Night trekking in Bangalore

Why Night Trekking Around Bangalore Is Famous?

When it comes to trekking in India then no one forgets to talk about Bangalore. The place of ethereal beauty which is surrounded with magnificent landscapes and green mountains is one of the most preferred places for trekkers. There are a diverse range of hills and rivers around Bangalore where you can take a lifetime experience while trekking. Bangalore is a gateway to adventure and the beauty of nature and there are certain similar places nearby which is one among the major spots for trekking.

Night Trekking in Bangalore

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One of the major thrills is trekking at night in the nearby places of Bangalore. The excitement of voyaging in the dark nights around the hills and jungles provides a very spooky experience. The major places near Bangalore like the Ramnagara are one among the best for night trekking. Ramnagara falls very close to Bangalore which is surrounded by mountain ranges and boulders. The night trek is quite an adventurous journey where you get to experience the night life amongst the darkness and stillness of nature. When you go out in a group you can enjoy various activities like the bonfire, entertaining sessions, games, etc. Few places also include the dark caves and rocky hills that keeps the trekkers busy exploring through them. Places like Anthargange includes the natural caves surrounded with dense forests and many volcanic rocks lying down around. Nature enthusiasts love to deeply explore throughout them and enjoy the mind blowing experience at night.

Best Places to Trek Near Bangalore

Bangalore for night trekking

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Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta falls around 130 km from Bangalore and which consists of a height of around 2,882m above sea level. The place is one of the best choices for night trekkers and is surrounded with rocky peaks and green mountains. The nocturnal life in Kunti Betta is quite thrilling because of the stillness of the rocks and the sunrise looks simply magnificent over there.

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Kunti Betta night treks

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Difficulty: Moderate
Capacity: 30 Seats
Distance From Bangalore : 130 KM
Things to Do Here :  Hiking,  Rock Climbing,  Rappelling, Trekking,  Jummaring,  Kayaking and Swimming

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Skandari lies around 70 km from Bangalore. The place is surrounded with green forests and rocky hills and it consists of a height of around 1,350m above sea level. Trekkers can pull up a camp at night and enjoy the bonfire accompanied with singing and dancing activities. The sunrise looks quite breathtaking and the amazing breeze will refresh up your soul.

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Skandagiri Trekking

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Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: 40 Seats
Distance From Bangalore : 70 KM
Things to Do Here : Night Trekking,  Bonfire


Anthargange is around 70 km from Bangalore and one of the major tourist attractions in Karnataka. Anthargange is famous for cave explorations and visitors can also explore the ancient temples and their architectures in the foothills of the place. There are a number of natural caves in Anthargange which is surrounded with dense green forests and volcanic rocks spread around. The night trek is quite spectacular mainly because of the dark caves and the wildlife adventure.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Capacity: 25 Seats
Distance From Bangalore : 70 KM
Things to Do Here : Night Trekking,  Bonfire, Cave Exploration

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Ramnagara is around 50 km from the Garden City, Bangalore, which is also known as Silk City because of its popularity for Silk Production. Ramnagara is famous for the huge mountain ranges, where a number of Bollywood movies, including Sholay, are being filmed out. There are also a number of reserved forests in Ramnagara which are declared as a wildlife sanctuary for the management of Asian vultures. Trekkers can experience the night life very closely by organizing bonfires, enjoying the night view of the sky and the sunrise which looks very spectacular in the background of nature.

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Trekking in the daylight is fun, but experiencing the nightlife amongst the call of wildlife and the quietness of nature is even more challenging and thrilling. So whenever you plan a trip to Bangalore, do not forget to experience the bold night journeys in the embrace of Mother Nature.

Difficulty: Easy
Capacity: 50 Seats
Distance From Bangalore : 50 KM
Things to Do Here : Night Trekking,  Bonfire, Camping, Rappelling

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