GOA – Expectations v/s Reality for a First Timer

People, going Goa for the first time picture various things about Goa in their mind based on what they see in music videos, movies and stories, which they hear from their friends. So here is a reality check!!

1.Party in Goa

image018 image005

Expectation- You’ll go to a kickass party                                     Reality- You can’t even see a trace of it

2.You’ll find a hot partner in Goa

image001    image002

Expectation- You’ll find a sexy partner                                 Reality- You end up with same old friends

3.When you decide to take a bike on rent and roam around

image006   image008

Expectation- You’ll roam around boozing and chilling    Reality- HAHAHAHA!! It’s INDIA

4.About beaches of Goa

image013   image015

Expectation- Sea green exotic Beaches                        Reality- Just a beach full of people

5.Jet skiing in Goa

image016   image026

Expectation- You decide to ride the waves all alone      Reality- It’s not that easy as it seems

6. You plan to gamble in a royal casino in Goa like a millionaire

image017   image025

Expectation- Bidding in a Casino                  Reality- End up playing ludo or cards coz it’s cheap

7.You expect lots of Bikini babes in goa

image027   image028

Expectation- Lots of super hot girl taking sunbath      Reality- Just Girls taking bath

8. You think Goa is the right place to find some *Babaji ki booti*

image010   image011

Expectation- Drugs are easy in Goa                                 Reality- NO, it’s NOT!!

9. Going Topless at the beach

image014  image012

Expectation- You’ll flaunt your abs in the beach           Reality- then you realize you need abs first.

10. You’ll Party day and night Goa

image019   image020

Expectation- You will dance and party day and night     Reality- You end up drinking Day and Night



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