Winter Rafting In Peninsula – Yes That’s A Thing

“Most of the things worth doing in the world has been declared impossible before they were done.” – Louis D Brandeis Being a huge adventure geek, I asked my husband once, “Hon, let’s go for rafting,” to which he replied, “Are you mad, it is so cold. Winter rafting is not a thing.” Well! I […]


Bask In These Summer Destinations Of India With Children

Before you plan the summer vacation with your Kids, read our experts suggestion. The sun is spreading out its shine, and it’s vacation time for almost everyone. With summer break, it’s so normal to feel the rush to explore new places around. But ‘how do I take my family on holidays while I have young […]


Uttarakhand – Best Places For Summer This Year

Summer is a season which everyone likes to skip in their own city. Places like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi ooze out heat to the core. In such an event it is better to go out for a small trip to places where heat is not much of a concern. This can be none other than […]


Inspirational Tips to Pursue Skiing

Are you in England or in a place nearby? Skiing is the best sport for you to try. If you are in a dilemma about where and how to proceed, first of all, find a local centre for skiing in England, Scotland or Wales. You will find one easily. There is a Facebook page of […]


International Ski Federation Your Way

FIS abbreviated for Federation International de Ski founded in the year 1924 made its debut the same year at Chamonix Winter Games. Since then, Ski has become an even more popular sport across the globe. Skiing Disciplines There are six disciplines of Ski- Alpine, Skin Jumping, Nordic Combined, Cross Country, Snowboarding, and Freestyle. Out of […]