Scuba Diving In India

Top Destinations For Scuba Diving In India

When it comes to the adventurous sports in India, scuba diving is emerging as the most popular sports in recent times. It is a form of underwater diving in which the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing equipment to breathe underwater. Most of us relate scuba diving to many fancy places abroad but India is […]

Skiing In Auli

Skiing In Auli And Its Various Opportunities

Skiing in Auli is a great adventure activity and can be done only where there is huge amount of snow. Auli is one such destination in Uttarakhand which offers great skiing opportunities. It is a skiing center in Uttarakhand and has snow beaters that help them to keep the snow slopes perfect for skiing. It […]

Goechala Trek

Plan For A Goecha La Trek In Sikkim

You come across many enthusiasts who wish to go for treks all-round the year. These enthusiasts usually join or create groups of people who have similar interests so that the journey can be a fun filled one and you also get to learn from the different experiences of the people. But you should check with […]

Parasailing In India

Parasailing A New Dimension For Adventurous Sport

India is a developing country and from the past few years, the same development can be observed in different sectors of the society. Sports is one of the fields which entertain and gathers millions from around the world and is now not limited to specific sports. If you are an outdoor sports lover and looking […]

Paragliding In Manali

Best Places For Paragliding In Manali

When it comes to the hill stations in India, Manali is considered to be the most sought-after hill station which gathers millions on yearly basis. It is a little heaven for every tourist where your experience is dependent on your discoveries. The land is covered with iconic mountains in the backdrop and one can hear […]

Adventurous Places In India

Relive Yourself With 9 Adventurous Sports In India

India has been known for its diversity in culture and religion over the past few decades but actually, it offers much more than that. In recent years, India has organized different events and most of them were related to the promotion of different sports. At times, it is just not about getting involved with some […]