Skiing – Tips and Precautions

Skiing is a wonderful sport that allows you to skim over the powdery snow at high speeds, with the icy wind blowing in your face and adrenaline coursing through your veins! The mere description of the sport makes people wan to get up and go skiing down a snow covered slope. But before you jump on that ski lift and head off to the top of the slope, lets go through a few basic tips that every amateur skiing enthusiast should keep in mind. Being prepared pays off, and here’s how you can be sure that you will get the best skiing experience:-


Stay Fit!

It is important to be physically fit and in good shape before going skiing. Skiing is an exhausting sport and you should be prepared for certain levels of physical exertion. Warm up exercises before you hit the slopes are also a good idea.


Apart from the essential basic equipment -skis and bindings, buying goggles helmets and nylon suits is highly recommended, especially for amateurs. It is important to select the perfect set of skis as they are made for specific heights and weights.Be sure to have your bindings checked before skiing as improper bindings may result in disastrous accident.


Buying skiwear appears to be a tricky task because you want clothing that has enough layers to protect you from the cold, but also maintains certain levels of aerodynamics by not being bulky, as it can reduce your speed.

Jeans and cotton fabrics should definitely be avoided as they absorb moisture and that is the lat thing you want when you’re skiing. Instead, go for fabrics like nylon and polypropylene which keep warm and dry quickly.

Jackets should have wind flaps over zippers, the cuffs should be snug at your wrists and collars up to your chin. Dressing in multiple layers is always advised.

Gloves, mittens and proper headgear, are all super effective in reducing body heat loss as the maximum amount of heal loss is from the extremities of the body.

Buying equipment at the resorts will turn out to be quite expensive. It is advised to buy these things in advance.

The sunlight reflects off the surface of the powder snow and can be very bright and cause damage to your eyes. It is necessary to invest in a pair of sunglasses when you are skiing. Sunscreen is also recommended because the UV radiations reflected along with the sunlight might be harmful for your skin.

Skiing Destinations in India


Now that you’ve got the basics sorted out, lets look at what you should keep in mind when you actually step up to the slopes!

Consult An Instructor

First time skiing? Still a novice to the sport? Try to get hold of someone who is more experienced than you. Most resorts offer lessons given by trained professionals for amateurs. Basic techniques like turning, wedging and how to transition from flat to steep terrain are all skills that demand patience and time, but learning these skills is very important before you start skiing

At least learn to stand up in the correct stance and having the correct posture while skiing, turning, stopping at will and controlling your speed.

Find The Perfect Slope

It is important to go skiing on a slope that matches your ability and skill level, and seems comfortable to you. The runs are usually colour coded according to their difficulty levels : green slopes are the easiest and get progressively more difficult to blue,red and ultimately the hardest of all – black runs. If you do not feel adequately prepared to face a certain run, then it is totally fine to go on an easier one. Safety comes first.

Be Prepared For The Slope!

It is important to stay hydrated because you sweat a lot and that leads to dehydration which can cause fatigue an muscle cramps. Drink lots of water to replenish your body fluids.

Never skip the warm-up runs as they prepare you physically and mentally for the more challenging runs. Also, warm up exercises in general are a must, and should not be skipped.

Work In Small Groups

It is best to have a small groups of friends skiing together, not only is is enjoyable, but it is also a good way of being safe on the slopes. But make sure that everyone is of the same ski level, or is willing to attempt the same level of slopes. If someone is not prepared to face a certain run, it is best to opt for an easier slope.

Skiing is a lot of fun, but it is also very important to be safe and secure. So follow these tips and have a good time out there on the snow!

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