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12 Adventure Treks Around Bangalore For Each Month Of The Year

Trekking as an adventure activity is extremely refreshing and exciting as it combines the fun of exploring unfamiliar territories with the joy of spending time in the vicinity of nature. The diverse landscapes and the picturesque destinations located along trekking trails seem to transform the participants into an entirely different world. For people in and around Bangalore, seeking a break from their hectic and stressful schedules, trekking at the numerous destinations in the region is just the perfect solution.

Each of these destinations has something unique to offer in terms of beauty as well as the experience that participants enjoy. However, not many people are aware of the fact that this experience can be enhanced by opting to trek at a particular destination during a specific time of the year. Given below are the brief details of 12 adventure trekking destinations around Bangalore along with the information about the best month to visit them.

Ramanagar Trek – Best In January

Located at a distance of just 50 kms from Bangalore, the Ramanagar trekking trails are a popular weekend getaway amongst adventure enthusiasts. The site, which can be reached within a couple of hours from the city, is famous for being the place where the extremely successful movie Sholay was shot. Ramangara features moderately high hills along with rugged valleys dotted by massive rocks and boulders. The place has gained a religious significance as the hills are believed to resemble the faces of specific deities.

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trekking trails in Ramanagar

The various trekking trails in Ramanagar are classified between moderate to difficult. At many places the steep slant of the hilly terrain makes it necessary to for the participants to have good climbing skills. It is a perfect place to enjoy both day and night trekking trips and the best time to visit the place is in the month of January, when the heat is bearable in this somewhat arid landscape.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 KM

Time to Reach:  1 Hrs 30 Min via Mysore Rd and NH275

Famous for: Trekking, Night Trekking, Chimney Climbing, Rappelling, Kayaking (Seasonal), Archery, Target Shooting

Kunti Betta Trek – Best In February

Kunti Betta is one of the most popular trekking destinations around Bangalore and is located at a distance of 130 kms from Bangalore and the base camp can be reached within 3 hrs. With an elevation of 950 m, Kunti Betta offers one of the highest trekking trails in the region. The place is famous for the great diversity of landscape it offers, which ranges from granite rocks and boulders to lush green grasslands. The participants can enjoy a mesmerizing view of the Thonnur Lake and its majestic green surroundings from the peak.

Kunti Betta Adventure

The climb up the tekking trail is slightly difficult given the naturally hilly topography of the region. Although trekking tours to the destination are available all through the year, the best time to take the trip is during the month of February when the winter is just ending and the early signs of spring further enhance the beauty of the region.

Distance from Bangalore: 130 KM

Time to Reach: 2 Hrs 54 Min via NH275

Famous for:  Night Trekking, Bonfire, Kayaking, Swimming, Water Board, Dinghy motor boat, Rappelling, Water Board, Rock Climbing, Fishing

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Anthargange Trek – Best In March

The Anthargange range located in the Kolar district of Karnataka is a favorite trekking destination for adventure enthusiasts. Located at a distance of only 70 kms from Banglore, participants can reach the trekking base camp in no more than 1.5 hrs from the city. The destination is famous for its different cave systems and the volcanic rock formations. In addition, the participants can also enjoy a visit to the temples in the vicinity, including an ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Outing at Anthargange

Apart from enjoying a day trek the participants can also experience the unique thrill of night trekking at Anthargange. Although the trekking expeditions to this unique destination are available all through the year, the best month to enjoy the experience is March, when the climate is slightly better than the warmer seasons. The trek offers an easy to moderate difficulty level and the presence of countless monkeys is something that the participants need to look out for.

Distance from Bangalore: 70 KM

Time to Reach: 1 Hrs 37 Min via NH4

Famous for:  Trekking, Rappelling, Night Trekking, Cave Exploration, Camping

Narayangiri Trek – Best In April

Narayangiri is another famous trekking destination located near Bangalore and just 20 kms away from Ramanagar. Participants can reach the site within 1.5 hours and enjoy both day and night trekking in the region. The place is famous for huge boulders and a large number of caves that provide ample exploration options to the participants. The mountain itself rises to a height of 3800 feet providing a majestic view of the surroundings from the peak.

