Adventure Places Near Mumbai

15 Best Adventure Outing Places Near Mumbai

If you want a break from a city life, then visiting the beautiful place is a good getaway for weekends. There are various famous spots near to Mumbai to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Sandhan Valley Trek Famous For : – Valley, Rappelling, and Trekking Sandhan Valley is located […]

Skydiving Sports in India

Enhancing The Thrill of Skydiving Sports in India

Despite being an adventure sport that has been practiced across the globe for more than a century now, skydiving is relatively new in India. In fact this adventure activity has gained popularity in the country only over the past couple of decades. However, even over this extremely short period, there has been a significant development […]

hampta pass trek

Hampta Pass, The First Himalayan Trek Of My Life

Just few hours back I was sleeping peacefully at my friend’s place. But now suddenly I find myself chasing rickshaws and metro to catch an overnight bus to Manali! While talking to my friend…. “There is a batch going for Hampta pass”  “Wow! Please confirm my participation!” “You gotta run buddy, the trek starts tomorrow […]

River Rafting

Getting Into The Shoes Of A Rafting Guide

‘The sound of the roaring while water gushing through the gorge The thrill of pedaling along the waves The raft bouncing on the strong currents of the river The feel of water continuously splashing on the face And the surprise of raft suddenly toppling inside the water’  I am undoubtedly talking about the adventures of […]

Paragliding at Bir Billing

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Paragliding

“The sky is not the limit, It’s the Destination.” All the adventurists out there must have related to it immediately. However, “Darr sbko lgta hai, Gala sbka sukhta hai”, there is this adrenaline rush that would always stop you from taking the dare.  So if that trip to Bir Billing is pending for a long […]

Bir Billing, a Land Where Human’s Fly

Bir Billing, A Land Where Human’s Fly

Tucked away high up above at an height of 2400mts, Lays a land where Humans and birds fly in harmony. A land where kids do not fly kites, but dream to fly on one Renowned by the world, less recognized by its own country The people here earn their bread by making others fly. It […]