Paragliding in Bir Billing

Spend Winters Skiing, Paragliding, River Rafting And Trekking In The Top Adventurous Places Of India

As December has arrived with its chill and has got the carriage of holidays and New Year Eve, everyone around you must have already begun to plan the holidays. And in case you haven’t, do not worry as we have got you covered.

And rather than being in an four-walled house or even an exotic pent apartment for New Year, nothing can beat the chills you experience while experiencing an unusual activity amidst nature. Here is a list of places and mind you, we have something for every lover, be it for water, snow, air or road.

White Water Rafting Experiences In India

River Rafting in Rishikesh : Surrender to the Cold Waves of River Ganga

Backpacking Rishikesh

Located in Uttarakhand, the foothill of Himalaya, Rishikesh is known for its stunning mountain landscapes and rivers. And it often attracts a crowd from all over for River Rafting in Rishikesh’s River Ganga. The white water rafting is a sheer pleasure where you chase the cascading waves while there is a chilled wind passing through you. And what makes it more amazing is that you get to get down of the raft and be in the middle of the river. And you do not have t worry about the safety, as there are experts and instructors with you, and you have your lifejacket on. The perk of living this moment in the winters is the fact that the weather is already cold, and to experience the shivering water in the winter has its own fun.

The Four Days White Water Rafting Concludes In Rishikesh

Skiing in The Paradise of India, Auli


The ski paradise of Himalaya, Skiing in Auli is a hot spot for skiing in India where you skiing down and through some breathtaking turns and slopes. The elevation is of 500m from peak-high altitudes, and the high-rise slopes stretch till 3kms. And what is better is the surreal view you are bestowed with while skiing. You get the backdrop of the Himalayan ranges, blue sky and white snow beneath. And of course playing with the snow around, making a snowman! Doesn’t this screams of an ideal Christmas holiday?

The peak time for this is winters and all it takes is 3-4 days (that sums up the official December holidays) to ski in the paradise.

Auli is also the home to Asia’s longest 4 km – cable car (Gondola) of 4km. It also has a Chair Lift and a Ski-Lift. So, you can also have a lifetime experience of witnessing the Himachal beauty from the air (well almost ;)

Bounce In The Winter Days By Paragliding And Skiing In The North

Paragliding in Bir Billing and Witness the Beauty of Bir

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Bir, the small gem of Kangra, is a beautiful place that offers you the marvellous view of mountains enveloped with snow and lush greened carpet.  And it’s a treat to watch this majestic land from the ar. And to make this experience real, Paragliding in Bir Billing has countless people lined up to live those moments in real. As you check on the time slot before booking the adventure, you are better prepared for the view you are expected to see. But of course, the reality will be way far than what you think. Imagine flying like a bird, up in the sky of Bir, and looking down at the jaw-dropping mountains and picturesque landscape. Didn’t this pass a cold shiver down your back?

Pocket-Friendly Guide To Paraglide In The Himalayan Winds Of Bir Billing

Trek Through The Himalayan Trail Chadar

Chadar trek in Ladakh

Surrender Your Winters In The Arms Of The Top Surreal Places Of India

Trekking in Chadar is one of the difficult treks and yet it attracts endless people as it takes you to the route filled with experience that you will cherish. It is majorly only carried out in the winters where the 9 day trek lets one traverse the frozen Zanskar River. One gets to walk and move through the layers of ice, frozen lakes, and splendid landscapes. Though it’s a tough ride, the thrill and the sense of victory after its completion is something you do not want to miss.

The Chadar Trek – The Most Thrilling And Adventurous Trek

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