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Do You Think Training Is Necessary To Reach Everest? – Meet David

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of trekking? It must be the scenic beauty of the trek laden with adventure. And what comes to your mind when someone ask you to come for trekking? Your first and foremost reply is that you are not having the sufficient level of training to embark upon a trek as difficult as the Everest. But when someone asked this to the 24 year old photographer, David East who hailed from London, he simply decided to go for the expedition to reach the Everest Base camp. Just by being a jogger and a skater all his life, David took the mission of standing at the Everest, which is 5,364 metres above the level of the sea in 8 days hiking trip. Are you excited to meet David and know how he created such an amazing history of evading the Everest without even a handful of training? Here is the excerpt:

A pause to take in the view

A pause to take in the view© David East

About His Decision To Hike The Everest Base

His friends had done it before, so they took him on board this time. It was a group of 10 friends belonging to different walks of life who firm themselves to reach the Everest in 8 day hiking expedition. David mentioned that the fact that he and his friends were out of their comfort zone gave them the will power to fight against the rough weather conditions. When your will power is so strong, the fact that you have the training or not does not really make a difference.

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Memorial to those who lost their lives on Everest

Memorial to those who lost their lives on Everest© David East

About The Ways And Means By Which He Made Himself Fit

Fitness matters! Even if David was not having any formal training for hiking. Before starting the trekking expedition, he made himself physically strong. He was always a person of moderate fit. Being a skater all his life, he has maintained an optimum weight. But a swimmer and a runner, were the two things he never even tried in all his life. So, before going for the trekking tour, he started running for considerable duration and found that a little difficult in the initial days and then become seasoned with running for long duration.

The final stretch to Base Camp

The final stretch to Base Camp© David East

Preparations For Reaching The Everest

Being a native of London, David was about to face a considerable change in the altitude upon reaching the Himalayas. So, in the homeland, apart from running 3 miles on a daily basis, David added a healthy diet to his routine. The diet he took in London was almost similar to what he would be having during the trekking expedition. The healthy diet included fruits and salads and very less quantity of the tempting fried stuff. Just with the healthy diet and a daily run, he skipped the formal training for reaching the Everest base.

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Local guide Passang led the group to their goal

Local guide Passang led the group to their goal© David East

A Natural Adventurer

It would not be incorrect if we call Mr. David East, the natural adventurer. Being a photographer,  going out and sitting on the lap of the nature to get some awesome clicks has always been the first love of David, but the hiking was never even on his wish list. Before this experience, he has never done anything related to mountaineering and never even visited any place that has extreme altitude or weather condition. He has been holidaying all his life in camps, so trying something as extreme as mountaineering and that also at the most difficult trek was very new to him. This act not only made him proud of himself, but also conveyed a message to the world that the strong will power can beat the formal training.

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David and his group at Base Camp

David and his group at Base Camp© David East

The Difficulty Of The Trek

If you thought that David would say that trekking Himalayas was as easy as solving a riddle, then we tell you David is a realistic person and tagged the trekking as the hardest thing he has ever done in life. The altitude is so rough that it makes even the simple things look and feel hard. Traveling on the trek brings a lot of strain on the knees, but because of his skating experience, he was naturally fit for such treks and thus managed. The hardest thing according to him was the air becoming thin as they were approaching the high altitudes causing impact on the lungs and thus made things even more challenging and difficult. But reaching the Base camp was an incredible experience for him.

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