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Paragliders Fly As Like Butterflies Top Of Bir Billing Hills

Remember the first time you saw a flying plane? How you always wanted to get a seat and experience the sky. The urge and wish to fly and explore the big and small beauties of nature. Well, in bir billing, you can experience everything that’s on your mind and in your heart. We provide paragliding Bir billing. The Bir billing is located 70 km far from dharamshala. The distance between billing and Bir is 14 km. The questions in your minds might be wandering for answers. So here is a detailed description of the place and activity. Bir billing is the best spot to entertain aero-sport activities in India and 2nd in the world. The paragliding is available in solo and tandem.

paragliding in billing


In solo paragliding, only the pilot is there to fly the plane. He is well trained before the flight. We provide the training for certain time to the pilot. The training is given by experts in our paragliding school.


In tandem paragliding, two people are present in the same paragliding. Both the people need not have the knowledge regarding the same. The guests sit with the pilot and simply enjoy the flight. He has nothing to worry about and therefore focus is convex.

The flight takes off from billing and lands in Bir. It is a flight of about 20-30 mins. Starting from The altitude of 8000 feet from sea level in billing will be the reason behind the sweet butterflies in your stomach further landing at an altitude of 4500 feet from sea level in Bir billing paragliding. Of course, many things including snow covered Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalayas and the spellbinding Kangra valley.

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bir billing paragliding


  • You might be waiting for this section. With such sports, come fears. And you wouldn’t disagree that for people who wish to para glide are the types who enjoy fear.
  • Our tandem paragliding involves the experts in flying. We train them to the fullest. Every pilot went under the training in our school is well known with wind speed, directions, the correct take offs and landings. All you have to do is enjoy the scenes and get aw struck by the nature’s beauty.
  • Paragliding is available through out the year except only the monsoon season i.e. July and September, when the heavy rainfall takes place. Other than this the best time for long rides are in the months of October- November and march-June.
  • The weather conditions in paragliding Bir billing are simply awesome. Since the place is situated at the hills, the view and climate are always pleasant. The temperature in the locality is around 10-25 degree Celsius. The place also serves many more activities as well as serves religious interests.

The routes are simple to follow and enjoyable to travel. We are always present to serve you. The smiles we come across on your faces are the greatest victory we can achieve. We long for that smile on your faces the way you urge for flying. Do visit and honor us by your presence.
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