Treks Near Bangalore

12 Amazing Treks Within The Radius Of 150 KMs Around Bangalore

Bangalore is blessed with Western Ghats and Nilgiri Hills around. So what if Delhi has snowy white Himalayas, The lush greenery of Bangalore makes it unique. What’s more plus point for Bangalore ans is that some hills are just 50 kms away. This means that it is possible to go for treks on weekends, away from busy schedules.

This time instead of just inspiring lines, I thought of giving much detailed information while keeping it short.

  1. Savandurga

Savandurga Night Trek

About - Savandurga is believed to be the highest Monolithic rock in Asia. But what really matters is the jaw dropping views of the sunrise from the top.

Distance This dual peak is just 60kms away from Bangalore. Now that’s pretty close!

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • The alluring views of Manchanabele dam and surrounding reserve forest from top
  • Dramatic Sunrise with dancing clouds
  • Historic old ruins and Fort walls
  • Manchanabele Dam is worth visiting after the trek

Level: Medium due to steep climb.

Best time to visit The sunrise is not to be missed, so a night trek post monsoon is good.

How to reach – It is easily accessible by road and a comfortable drive. You can reach the base of the trek by changing 2 buses.  There are private and KSRTC buses to Hospete Gate (you can say Savandurga here).

Night Trekking – A Perfect Way For Adventure Enthusiasts To Feel The Adrenaline Rush

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  1. Kanakapura Nature Adventure camp


About - Kanakapura can be better described as a leisurely trek. The surrounding lush green forest and its strategic setting enable it to offer loads of activities.

Distance – This place is again just 50kms away from Bangalore! No, we are not kidding!

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Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • Situated amidst lush greenery, it is a paradise for Nature lovers
  • Suitable for family outings, corporate trainings and even school/college trips
  • The trek is in a relaxed manner compared to the experience of a regular trekking trip
  • Wide range of Adventure activities like Trekking, Kayaking, Canoeing, Zip Lining, Bouldering, Rappelling, etc

Level – There is not much of a climb, so it makes it an easy trek.

Best Time To Visit - The nature adventure camp in Kanakapura is open all year round. However, planning a trip in the post-monsoon months is a good idea.

Location - It is nestled right on the banks of the serene Hosadoddi Lake next to the lush green Banathimari State Forest.

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  1. Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta

About – Two rock hills surrounded by paddy fields and coconut trees, Kunti Betta trek is a paradise for fresher’s and cake walk for regulars. This place holds importance in History.

Distance – Kunti Betta is around 125kms away from Bangalore, which means you need to raise your lazy bum a little early!

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • One of the best experiences of Kunti Betta is to trek on a full moon night
  • Though mythological, its history is very interesting and delights to the ears while trekking
  • Tonnuru lake from the hill top is picturesque
  • Beautiful greenery on the way

Level – Easy but technical.

Best time to visit Post Monsoon, October to May.

How to reach – Bangalore (100 kms) – Mandya (26 kms) – Pandavpura (4 kms) – (To Kunti Betta) / Mysore (28 kms) – Pandavpura – Kunti Betta.

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  1. Anthargange


About – Anthargange forms a cluster of beautiful rocky hills. The variety of thrill that it provides, will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

Distance from Bangalore – 65kms

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • Passing through the caves on top is a thrilling experience, especially in the night!
  • Some are so narrow that you literally have to squeeze in!
  • The ancient Anthargange temple has refreshing spring
  • Serene view of Kolar town from the top
  • Fast change of terrain from Lush greenery, Thorny bushes to barren rocks

Level – Medium due to steep climbs.

Best time to visit – There is no best time for this. You can enjoy it all through the year.

How to reach - The nearest railway station is the Kolar Railway Station that lies at a distance of around 3 km. Anthargange is not connected by bus. However, there are taxis, cabs and bikes available to reach the destination.

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  1. Kabbaladurga


About – Kabbaladurga is another monolith near Bangalore. The features of Kabbaladurga are somewhat similar to Savandurga in the starting. Kabbaladurga offers a fascinating night trekking experience to adventure enthusiasts.

Distance – 80 Kms away from Bangalore.

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • The thrill of the night and the spooky charm it gives makes it unique
  • Mysterious Fort mostly in its ruins
  • There is a temple of Kabbalamma at the top

Level – Moderate due to its steep climb.

Best time to visit : Trek can be done at any time of the year but steep rocks can become slippery if attempted during night.

How to Reach : Reach Kanakapura (50 kms) and Sathanur (a further 20 kms). From Sathanur, a diversion to the right goes to Kabbala village.

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  1. Ramanagara


About – If you are looking for a break from your daily schedule and wish to go offbeat, than Ramanagara is the best option.

Distance – 50 kms away from Bangalore city.

