Skiing In Auli

Skiing In Auli And Its Various Opportunities

Skiing in Auli is a great adventure activity and can be done only where there is huge amount of snow. Auli is one such destination in Uttarakhand which offers great skiing opportunities. It is a skiing center in Uttarakhand and has snow beaters that help them to keep the snow slopes perfect for skiing. It is a setup which helps the skiers to make the most of the opportunity. Since the season of snow is very less it should be used to maximum. You can use the ski lift which would carry you to the top so that you can ski your way back to the bottom. The ski lift is 500 mtrs long and can help you to take all your accessories up without much effort. The long skies can be a pain to carry all the way to the top.

Season To Ski

You would find skiing opportunities from the month of December to March until when the snow starts to melt. It is better if you go in the start of the season to enjoy the best weather experience. Uttarakhand is a beautiful place to visit during this season.

Visit Auli In January To Become Part Of The Most Exciting International Ski Event

Auli Lake

What Would You Need?

Since it is a snowy region you would need all your winter accessories such as caps, jackets, socks, mufflers, pullovers, gloves, glasses, snow boots, and of course the snowboard equipment. All these would help you to walk in the snow at very low temperatures. If you are aligning yourself with a group that arranges such activities then you would get a list of all that is needed while you wish to ski.

Package Details

You would arrive at Auli in the evening and the destination would be Wooden huts. You can enjoy the welcome tea and dinner while you stay at the venue and make the most of the weather.

The next day you would start to the skiing destination post breakfast and enjoy the day at skiing. Learn the art of skiing in the snow. You fall, bump, slide and do whatever you feel until lunch. Enjoy the sumptuous meals prepared by the guest house and relax a little to enjoy more. Make snowman’s and snow balls to play around. In the evening return to the hotel for evening tea followed by dinner.

skiing in Auli

On the third day, you enjoy the breakfast and head to the Asia’s longest cable car journey. It is a 4 km long cable car which has a chair lift and a ski lift depending on your preferences. Enjoy the landscaped view of the Himalayan peaks such as Mana, Nanda Devi (tallest peak) and Kamet to name a few. This ride can be enjoyed between 0900 HRS and 1700 HRS. It takes around 35 minutes to complete the ride to and fro. You return to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day.

Fourth day you check out to return to your destinations.

You can always contact travel agents before taking the trip as this will make the travel convenient.
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