Night Trek Near Bangalore

Enjoy An Exciting And Enthralling Night Trek Near Bangalore

While trekking in itself is a great adventure activity, performing it at night enhances its thrill significantly more. Even though the nocturnal views are not as precise or as striking as the ones that trekkers get to observe during the day time, people who come to enjoy night treks in Bangalore are not really deterred by this fact, but rather find it appealing in a unique manner. Treading a relatively unknown and difficult terrain at night time is sure to make the adrenaline rush through the body of the trekkers. This sense is further enhanced by the unique sounds that form an integral part of the wilderness at nighttime giving the whole experience an eerie feel. Discussed below are the 21 most popular places where adventure enthusiasts can enjoy a truly invigorating and enthralling activity of night trek near Bangalore.

  1. Manchanabele Dam Night Trek

Manchanabele Night Trek With Paintball

The beautiful destination of Manchanabele is located just 40 kms away from Bangalore and features the famous Manchanabele Dam and reservoir. The participants reach the destination at around midnight and start an hour long trek to the peak after enjoying a tea and light snacks. The trek provides a completely different view of the picturesque surroundings which are shrouded in the cover of darkness. Upon reaching the peak, the participants enjoy a small bonfire and rest for a few hours before waking up to the glory of the rising sun. Depending on their tour package, the trekkers can enjoy water sports activities in the Manchanabele Lake after descending and before starting their journey back to Bangalore.

Best Places To Enjoy The Thrill And Excitement Of Trekking Near Bangalore

  1. Kunti Betta Night Trek

Kunti Betta Night Trek With Kayaking

Situated at a distance of around 125 kms from Bangalore, Kunti Betta or the Hill of Kunti is one of the most popular trekking destinations near Bangalore. The destination offers a truly exclusive night trekking experience as the participants get to enjoy an entirely different view of the surroundings under the moonlit sky. The trekking trail passes over hills that almost completely formed from granite rocks and at many places also features extremely dense vegetation which requires the trekkers to crawl through it to proceed ahead. In addition to the thrill of night trekking, the participants also get to enjoy the fun of exploring the various caves that form an integral part of the hilly landscape and which add to the overall thrill and excitement of the entire trip.

  1. Skandagiri Night Trek

Skandagiri Night Trek

The popular trekking destination of Skandagiri is located at a distance of around 70kms from Bangalore. The destination is well known for offering a memorable night trekking experience to the adventure enthusiasts frequenting the place. Almost the entire trekking trail is covered in thick grass and bushes and treading across the same in the darkness of the night makes the trek relatively difficult. Walking over the rugged terrain of the Skandagiri hills at night under the beautiful canopy of starlit sky proves to be an entirely different experience as compared to enjoying the trek in the breathtaking surroundings at daytime. The best part of the night trip is the mesmerizing view of the golden sun rising, that the trekkers get to enjoy at dawn.

Spectacular Places To Trip in India That Will Take Your Breath Away

  1. Anthargange Night Trek

Anthargange Night Trek

Anthargange, which is also famous as the Kashi of South is undoubtedly one of the best trekking destinations near Bangalore. Located at a distance of just about 68 kms from the IT City, the place is well known for its series of volcanic rock formations and multiple caves. The trekking trails is covered with dense forests nearer to the base and as the trekkers move higher up, the lush greenery gradually gives way to barren hilly terrain covered only with a sparse dotting of thorny bushes. The trek up to the peak is full of multiple challenges which contribute to make the trip even more exciting, especially during the night time and proves extremely satisfying for the people seeking great thrill and adventure.

  1. Ramanagara Trekking

ramanagara trek

Ramanagara has attained a cult status amongst the most famous trekking destinations near Bangalore. Located at a distance of around 50 kms from the Electronic City, the place is well known for its rough rugged terrain, which primarily features large rocks and boulders. The multitude of hills found here are believed to take the shape of the faces of various Hindu gods when viewed from specific angles. Trekking in this barren rock destination at night is not only challenging but fun filled as well. The unique view of the surroundings that the trekkers get to enjoy on a star and moonlit night, holds and exclusive appeal for them and draws adventure seekers from near and far to relish this experience.

  1. Ramanagara Night Camping

Ramanagara Night Camping

The experience of camping in the wildness of Ramanagara at night is truly unique and one that every adventure seeker must enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Climbing up the hills comprising of granite rocks under the starlit sky is both challenging and exciting. At the end of the trekking the participants enjoy camping atop the hills and spend some fun time round the bonfire. This is followed by a few hours of rest in the sleeping bags and at the break of dawn the trekkers get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the rising sun as its golden rays light up the picturesque surroundings and the valleys spreading out from the base of the hill, making the camping activity truly rewarding and satisfying.