Treks at Narayangiri

The lower part of the mountain, which offers an overall difficulty level of moderate to difficult, is covered by the lush green Jalamangala forest. However as the climb goes upward, the greenery is replaced by a rocky terrain which is why April is considered to be the best time undertake a trekking trip to Narayangiri.  The pleasant weather enhances the fun of trekking and also minimizes ay risk of accidents, which might be caused by sudden weather changes.

Distance from Bangalore: 20 KM

Time to Reach: 1 Hrs 30 Min

Famous for:  Trekking, Rappelling, Jummerring (Tree Climbing), Target Shooting / Archery, Mountain Biking, Zip line / Flying Fox, Kayaking (water Sports)

Skandagiri Trek – Best in May

Most people seeking a perfect place to enjoy trekking near Bangalore opt for Skandagiri, which is situated just 60 kms away from Bangalore and can be reached within a couple of hours. The unique natural beauty of this picturesque destination makes it a favored trekking spot for both nature and adventure lovers. The calm and peaceful environment of the region is further enhanced for the participants as they pass through the dense forests and enjoy the magnificent view of amazing vistas spread at the foothills of the mountain.

Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri is amongst the few destinations where participants can enjoy the fun of both, day time trekking as well as night expeditions. Both these unique experiences are most appealing when carried out in the month of May. The weather is just perfect for carrying out this the trekking which offers an overall difficulty level of being quite easy besides which the clear skies reduce any chances of accidents or injuries.

Distance from Bangalore: 60 KM

Time to Reach: 1 Hrs 29 Min via NH7

Famous for:  Night Trekking, Rappelling, Trekking, Camping

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Kodachadri Trek – Best In June

Kodachadri is a little known but extremely beautiful trekking trail in Shimoga, located at a distance of around 423 kms from Bangalore. The participants generally take an overnight trip of 8 hours to reach the place. In addition to being a great trekking destination, Kodachadri is also an important pilgrimage point with the famous temple of Mookambika being located here. The mesmerizing trekking trails pass through thick forests and various waterfalls before ending in a misty peak.

The mind-blowing beauty of Kodachadri makes it a perfect place to enjoy an adventurous trek in the vicinity of nature. The best time to experience the joy of traversing the diverse trail of this relatively unspoiled destination is in the month of June, when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot to make the terrain difficult. The lush green surroundings help in keeping the temperatures cool while also making the participants feel relaxed and refreshed.

Distance from Bangalore: 423 KM

Time to Reach: 7 Hrs 47 Min via NH13 and NH4

Famous for: Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuaries, Trekking, Camping, Kayaking, Rappelling

Nishani Motte Trek – Best In July

The relatively unknown peak of Nishani Motte is located in the Branhmagiri range in Coorg at a distance of 282 kms from Bangalore and can be reached in 6 hours. The picturesque and interesting trekking trail begins in the dense Shola forests and passes through meadows before going through an amazing ridge walk near the peak. Upon reaching the top the participants can get an excellent view of the other hills and mountains of the Brahmagiri range.

Nishani Motte Trek

Trekking enthusiast need to seek the permission of the local Forest Department before undertaking the trip. The pristine trail untouched by human destruction and interference is best enjoyed in the month of July, when the intermittent rains add to the majestic beauty of the region and also help to create a mysterious appeal that enhances the thrill of trekking in this remote destination. At the same time, the trekkers need to exert extra caution to avoid any accidents.

Distance from Bangalore: 282 KM

Time to Reach: 5 Hrs 52 Min via NH275

Famous for: Rafting, Camping, Trekking

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek – Best In August

As the name indicates, the Doodhsagar trek includes the joy of experiencing the flow of milky white water cascading down hilly terrain. Located at a distance of nearly 549 kms from Bangalore, participants can reach the place in no less than 9.5 hrs. However, the tiredness of the entire journey vanishes with just one glimpse of the majestic beauty of the four-tiered waterfall, which is one of the most stunning falls in the country, The trekking trail passes through dense green forests, steep surfaces and craggy terrains making it one of the most thrilling trails.

Dudhsagar WaterFall

Even though the destination is a source of stunning beauty all year round, the scenery is simply bewitching during the monsoon months, when the downpour enhances the rush of water further. That is why the best time to undertake a trekking trip to Doodhsagar Falls is during the month of August when the monsoon is just receding.

