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The exotic destination in itself lies in Shimoga dist of Thirthahalli Taluk in Karnataka State. access to this places is via thirthahalli, the destination where one of our beloved Rastra Kavi Kuvempu was born, the place has no words describe has it lies in core pathway of Western Ghats filled with mountain ranges with thick core forest cover looming on all the sides.


Being one of the biodiversity sites, Agumbe of Western Ghats is listed as one of the heritageous UNESCO sites precisely to be known as one of UNESCO biodiversity hotspots in the world. As listed by UNESCO. India the home 2 of the high diversified heritage sites in the world namely “The Himalayas” and “Western Ghats”.


The Western Ghats is much older than Himalayas and is home 60 different kinds of birds and more than 300 wildlife’s and many medicinal plants, which are discovered as of now and still many more to be explored to this happen one should educate all to conserve and preserve the nature and avoid infiltrating in the forest reserves for growth of wildlife and nature.


It is the heaviest rainfall receiving place in South India after Meghalaya’s of north known as cheerapunji of south and is home the capital of snakes “The King Cobra”. Being one of the prestigious rainfalls receiving destination it has one of the main Rainforest research centre in India. Also due to the rainfall in this place the forests has a lot of herbs and medicinal plants in it declared to be the protected area inside the reserve forest.


The rainfall over here is due the tallest mountain peaks of the Western Ghats mainly the peaks of Kodachadri, Thirthahalli and Seshagiri Ranges. When the south east monsoon approaches the coastal region it collides with the peaks of Western Ghats and the clouds open their doors at this places making it a highest rainfall receiving place only after cheerapunji of North India.


It is an home to many species and mainly the king of snakes “The King Cobra“ habitat here, it is the world’s longest venomous snake, also one can find many flora and fauna spread vastly through its territory of the reserve area covering core forests of Karnataka including the Mookambika wild reserve, Bisle Ghats of Gundya forest, Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary and sharing boundaries also with Kuderemukha wildlife sanctuary.


Agumbe offers one of the pleasant trek routes for the trekking enthusiasts and also attracts many couples for its romantic weather and this place offers on the viewing of the sunsets on the background of the Arabian sea on a clear sunny day and the view point on the 14th hairpin curve is mainly famous as sunset curve attracting vast number of tourists.


There may be a simple question Why us? … The simple answer to the above point is along with our team you can have the complete shot of the Agumbe very closely enjoying each and every tip of what the nature has to offer only alongside us. Think of Trekking to camping, Bonfire to wildlife exploring and white water rafting to exploring the unexplored waterfalls hidden in the nature and also for viewing the glorious sun setting on the background of water surround by Western Ghats, just contact for amazing best deals as per your requirement at best price.


Agumbe has one of the main rainforest research stations in south India being set up in 1971 is working for conservation of many floras and fauna found in the reserve forests of Agumbe and the research institute inspires and teaches local people on conservation of wildlife. and research station always welcome the tourists and nature admirers for a look in to its small museum and also conducts volunteering programs.


At this place India’s famous television serial “THE MALGUDI DAYS” novel of RK NARAYAN directed by Shankar Nag was shouted, the main attraction of the serial was the perfect green nature, the house by name Doddamane an 110 years old house where most episodes was shoot, even today the house by name Doddamane hosts many tourists by maintaining its beauty.


Some of the important tourist places near Agumbe of Thirthahalli are


Sunset Point : it lies on the hairpin curve number 14 is an idle place to view the sun set on the background of the Arabian sea attracting vast number of tourists to see the glimpse of red hot sum disappearing for the day on the blueness of the water surrounded by lush green nature on the 3 sides giving splendorous view.


Barkana Falls : formed by the drop of flushing water from the River Sita, falling from the height of 800+ feet is hydro power generating stations of Karnataka. This waterfall gives an enchanting view to the tourists who often visit here.


Onake Abbi Falls : This falls offers tremendous view of the stream created by the water, to view this you need to escape into nature for a small trial to reach the peak battling the leeches on the way up to have an enchanting view. Onake means pounding stick in local language as the water pounders down like a pounding stick describing its name Onke Abbi Falls.