  1. Nature Adventure Camp In Kanakapura

Nature Adventure Camp In Kanakapura

The nature adventure camp at Kanakapura offers a perfect opportunity for the participants to feel relaxed and refreshed amidst the beauty of nature. The camp offers a wide range of activities full of fun and excitement, including trekking within a safe surrounding. The place is frequented by adventure lovers as well as people who seek a break from their stressful and tiring lifestyle. The trekking activity is carried out in the nearby hills that are full of diverse species of flora and fauna. The camping activity at night includes spending time around a bonfire with the campers sharing stories of fun and adventure. The whole experience leaves the participants filled with a new sense of energy and confidence.

  1. Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga Night Trek

Savandurga, which is famous for being the largest monolithic hill in India, proves to be an extremely satisfying trekking destination. The place boasts of a picturesque setting and soothing ambience that makes the participants of the trekking activity feel relaxed and re-energized. The trekking trail is relatively easy to tread making it a great place to enjoy the activity for beginners as well as experts in the field. Although the hill itself is surrounded by dense forests, the trekking trail does not feature many trees, which makes traversing across it at night even more exciting and thrilling. With the stars shining above, the trekkers are able to take in their surroundings without any tall vegetation obstructing their view, making it a completely different experience from other night trekking expeditions.

  1. Night Trekking in Kodachadri

Night Trekking in Kodachadri

Located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, Kodachadri is a hill blessed with great natural beauty. The place is one of the lesser known trekking destinations near Bangalore, and offers the trekkers the benefit of experiencing nature in a relatively uncontaminated form. The thrill of trekking up the hill at night time is enhanced by the fact that it has one of the most bio-diverse ecology in the region. So in addition to enjoying the sight of some truly enchanting plants at night, the participants of the trekking expedition also stand a chance of observing the activities of the wild animals roaming the area at night time. However, this is not a cause of concern at least until the trekkers follow the instructions and guidelines provided to them earlier.

  1. Kabbal Durga Night Trekking

Kabbal Durga Night Trekking

The mystic beauty of Kabbal Durga trekking trail is something that lends a unique appeal to this adventure activity, especially when it is carried out at night. The area holds a spooky charm which combined with its fascinating landscape makes even the most courageous and confident trekkers to become a little jittery while undertaking the night trekking activity. At night, the whole area seems to be resonating sights and sounds emanating from the surrounding wilderness.  with strange The fact that it is a relatively difficult terrain to trek on, do not make things easier for the participants, which s why the destination is preferred only by the most hardcore adventure enthusiasts, who do not fear about venturing into the unknown in the dark.

  1. Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga Night Trek

Situated at a distance of about 60 kms from Bangalore, Makalidurga is a great place to enjoy a wide range of adventure activities including trekking. The destination is well known for its craggy and uneven terrain that prove quite challenging to be traversed over at night. The place is also famous for its enchanting natural beauty that draws hoards of nature lovers and adventure seekers to enjoy a trekking trip here. As the darkness falls, the hills along with their bountiful surroundings take on an ethereal beauty and appeal that is captivating enough to keep the trekkers engaged. Adding to the thrill of the activity are the various challenges that the trekkers have to face while making their way up towards the peak over a trail that is quite fascinating.

  1. Tadiandamol Trek In Coorg

Tadiandamol Trek In Coorg

Situated at a distance of around 280 kms from Bangalore, Tadiandamol trek is not that well known as a trekking destination near the city. This has acted as a sort of boon by helping in the preservation of the pristine environments of the region which is relatively untouched by human interference. It is therefore really not surprising that trekkers, who come here to enjoy an adventure trip, are often left amazed by the bewitching natural beauty that surrounds them on all sides. The uneven terrains that are often shrouded in mist create a mysterious aura about the entire place making it a perfect trekking destination for people who like to get high on a rush of adrenaline pumping through their body.

  1. Mullayanagiri Trek

Mullayanagiri Trek

Mullayanagiri holds the distinction of being the highest peak in the beautiful Western Ghats and hence is also one of the most popular trekking destinations near Bangalore. The destination offers a majestic view of the surroundings and is open for trekking both during the day as well as at night. During the night time, the area gains a unique majestic aura, which is further magnified by the brilliance of the dazzling stars shining high above. As the trekkers make their way towards the top of the peak, they are often left amazed by the beautiful views that meet their eyes at every step of the trail. And the most rewarding experience comes in the form of the sight of the rising sun that bathes the entire surroundings in majestic beauty.

