Adventure Treks Around Bangalore

21 Exciting Adventure Treks Around Bangalore In October

Adventure trekking is one of the best ways to refresh the body and the mind. Given the diverse landscape of India, there are several destinations within the country where you can enjoy this thrilling activity. Given below are the brief details of 21 destinations around Bangalore perfect for planning an adventure trekking trip in October.

  1. Kodachadri Trekking

Kodachadri Trekking

This second highest peak in Karnataka is the perfect place to enjoy night trekking as well as sunrise and sunset trekking. The beautiful mountain overlooks the Western Ghats and the lush green forests of the Sharavathi Wildlife Reserve. It also offers a mesmerizing view of both sunrise and sunset in the backdrop of the great Arabian Sea.

  1. Skandagiri Day Trek With Rapelling

Skandagiri Day Trek

The hill fort of Skandagiri located in the Nandi Hills offers is a picturesque trekking destination located near Bangalore. You can enjoy trekking with rappelling in the extremely calm and relaxing environment of the region. The night trekking adventure enables you to enjoy a truly breathtaking view of the rising sun from the peak.

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  1. Dandeli Adventure Camp

Dandeli Adventure Camp

The mesmerizing natural beauty of the region enhances the thrill of trekking in Dandeli. The varied landscape that includes lush green areas and different types of water bodies make the activity of trekking in the region extremely enjoyable, relaxing and rejuvenating. There are several trekking trails each of which has something unique to offer to the participants.

  1. Anthargange Night Trek

Anthargange Night Trek

The rocky hills of Anthargange offer a perfect landscape to enjoy trekking and other adventure activities. The region is famous for its numerous cave systems that offer ample choice of exploring the unknown for adventure enthusiasts. The calm environments have a soothing effect on the mind while the thrill of adventure helps in rejuvenating your body energies.

  1. Ramanagara Day Adventure

Ramanagara Day Adventure

This most popular trekking destination around Bangalore is famous for its rugged hills and valleys. The majestic beauty of the region attracts both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts in large numbers. It is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing getaway from the stressful and fast paced city life.

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  1. Nishani Motte Trek, Coorg

Nishani Motte Trek

This is one of the least explored trekking destinations near Bangalore, which makes it even more thrilling and enjoyable. The trekking trail includes traversing an impressive ridge walk to reach the peak that offers a majestic view of the Brahmagiri range. However, you need to obtain the permission of the forest department before undertaking this trek.

  1. Kudremukh Trek In Chikmagalur

Kudermukh peak

The Kudermukh peak, which resembles the face of a horse, is one of the most favored trekking destinations near Bangalore. The region is known for its fascinating and engrossing trekking trails that also enable the participants to enjoy the beauty of nature at close quarters. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful trekking destinations in Western Ghats.

  1. Kunti Betta And Ramanagara Adventure Trek Combo

Kunti Betta And Ramanagara Adventure

The combined trekking trip to two of the most beautiful destinations around Bangalore definitely provides a win-win situation for the participants. The trip can give you a nice and refreshing break from the stressful and monotonous city life. You feel rejuvenated after you spend some fun filled and peaceful days in the vicinity of nature.

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  1. Mullayanagiri Trek In Chikmagalur

Mullayanagiri Trek

The comparatively easy trekking trail of Mullayanagiri passes through various ravines and uneven terrains during the first half. The trek attains a moderate level of difficulty with the rise in altitude. Upon reaching the peak you can enjoy the serene environment and a majestic panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings, which will surely leave you amazed.

  1. Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga Peak

Savandurga is renowned as a gigantic mountain peak besides being the first highest monolithic rock in Asia. This in itself makes the destination quite enthralling for a trekking expedition at night when the level of adventure is further enhanced. The view of the surroundings in the early mornings in the backdrop of the rising sun is awesome.

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  1. Narayangiri Night Trek With Jumaring

trekking trails of Narayangiri

Climbing the offbeat trekking trails of Narayangiri is a perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend near Bangalore. The easy yet exciting terrain features an iron railing and steps cut in stone to make the trip safe. You can enjoy a bonfire and some sleep before waking up to the beauty of the rising sun.

  1. Ramanagara Night Trekking

Ramanagara Night Trekking

The experience of exploring the trekking trails of the picturesque destination of Ramanagara is truly amazing. You get to see an entirely different world that comes alive at night in the region as you tread on under the skylit night. The biggest reward of the trip is definitely the mesmerizing view of the sunrise in the early morning.

  1. Kunti Betta Night Trek & Water Sports

Water Sports at Kunti Betta

Trekking at night along the mesmerizing and misty trails of Kunti Betta leads you to the peak of the hill that offers a mesmerizing view of the rising sun. You can then return to the base to enjoy a variety of water sports activities that are sure to leave you refreshed and relaxed.

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  1. Nature Adventure Camp Kanakpura

Adventure Camp Kanakpura

The nature camp located on the banks of Hosadoddi Lake offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy. You can enjoy a wide range of water sports and other thrilling activities such as rappelling, bouldering and camp fire. You can even trek to the Devara Gudda hill top located in the nearby Banathimari State Forest.

  1. Kabbal Durga Night Trek

The small picturesque village of Kabbal Durga offers a least explored trekking trail leading to the top of a nearby hill. The night trekking at this destination provides an exclusive experience with a magnificent view of the night sky. Watch a fascinating view of the rising sun from the peak of the hill during early morning hours.

  1. Skandagiri Night Trekking

Skandagiri trail

The experience of trekking night on the extremely beautiful Skandagiri trail is simply enthralling. The activity offers you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the night sky and the fun of spending time around a bonfire. However, the most amazing feature of the trek is the mesmerizing view of the sunrise from the Skandagiri peak.

  1. Homestay At Sakleshpura

Homestay At Sakleshpura

A homestay at Sakleshpura is just perfect for enjoying a wide range of fun filled and adventure activities. From water and rope activities to various sports including football, badminton and net climbing the homestay experience offers various opportunities to help you relax. You can even enjoy a 7km long trek at the nearby Mavinakere.

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  1. Dandeli Jungle Camp

Dandeli Jungle Camp

The thrill of spending a few days in a tree house located in the unexplored lush green forests of Dandeli is truly unique. The exotic beauty and sweet freshness of the mornings leaves you full of energy. You can also enjoy an adventure trek across the various trails through the dense forests to the nearby peaks.

  1. Sharavathi Nature Trail

Sharavathi Nature Trail

The Sharavathi valley nestled in the majestic Western Ghats and offers a calm and relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is a perfect way to enjoy without any stresses and worries as well as in the absence of any luxuries of life, while following the basic etiquette of living with nature.

  1. Hasiru Valley Camp

Hasiru Valley

Known for its tremendous natural beauty, camping at the Hasiru valley proves to be an enthralling experience. The huge single rock formation enables you to enjoy rock climbing along with trekking. The adventure can help refresh your mind and body while also making you fall in love with nature and revive your energies.

  1. Adventure Camp in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills Adventure Camp

The hill is named so because it resembles the shape of a sleeping bull. It is one of the favored weekend trekking destinations around Bangalore and offers the combined benefit of breathtaking natural beauty along with a magnificent climate. The trekking activity carried out in this region has a calm and relaxing effect on the participants.
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