Parasailing In India

Parasailing A New Dimension For Adventurous Sport

India is a developing country and from the past few years, the same development can be observed in different sectors of the society. Sports is one of the fields which entertain and gathers millions from around the world and is now not limited to specific sports. If you are an outdoor sports lover and looking for the options available especially in India, there are numbers of sports that can be known to push your limits.

Just like any other adventurous sports, Parasailing is the latest addition which is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed canopy wing that reminds one of a parachute, known as a parasail wing. In India, parasailing is commonly attached to a boat in an open sea whereas it can be attached to a moving car, and even truck on the road depending on the area. It is quite different from paragliding as in that event, the pilot has more of the control on the parachute whereas in parasailing the parascender has less or no control over the parachute. If the vehicle like the boat is powerful enough, it can parasail about two to three people at the same time.The first parasailing was done in the year of 1962 which was developed by Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne and since then it has been practised in the whole world. There are many commercial parasailing operations all over the world and land-based parasailing has also been transformed into a competitive sport in Europe.

Parasailing in India

Most people prefer parasailing over paragliding as parasail is more stable and efficient during the ascent mode while paragliding is not that efficient when towed and is primarily used for skydiving where the parachutist can fully control the direction of the parachute. Just like paragliding, it will also take you to the sky with the feeling of flying in an open sky and it adds to the experience while watching sea beneath you. As the sports is limited to the sea, there are not many places available in India and some of the most famous places for parasailing where you can plan your next weekend is.

Route To Freedom: Plan Your Next Trip To Best Destinations In India

Parasailing Sohna Gurgaon

Parasailing Adventure in Goa – While being in India, it is the dream of almost everybody to visit Goa once in their lifetime as the place is famous for its beaches and culture which gathers tourists not only from the same country but it has been visited by millions of foreign tourists every year. It is the best place to plan your vacation and to try the thrilling experience of parasailing as it one of the most famous places for the sport. It is a stop for every adventure junkie as you can be the part of beautiful scenic view once you will be high in the air with the speed. You can enjoy the landscapes and the majestic view of the sea which adds to your memories. The same sport is also called sky gliding in which you will be attached to the safe and specially designed canopy that will be pulled by the speedy boat. The activity is quite easy and you don’t require any special skills or technique to complete your journey. There are many private companies who carried out the sport who always double check the equipment including the wings before the customer will use it. All you have to do is to sit in the canopy and enjoy the ride for an amazing experience. Once you will be at the beach, you can also try different water sports as parasailing will only last for maximum 3 minutes in one run. The sport is conducted at Calangute, Baga which normally starts from 10 am in the morning till 5 pm in the evening with a maximum capacity of 40 people in a day. Before getting to the place, you can always be prepared as you can carry along your swimwear, t-shirts, or shorts with an emergency towel.

Parasailing in Goa

Parasailing in Bangalore – Just like Goa, Bangalore is another city which conducts the parasailing on every weekend including Saturdays and Sundays as the company requires a group of at least 25 people for the weekdays. It is a bit different from free flying and doesn’t require any adventure background or any hard training as any beginner can start flying in the air with the help of parasailing. Most people have concerns about the safety as in Bangalore, it is under the controlled supervision of a highly experienced ex IAF officer and qualified Aeronautical engineers. The whole activity is under the controlled risk and one should not worry about the safety. This is also the best way to challenge yourself and to set your limits as most of us are scared to take the first step. The sport will not only help you to challenge the fear inside you but also puts a smile on your face once you can sense the bird view. The activity is quite similar to paragliding as it is also dependent on the weather conditions in the area and weight of the participants. In Bangalore, the activity is performed for the almost whole day and about 40 people can participate in one session. There are different types of plans as one is solo and the other one is a tandem as you can choose the best possible option for your flight. In the solo plan, you will be alone throughout the flight and is best for someone who has already tried parasailing even for once and the other one is a tandem plan in which you will be attached to your instructor that will help you throughout your session.

