Adventure Lovers Must Try This Out : Paragliding Iceland

Everyone wants flying, now with a combination paragliding tandem paragliding flight it’s the time to get it done in the South of Iceland, one of the most amazingly wonderful areas on the world. Paragliding is one of the most available and most secure types of free flight and you can easily do it with one of the knowledgeable and certified tandem instructor pilots. It doesn’t require any special abilities or knowledge.

Paragliding in Iceland is definitely one of the most enjoyable actions we have ever experienced. On unearthly wonderful lava fields the bird’s eye view left us speechless. If you have an amazing spirit, you certainly have to give it a go!






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Iceland could well be one of the best countries in the world to do your first Paragliding flight! Nature here is amazing. But it’s absolutely spectacular when seen from above. You will see the styles and colour mixtures you never thought possible. You will see how the genuine causes of nature; volcanic breakouts, ice cubes, the water… have formed, and left its mark, on this small little isle in the centre of a difficult Sea.

Paragliding in Iceland is an experience of natural beauty, independence, pleasure and being in the now. And it’s also an excitement rush! After a Paragliding flight, you will feel more in existence and attached to nature than ever before. So much more than just a excitement, Paragliding in Iceland is an emotional experience that leaves a long-lasting effect on your spirit.

In truth, paragliding is one of the best and most relaxed ways have fun with the Earth from above. While it is still categorized as an ‘extreme’ viral game, with you of Paragliding’s knowledgeable trainer pilots, who take varying climate conditions and traveller safety into main consideration, it can be the most fun you’ve ever had. Paragliders are structures with a smooth side and no inner structure. You are tied with the wing by at least 30 lines any of which is powerful enough to support your complete weight. The speed of flying is more slowly in comparison to other methods and the seat is very relaxed almost like a lounge chair which allows you to rest and relish the views directly after take-off.

When can you try paragliding in Iceland?

You can paraglide in Iceland all year long. Even during the winter conditions might be very good. That said, remember that climate during the winter is much more unforeseen than in summer and there are simply fewer days when it’s possible to go paragliding.
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