  1. Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte is a relatively unknown trekking destination situated in Coorg at a distance of 284kms from Bangalore. The destination is renowned for its tranquil surroundings and diversity and abundance of wildlife. Trekking to the hill top at night proves to be an extremely enthralling experience for the participants as they have to overcome the challenge of traversing the trail that traces the side of the ridge walk situated along the border of a dense forest. Along with the strange sights and sounds that play with the senses of the night trekkers, they are constantly accompanies by the refreshing aromas emanating from the coffee and other spice plantation spread out at the base of the hill.

  1. Trekking in Coorg

Trekking in Coorg

Coorg is one of the most fascinating destinations located near Bangalore and is well known for its amazing natural beauty. The place offers several avenues to enjoy the adventure activity of trekking while amidst the laid back settings that seems to transport the participants to some other world. The lush green meadows, the rolling hills and the mist filled valleys all add to the excitement of trekking amidst the most magnificent abode of nature. The participants, who come here, rarely leave the place without falling in love with it. It is the perfect destination to satiate the thirst for adventure of the trekkers as well as to make them realize the joy and pleasure that nature can bring to their lives.

  1. Trekking In Bheemeshwari

Trekking In Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is an exceedingly beautiful destination nestled away in the dense forests of the Cauvery Basin at a distance of 100kms from Bangalore. The place is well known for its great diversity of flora and fauna and also as a completely enthralling trekking destination. People, who come here, get a filling dose of adventure and fun as they trek through the forest trails that are beaming with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The participants enjoy some of the most memorable moments of their life in the wilderness of Bheemeshwari as they  spend time moving up and down the uneven trekking trails, taking in the amazing sights and sounds of the jungle or simply relaxing in the lap of mother nature to get rid of their stress and worries.

  1. Homestay in Sakleshpur

Homestay in Sakleshpur

Sakleshpur is a pleasant hill station nestled in the Western Ghats at a distance of 220 kms from Bangalore. The destination features a multitude of trekking and hiking trail that attract people from far and wide and make them feel one with nature. One of the biggest highlights of undertaking a trekking trip in the area is that the participants get to enjoy the experience of homestay with the local population. It gives them an insight into the everyday lives of the local people and the challenges they face on a regular basis to survive amidst the beauty and ferocity of nature. The abundance of coffee, tea and spice plantations in the region ensures that the air is always filled with a refreshing aroma that makes the trekkers feel happy.

  1. Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh, is a magnificent hill located in the Western Ghats at a distance of around 321 kms from Bangalore. The place gets its name from the fact that the hil is shaped like the mouth of a horse. Kudremukh is one of the most frequented trekking destinations near Bangalore, and is renowned for its charming natural beauty and appeal. The peak is situated within the Kudremukh National park which makes the area abound in natural beauty and diversity. However, before commencing a trekking expedition to the top of the peak, the participants are required to take permission from the local forest office. This step has proved critical in preserving the enchanting beauty of the destination and making it so attractive for adventure seekers.

  1. Brahmagiri Trekking

The Brahmagiri hills located in Coorg have been one of the most preferred destinations for adventure enthusiasts. Situated at a distance of 357 kms from Bangalore, the place boasts of remarkable natural beauty comprising of Shola grasslands and evergreen forests. Whether the participants choose to undertake a trek during the day or at night, they are sure to enjoy an experience of a lifetime and return with some of the best memories of having great fun and thrill. Apart from providing the participants to enjoy a wide range of wild animals at close quarters, the trip also enables them to take in the enchanting view of the sun rise and the beautiful rays lighting up the valleys spread around the base of the hill.

  1. Trek To Jog Falls

Trek To Jog Falls

In addition to being the second highest waterfall in India, Jog Falls is also an extremely popular trekking destination. Located in the Shimoga district at a distance of 378kms from Bangalore, the area surrounding this amazing cascade of water proves to be just perfect for undertaking a challenging trekking trip. The lush green beauty of the area is further enhanced by the huge diversity of flora and fauna that adds to the excitement of the adventure. The participants are often left amazed by the sheer sight of the water gushing down from such enormous heights to create a breathtaking view. The sight even motivates them to take up and overcome not only the challenges that they face in the path of the trek but in their personal and professional lives as well.

  1. Madhugiri Trekking

Madhugiri Night Trek

Madhugiri is one of the most interesting and exciting trekking destinations around Bangalore and hence attracts constant rush of adventure seekers. Located at a distance of 106kms from Bangalore, the place is renowned for the being Asia’s second biggest monolith. The severely steep terrain makes undertaking the trek quite difficult, especially during the rainy season. However, as the participants overcome the challenge of climbing up the trail, they are greeted by a picturesque view of the surrounding vistas. In addition, they can also enjoy exploring the remnants of an old fort that was constructed by the local king in the last quarter of the 17th Century.
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