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Adventure at Turahalli

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Destination closer to Bangalore around 40kms located in between Kanakpur-Mysore Road, is reserve forest coming under ranges of Kagalipura. This place is called Rock Climbers Hub having many boulders and Rock Formations.


It’s a tiny reserve forest near to Bangalore having flora and fauna, this forest is famous for its granite Boulders the forest spreading it’s area to over 200 acres of land which firstly vanishing thanks to the construction and real estate growth here. As this destination has vast number of boulders its ideal for carrying out activities like Natural Rock Climbing- an activity used to climb the rock formations to reach the peak. There are two ways of rock-climbing that can be done in the reserve forest of Turahalli and they are Free Climbing and Bouldering.


Free Climbing and Activity used to climb the rock formations with the help of safety instruments, the various equipments used here are the Climbing Ropes acting as a support, the Belays equipment used to tighten the ropes during ascend, Desenders used for descending a person after his climbing is complete, Harness Belts used as a belts to which ropes are tied along with desenders and harness. This type of climbing is employed in climbing rock formations of different sizes and heights, in this climbing the climber is protected with all the equipments anchored and he can climb without any difficulty.

Bouldering is process of climbing the rocky boulders without help of any equipments, one of safety equipments used here are the bouldering mats incase a fall it acts as a cushion. Bouldering is done exclusively at this place on the rock formations of small height around 40-50 feet high.


We in our organization organize the day outing adventure climbing outings for corporate and School organizations and family groups. Our outing package comprises of activities like Rock Climbing, Rappelling is opposite to that of rock climbing it is the descending process from the peak, and Jummaring is a rope activity using the help of anchored ropes, jummers and harness one needs to climb the tree without its support and descend from there is controlled by the trainers it’s like a free fall liken bungee Jumping.

Alongside the above adventure games we also have another rope activity by name Zip-Line used to slide and reach or scroll and reach from 2 places of different attitudes. And trekking to reach the peak there to have a gracious look of sunset in Bangalore also contains some of team building games like the archery and others.


  • 7:00 pickup from Bangalore
  • 8:00 am on the way Breakfast
  • 8:30 am Reach Base of Thurahalli Forest
  • 8:45 Brief n Warm up
  • 9:00 am start activity
  • Trekking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Team Games
  • Bouldering
  • Paint Ball
  • Have Lunch at 2:30 Pm
  • Head Back to Bangalore at 3:30 Pm
  • Reach Bangalore by 5:00 Pm


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