabh bachchan addressing with the backdrop of the famous white desert of Kutch. True, if you have gone to Gujarat and haven’t seen Kutch then you have not seen anything! The Great Rann of Kutch is the world’s […]


Top 11 Places To Explore With Your Girl Gang

Women love a lot of things besides diamonds, and that list includes travelling at a high-priority list. Another thing women adore as much are their friendships, that is, their girlfriends, including uncountable shopping sprees, lengthy discussions and hour-long *casual* phone calls. Now, the phenomenon which takes place when we combine the two things is no […]