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • Rama Tirtha pond, a natural pond between two adjacent hills
  • There is a 1000 year old temple of lord Rama
  • An awesome viewpoint from top of the hill
  • Beautiful Flora and fauna

Level – easy Moderate.

Best time to visit :  The best time to visit Ramanagara would be in the cooler months of September to February. The summer months are not too bad either (Avoid rainy seasons, granite formations become slippery because of rain).

How to reach - You can reach Ramanagara via train which has good connectivity. Take an auto from Ramanagara railway station; ask for Ramadevara hills and within 15 min you reach there.

 Booking Now Ramanagara Night Camping With Kayaking

  1. SRS Hills


About – Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Betta, or it is better known for its short and sweet name SRS hills. Stereotyped names!

Distance – 60 kms away from Bangalore and 13kms away from Ramanagara (in case if you are in a mood of a dual trek ;)

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • Like its name, it is a short and sweet trek
  • Good for a quick one day outing
  • Night trek is far better with its city lights view and cleaner air to breath
  • Temples all the way from start to the top!
  • You can combine it with one more trek nearby called Ramanagara

Level – Easy peasy

Best time to visit – All year round

Parking Fee – 5rs

How to reach – Bangalore – Ramanagara bus stand – Signal left turn -SRS Hills.

Booking Now SRS Hill Night Trek With Kayaking

  1. Makalidurga


About – Just like Ramanagara, this trek is offbeat and perfect for the ones who are desperately looking for a break from their chaotic city life.

Distance – It is just 60kms away from Bangalore, you will find souls in scarce here.

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • Even after being so close to the city, you will find peace here
  • Offbeat destination with very few people around
  • Uneven terrains
  • Makalidurga railway station adds to the vintage style of trekking
  • The sunrise and sunsets are breathtaking!

Level – Moderate, End of the story!

Best time to visit – Night trek all year around except Monsoon.

How to reach – Here your swanky Google Maps will work best. With well marked directions, even the trail up to the top is marked!

If going by train, The Makalidurga trek starting point is 3 kms from the Makalidurga railway station.

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  1. Narayanagiri


About – This trek has something to offer for everyone. Fort ruins, temples, fort ruins, boulders for rock climbing and rappelling, etc.

Distance – 60 Kms from Bangalore, Hope you don’t expect this hill in your neighborhood?

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

Boulders for Rock climbing and rappelling (don’t try it alone without any experience)

Like us, It’s a busy temple only get weekends to please its devotees

Remnants of the fort circle the mountain

Vast number of caves on the way

The difficulty gradually increases

Level – Easy to Moderate

Best time to visit – Post Monsoon.

How to reach : Bangalore – Bidadi – Ramanagaram – Jalmangala.

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  1. Madhugiri Trek

Madhugiri Trek

About – The uneven structure of Madhugiri fort makes it very attractive. The 2st largest Monolithic hill is right in the heart of Madhugiri town.

Distance - Madhugiri is 100km from Bangalore.

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • The last section is most thrilling with its steepest ascent
  • The structure of the fort is very daunting

Level – Moderately Difficult

Best time to visit – Anytime except Monsoon.

How to reach: Bangalore – Nelamangala – Dabbasapete – Koratagere – Madhugiri. Till Madhugiri direct KSRTC buses from Kempegowde Bus Stand and private buses from KR Market Bus Station are available.

Note - It is essential to carry water while trekking, there is no water available at the top.

 Booking Now Madhugiri Night Trek

  1. Manchanabele Dam

About – If you are reading this post fully from the start, then you will find mention of Manchanabele as a Dam under ‘Savandurga’. And if you are not then ……busted!

Distance – It is barely 40 – 50 km away from Bangalore.

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • The first glimpse of this place is simply soothing to the eyes
  • Various adventure activities like swimming, kayaking and even Paintball!
  • Camping besides this lake is like a dream come true
  • You can combine this with Savandurga trek

Level – There is no climb, so no level!

How to reach : Bangalore – RRDC – Manchinbele.

Booking Now Manchanabele Night Trek With Paintball

  1. Achalu Betta

Achalu Betta

About - Achalu Betta is a rocky hill covered mostly by shrubs.

Distance: 80 Kms from Bangalore, 15 Kms from Kanakapura.

Why you should do this trek, or what can you expect -

  • There is a Muneshwara temple & a Nandi statue at the top
  • Hilltop offers a panoramic view of the landscape
  • The surrounding greenery with water bodies is a sight for sore eyes
  • Ideal for rock climbing
  • You can spot small animals and birds

Level – Some tough patches and thorny vegetations makes it a Moderate trek.

Best time to visit – Anytime! The Rainy season is not too good for the trek.

How to reach It comes on the way to Mekadattu, Just 10 Km from Kanakapura towards Sathnur and Halgur.

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