Backpacking Tours India

20 Breathtaking Places in India Every Student Can Backpack To On A Scarce Budget

Backpacking is a great experience in itself and when it done by college students the fun multiplies many folds. This is because these young adults have the enthusiasm and the energy to enjoy the thrill of exploring new places without having to worry about taking time off from work or the need to take care […]

Trekking at India

Top 13 Trekking Expeditions You Can Try In Upcoming Months

Trekking is one of the few adventure sports that most people can enjoy without any prior training or need for health certifications.  The various trekking events available in 2015 make sure to cater to the needs of participants seeking different levels of difficultly, thus making the sport full of thrill and adventure. Contrary to what […]

Stok Kangri Trek

Experience The Beauty OF Ladakh With Stok Kangri Trek

When it comes to trekking in the Himalayas, most people are mesmerized by the countless opportunities that this mountain range offers to enjoy this adventure activity. Stock Kangri trek is just one of these numerous options, which ensure great thrill and excitement for the trekking enthusiasts from the word, go. Located in the majestic Ladakh […]