Precautions To Observe While Playing Paintball


A lot of us love playing war games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, etc. What we enjoy is the thrill of anticipation, the high we get after completing a mission, and the contention after defeating the enemy. What if you could experience this in real life! So leave those couches and step out of the virtual world to experience the adrenaline rush of strategizing and leading your team to victory, try paintball. First played on June 27, 1981 in New Hampshire, this game involves pelting your opponent with small pellets of- don’t be scared they aren’t real bullets- colored balls. You have to eliminate or “shoot” the other team by marking them with gelatin balls filled with color. These pellets are shot using a paintball “marker”. The paintballs are non-toxic made from a water soluble polymer which is biodegradable.

Paintball is an extreme sport that can be played indoors or outdoors, in natural or artificial surroundings using equipments like a mask, a compressed CO2 canister, body armor, etc. This is also used by the military for simulation exercises for target practice.

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Even though the paintball launcher is a kind of a toy gun but it can still cause severe harm if some precautions are not taken. We have listed a few precautionary steps which will make this experience enjoyable without the weight of any injuries or mishap.

##   When you go out to enjoy paintball make sure it’s an authorized play field. Always shoot within the regulated field in the presence of referees or marshals to oversea the teams. The referees also check the paintball propeller with a chronograph which is a device that measures and tells you whether you are within the legal range of 285 feet per second.


## Always wear protective eye gear. The goggles being provided to you should be paintball approved and without any visible damage to them. They should be able to bear the impact of the shells to prevent any injury to the eye.

## You should always use the paintball marker with a barrel blocking device (B.B.D) which prevents players and spectators alike from being hit by a shell from close-by.

## Start shooting only when the indication has been given for the start of game. Never shoot outside the target range where you can use the chronograph. Also always do a test fire before starting.

## Maintain the given minimum distance before shooting at an opponent. The paintballs can leave bruises or welts or even cause the skin to break which results in bleeding.

## Wear the full protective gear before entering the arena. This includes a padded body suit with an armor. Also one must always, always wear a protective helmet and goggles.

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