Distance from Bangalore: 549 KM

Time to Reach: 9 Hrs 20 Min via NH4

Famous for: Camping, Trekking

Mullayanagiri Trek – Best In September

Loacted in the Chikmangalur district of Karnataka, Mullayangiri is a trekking destination situated at a distance of 265 kms from Bangalore. Reaching the place takes 5 hours from the metropolis and the participants generally come here to enjoy an extended adventure trip.  Mullyanagiri holds the distinction of being the highest peak in the Western Ghats and is also known as the paradise for trekking lovers. The participants can enjoy a clear view of the beautiful Western Ghats from the peak on a sunny day and they can also enjoy exploring the various caves located just below the peak.

Mullayangiri Peak

Like most other trekking destinations near Bangalore, Mullayangiri is also open throughout the year. However, to enjoy a truly memorable adventure trip the participants should plan their tour in the month of September, when the beauty of the region is most enchanting and the trekking season has just begun, enabling them to enjoy the more pristine surroundings.

Distance from Bangalore: 265 KM

Time to Reach: 4 Hrs 52 Min via NH 48

Famous for: camping, bonfire, resort outings, Jummaring, high rope traverse, trekking, Bhadra sanctuary, Hebbe falls, Manikyadhara falls

Savandurga Treks – Best In October

Savandurga holds the distinction of being the first highest monolithic rock in Asia. Located at a distance of 50 kms from Bangalore, participants can reach the Base camp in around 2 hours. The gigantic mountain peaks of Savandurga rise up to a height of around 1200 meters and consist of two hills named Billigudda and the Karigudda. The granite hills feature gentle slopes which make trekking in the region quite easy and the offer a majestic view of the Magadi forest surrounding them.

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Savandurga Treks

Trekking up the Savandurga can be carried on either of the two hill trails. However, most participants opt for the Billigudda trail as the Karigudda one is extremely steep and exposed. The best time to undertake a trekking trip to this destination is in the month of October, when the trail is mostly dry and the chances of slipping off the steep rocks are significantly reduced due to minimal rains.

Distance from Bangalore: 50 KM

Time to Reach: 1 Hrs 51 Min via Mysore Rd

Famous for: Trekking, ​Kayaking, Manchinbele Dam, Rock Climbing, fort of death, Magadi town, Flying Fox, Paintball

Bheemeshwari – Best In November

The surreal natural beauty of Bheemeshwari leaves most trekking enthusiast mesmerized. Located at a distance of 100 kms from Bangalore, reaching the place takes nearly 2.5 hours. It is situated between three beautiful waterfalls and is bordered by River Cauvery on the fourth side.  It is a well known destination for enjoying a wide range of adventure activities including trekking as it boasts of an exceptional terrain. Being located in the heart of Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, makes it a perfect place to enjoy trekking while feeling relaxed in the calm surroundings.

Adventure at Bheemeshwari

The destination offers diverse levels of difficulty in trekking making it just right people with various levels of experience. In keeping with the natural landscape of the destination, it is advisable for the participants to undertake the Bheemeshwari trekking trip preferably in the month of September just after the end of the monsoon season, when the beauty of the region is at its peak.

Distance from Bangalore: 100 KM

Time to Reach: 2 Hrs 30 Min via NH209

Famous for: Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Trekking/Nature Walk, Jummaring, Tree Climbing Activity, Zip line/River crossing, Rafting, Flying Fox, Swimming

Tadiandamol Trek – Best In December

Tadiandamol is is one of the least explored trekking trails in Coorg located at a distance of 267 kms from Bangalore. Participants can reach the destination in about 5.3 hours and fall almost instantly in love with lofty mountain carpeted in green from its peak to the base. With a height of 1748 meters, Tadiandamol is the third largest peak in Karnataka and offers a perfect place to enjoy trekking; enabling the participants to feel relaxed and refreshed in the vicinity of picturesque natural beauty.

Tadiandamol Trek

The beautiful environment of the region attracts adventure enthusiast all through the year. However, the best time to try and conquer the peak of Tadiandamol is in the month of December when the breezy winds add to the pleasure of trekking and the low lying clouds that cover the peak add a mysterious appeal to the destination, making it even more adventurous and thrilling.

Distance from Bangalore: 267 KM

Time to Reach: 5 Hrs 31 Min via SH 90 and NH275

Famous for: Trekking, Chelavara Falls, Bonfire, Rafting

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