Skydiving Sports in India

Enhancing The Thrill Of Skydiving Sports In India

Despite being an adventure sport that has been practiced across the globe for more than a century now, skydiving is relatively new in India. In fact this adventure activity has gained popularity in the country only over the past couple of decades. However, even over this extremely short period, there has been a significant development of several destinations where adventure enthusiasts can enjoy skydiving in India. Most of these destinations offer the facilities and training which is at par with international standards enhancing the thrill of this sport even further.

The states of Gujarat and Karnataka are home to the three most popular destinations within India that offer the best skydiving experience. These destinations include Mehsana and Deesa in Gujarat and Mysore for skydiving in Karnataka. The brief details of each of these destinations are given below.

Skydiving in Gujarat

Mehsana, Gujarat

The vast open fields that form a prominent feature of the landscape in Mehsana, make this small city in northern Gujarat an ideal destination to enjoy the thrill and fun of skydiving. Although the destination has started offering this facility only a few years back, it is fast gaining recognition amongst the diving enthusiasts from across the country.  While undertaking skydiving in Mehsana, the participants will be required to dive from a height of 12,000 feet and as they fall down towards the earth, they are sure to feel amazed by the magnificent natural view spread underneath them, which etches a deep and memorable image in their minds for a long time.

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Skydive India

Deesa, Gujarat

The city of Deesa, which is located further north of Mehsana in Gujarat, is another popular destination offering the facility of skydiving in India. In fact Deesa was one of the first places to offer the facility of skydiving in Gujarat as well as across the country. The lake city offers a mesmerizing view to the participants as they jump from more than 10, 000 feet and enjoy the fun of soaring in the vas t blue skies like a bird. The place is sure to offer the best skydiving experience irrespective of whether the participants are well experienced or are just taking their first jump.

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skydiving in Karnataka

Mysore in Karnataka

Situated at the base of the picturesque Chamundi Hills, Mysore is one the most popular skydiving destinations in India. The city regularly hosts numerous skydiving camps for adventure enthusiasts, which are attended by participants from across the country and the globe. The picturesque surroundings of the city make for a great skydiving experience, which is further enhanced by the fact that participants can enjoy all three types of jumps while skydiving in Mysore. The breathtaking view of the landscape that rushes up to greet the divers as they fly across the sky with the soft winds gushing past them, provides them with great memories for a lifetime.

Skydiving In Mysore

Important Things For Divers To Remember

Irrespective of the destination that the skydivers choose to take part in this adrenaline pumping activity, they need to keep a few points in mind. This will ensure that they enjoy the activity in a stress free manner with minimal risks and return home with a truly amazing experience. The most important of these pointers are.

  • The participants should stringently follow the instructions of the trainers given during the pre-jump training sessions as these are designed to keep them safe while also enhancing the thrill of the activity.
  • They should seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner before skydiving, especially if they are suffering from any chronic ailment or even if they are taking regular medication which can lead to dizziness and nausea.
  • Since there is a considerable amount of risk associated with this sport, the participants might be required to sign a form making the providers free from any liability in case of an accident.
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