Jogi Gundi Falls : Also popularly known as the Cave falls, the name Jogi Gundi was to be named after the great saint who meditated here in the cave to be heard from the ancient times and hence the falls was deprives its name as Jogigundi. its one of the major hotspot of Agumbe to reach this place one has to trek the length 1km in to slide forest, main thing of this falls is the water does not drop here from the mountain instead it gushes through the cave and enters the small natural pond in front of the cave. we conduct swimming activity and float on water by providing our clients with life jackets as this pond waters are very shallow measuring up to 50 feet and also one can find many sharp rock formations on the sides of water, for our clients dip in the waters of Jogigundi we provide expert divers and after monsoon on demand the scuba diving can also be done here. Apart from activitiesthe water from this pond joins the Tunga river and flows towards west, on summer we do conduct cave exploration and rock climbing activity here to engage yourself for this you need to register yourself with us.


Kudlu Theertha Falls : Precisely known as Sita falls, this is a holy place and water from this falls is to be believed very sacred as many saints used to meditate here. it is to be said man dipping himself in the water is said to be free from all the sins as it is washed away in the waters of the river Sita. To reach this place we have trek for about 4 kms into the deep forests of Western Ghats on the intersection of Agumbe and Udupi region. we offers our clients with picturesque trek in to waterfalls falling from 126 feet height, it is to be said this is first fall of river, to reach this falls our trek starts from the narrow bridge built across river Sita and this waterfall has two stages one above known as manga Theertha falls known as monkey Theertha falls as only monkeys reach the peak as the route is very steep and slippery in monsoon, we do conduct trek to reach peak during pre monsoon and post monsoon as water force will be relatively slower compared to monsoon. One needs to take pre measures with the leeches as this area is completely leach infected.


Kunchikal Falls : Located in Shimoga dist of Karnataka is one the splendorous waterfalls used for Hydro power plant as it is one of the major source of hydro power generating stations in India and this fall is created by the Varahi River. This is a seasonal river falls as major water from the river is blocked for power generation. The River Varahi creates several seasonal falls in the nearby forest during the monsoons as this place is prone huge rainfall. The sight of many smaller waterfalls surrounding the magnanimous Kunchikal Falls is magnificent. The natural beauty of river Varahi falling from top makes it a popular tourist attraction.


Kundadri : Lying in the Shimoga district of Karnataka State, it comes to the Judi-section of Western Ghats in Thirthahalli Taluk. This place is famously known for its Jain architecture as it has Jain temple in the peak and frequently visited by tourists. This place has two naturally formed ponds which has lotus flower and many small fishes. This place is like a holy place to Jain monks and it will Crowded on the day of Makara Sankranthi. Apart from architecture this place offers a vast routes to be trekked for trekking enthusiasts and the nature has lot to offer for visitors to view from top of the peak and on a clear day one can have a beautiful glimpse of sunset and sunrise.




  • 09:30 pm pickup from Bangalore
  • 06:30 Reach Home stay at Agumbe
  • 08:30 am Have Breakfast at home stay
  • 09:00 am Take Packed Lunch and start Trekking
  • 11:30 am explore Water Falls on the way
  • 01:30 pm have Lunch on the way
  • 04:00 pm reach peak the sunset point
  • 06:30 pm High tea at Home stay
  • 07:30 pm Bonfire at home stay
  • 08:30 pm Dinner
  • 09:00 pm accommodation in tents and Sleeping Bags
  • 05:00 am wake up and visit Sunrise Point.
  • 07:00 am Freshen Up in Home stay
  • 08:00 Breakfast in home stay.
  • 09:00 depart to Bangalore.
  • 11:35 am visit Belur 9th century Temple.
  • 06:30 pm reach Bangalore.


Possible Activities for Customized Outing (11+ members)

  1. Forest Trekking
  2. Team Games
  3. Archery/Target Shooting
  4. Camping with Bonfire
  5. Tented Accommodation
  6. Visit Belur and Halebedu
  7. Visit Mullayanagiri
  8. Visit Bababudangiri
  9. Visit Jog Falls
  10. Visit Tavarekoppa safari
  11. Visit Sringeri.


Things to Carry


  • 1 Torch/head Compulsory
  • Water Bottle 2ltrs/head min
  • Comfortable Shoes (Rubber Sole)
  • Jackets / Raincoat at Monsoon
  • Energy Bars/Dry Fruits
  • Personal medicine (if any)
  • Camera optional
  • Sweat Towel
  • Tissue Paper
  • Eateries / Snacks
  • Comfortable clothing for activities.
  • Moov Spray and Dettol (avoid leech)



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