Parasailing in India

Parasailing in Gurgaon As there is no open sea in or around Delhi region, it is next to impossible to try water sports in that area but due to the distinguishing properties of parasailing, one can enjoy the sport while being in Delhi too. The location is the latest addition to the sport as the activity is performed in Sohna, Gurgaon which is half an hour away from Delhi. The only difference in this location is that parasailing is performed with the help of a heavy and fast vehicle except for the boat. The parachute will be attached to your back and you will be towed with the help of a vehicle as it will speed up, you can enjoy the bird view. Parasailing is the best way to be energised and relax without getting too far away from the city and the feeling is special during the weekends. The whole activity can be completed in total 3 to 4 hours and if you really want to try it, you don’t need to wait for your weekend. Just like any other location, in Gurgaon to the whole activity is carried out under the supervision of a trained professional who has been conducted the same activities for years. At every stage of the sport, you will be under supervision which adds to your safety. The place is open for a whole week and the total duration takes half of your day as there are 30 seats available in one single day. It is again dependent on the weather conditions and you can confirm with the company before getting to the location.

Parasailing in Bangalore

Adventure and water sports activities are increasing in India. There have been many new destinations that are now known for such kind of activities. Places like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Goa, and many more have loads of such activities like parasailing which make it a must visit destination. Tourists from across the globe come to India to make the most out of their trip and enjoy to the core.

All such activities are considered as recreational and make the person relax and rejuvenate. If you wish to just let your hair down and live life to the fullest, then just pack your bags and book your tickets to one of these destinations. It is a sure thing that you will not be disappointed upon your visit.


More About Parasailing

Parasailing is a kind of activity where you are tied behind a speed boat and are towed away with it deep into the sea. The boat has a special canopy wing which is known as a parachute and you are tied professionally to it. When the boat starts to move into the water you get pulled along and the air makes the parachute to open and fly off high in the air. The boat is in power mode and two to three people can parasail at a time.

Many people confuse it with para gliding. There is a difference between the two. Para Gliding is done on a cliff which is also called as free flying and Para Sailing is done in the waters which helps you to take a dip or two in the high seas. This is another fun part of para sailing.

Parasailing in India

Parasailing in Bangalore

You can do parasailing in Bangalore over the weekends. There are many groups who organize it professionally. If you wish to do so during the weekdays, then it can be arranged with a minimum booking of 25 people. So just plan and do the sport to get the fear of water and heights out of you completely.

  • Since it is the selfie world now you can make some great memories while you enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city from the top and make a happy landing while your friends and family can film your entire experience for a great memory. If you are afraid of doing it alone then a professional can accompany you to the top while you enjoy the scenic beauty below your feet.
  • You can book for a solo trip which would cost you approximately 750 INR per person and 1250 INR per person for a Tandem trip which needs to be booked 48 hours in advance. If you wish to avail a discount, then plan your trip in advance to more than 48 hours and enjoy the deal.

Parasailing in Gurgaon

Parasailing Sohna Gurgaon

  • If you are on a visit to Sohna Gurgaon, then you cannot miss out this golden opportunity to book a parasailing activity for yourself. It is one of the most amazing things to do to rejuvenate yourself. If you have not known about it happening in Gurgaon, then now is your chance to experience it live. So just go ahead and book a Parasailing Sohna Gurgaon to enjoy your trip to the core. It is a pity that people always confuse themselves with Para gliding and Para Sailing. Both have a unique feature for it and have different techniques that are used to perform the act. Para Sailing is usually done only in waters while Para Gliding is a free fall from the hills on to the land.
  • Sohna is in Gurgaon, Haryana and the cost for each session is 1000 INR which is not a high price for such an activity. So, if you are still in your bed and thinking about it, then now is the time to experience it live in Sohna Gurgaon. You need no formal training to do a para sailing trip as it is one of the easiest things to do in an adventurous category.


Just imagine you flying a few hundred feet high above sea level and the blue mastering water is beneath you. You can take few dips into the water and again go up to get the thrill of both land and water together. So, experience it in person to know the fun side of it.

Carry excitement in your pocket with the best chosen trip for parasailing in India. The cities Bangalore, Gurgaon and Goa will leave you spellbound. Are you up for it? Pack and take a plunge into the new world of adventure after continuous work of several months. You can also plan it for weekends if you stay nearby those cities.
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