5 Ted Talks Expert Guidance For Adventure And Travel

5 Ted Talks Expert Guidance For Adventure And Travel Lovers

TRAVEL, this six letter word fascinates most of us. We all dream to travel the world one day. Every one of us has a wish to get out of our routine life and hit the roads. But how many of us actually are able to fulfill it? There are various questions popping up in our mind before we even think of travelling somewhere. How will I manage time and money? Is the place safe to travel? Will I be able to open up to the experiences?

Few world renowned travelers have given their views and explanation on how you can overcome your fear to travel. Read on to know more.

1. How To Travel The World With Almost No Money.  Tomislav Perko

‘If travel was for free, you would never see me’ this quote always elates us. But, what if you could actually travel without money? Tomislav Perko in his TedX speech gives us the right blend of Hitch hiking and Couch surfing to travel with almost no money. Perko explained how it is possible to travel by doing various short term jobs, earning some money and keep going. He breaks down all the expenses related to travel one by one and then explains how it is possible to minimize it.

Traveling without money means cut-shorting from our comforts and requirements. But that’s fine, after all, staying with an unknown family of all together a complete different culture has its own sense of luxury. After all hitchhiking with a smile, exploring with an unknown, spending nights in a different culture is a more refreshing experience than traveling with booked tickets and 5 star hotels.

The Lone Standing Pinnacle Of Kalavantin Durg

  1. The Key To Living A Life Of Adventure. Ginger Kern

The feeling while returning back from a trip is saddening. All of us resume to our mundane routine. And thus, those fifteen days of wanderlust have nothing to change us or our daily lives. But what if we could live a traveler’s life by staying at our own hometown? Ginger Kern explains in her Ted talks speech that living like a traveler in your own hometown is possible.

To live a traveler’s life, it is not mandatory to travel to different places continuously. After all, travel is not only about knowing new places, but also about learning different cultures, connecting to variety of people’s experience. According to Ginger Kern, if you conquer these skills, you can get the right key to adventure life. Having the courage to talk to strangers by our side while returning back from work, knowing their skills, experience is also a part of a traveler’s life. To beat our fears and be curious to explore more is the key to living a traveler’s life.

  1. How Adventure Makes You Smarter, Stronger and Attractive. Tyler Tervooren

There are times, when we really have not prepared ourselves for certain situations and are clueless how to react at that moment. And most of these moments happen when we’re at not-so-familiar place and situation. That is when you actually use your mind, think various ways to deal with the situation. And this is what traveling does to an individual. It makes one smarter because it helps one to think beyond own capacities and come up completely out-of-the-box solution for that situation.

Traveling also makes one stronger.  Doing adventures which you never thought you would do, going for a trek, co-operating with the weather change, these small things also makes us stronger than we think we are. Travelling is a word of dream in itself. Everyone wants to travel, but not all can. So when you show your big dream of exploring, people conspire to achieve your dream. You intentionally or unintentionally show others dream in your own. So, Travelling helps you to be attractive.

4. Learn To Travel — Travel To Learn.  Robin Esrock

One of the important aspects of traveling is to learn. There are times when you really want to visit that one dark place of the city, but thanks to the rumors, you always end up not even passing through that one haunted lane. Your instincts suggest you to go ahead, but the mind wins the battle. But, in reality traveling is all about believing in your guts. If you don’t, you won’t learn anything new. You don’t always need a Google map. Sometimes, asking the passersby the route can make you learn many things like his skills and talent. ‘People will help you than hurting you’ these wise words by Robin Esrock state that everyone out there does not have the motive to harm you. Honestly, we all really don’t stop traveling, nor do we really stop growing. Every day is a lesson where we learn and grasp knowledge. All we need to do is not panic, keep smiling and pack the right state of mind to learn to travel.

  1. Deep Travel, Connecting On The Roads And In Life. Judith Fein

Every time you visit a new place, you are curious. You learn new things. You talk to the locals, ask them questions and know about the place. But ever thought about the other way around? Sometimes, even locals are interested to know about the place you come from. They are extremely curious about the place you live, about what you think of their country, about what is it that you are wearing. The purpose of travelling does not always get completed by getting indulged with people and culture, but also by allowing them to indulge with you. Ask them questions which are meaningful. At the end of the video, Judith faith gives us some questions as examples which we can ask and connect with locals.

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