Ladakh Cycling Tour,

Reasons That Make Cycling In Ladkah A Preferred Mode Of Travel

When it comes to undertaking long distance journeys, especially across an extremely difficult and steep terrain, most people prefer a comfortable and powerful mode of transportation. However, this trend has undergone a significant change over the past several years, with people increasingly opting for the more thrilling and adventurous option of riding a bike or even a bicycle. In fact, there has been a phenomenal rise in the number of people preferring to go for cycling in Ladakh, despite the numerous challenges and high difficulty level of the trip. Contrary to the popular belief, this trend is popular not only amongst adventure seekers and nature lovers, but also amongst common people.

Reasons That Make Riding A Preferred Option

The Indian masses have undergone a major change in their outlook towards life in general, especially over the past few decades. This has resulted in a greater frequency in travelling amongst people simply for fun and relaxation. Fuelling this trend is the growing awareness about various adventure activities and the easy availability of multiple destinations around the country to enjoy the same. While there are several modes of transportation available to take the participants to the mesmerizing destination of Leh Ladakh, the preference for riding bikes and cycles is quite obvious. Discussed below are the various reasons that might be responsible for the choice of this mode of transportation.

An Inexpensive Option : There is no denying the fact that opting for a Manali to Leh cycling expedition or other such riding tours proves to be the most cost-effective way of enjoying the trip. Even though travelling by a bike or a cycle will undoubtedly take a significantly longer time than using other modes of transportation, the overall cost is definitely quite less. Thus cycling up to Leh Ladakh makes the trip truly affordable and enjoyable for people travelling with a limited budget but with enough time.

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An Eco-Friendly Choice : The growing awareness about the need to conserve the environment is also one of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of biking and cycling as a means of transportation. While cycling provides a 100% eco-friendly way of travelling between destinations, riding a bike also helps in minimizing the air pollution and other environmental damage and helping the participants contribute towards preserving the local environment of the region.

A More Enriching Experience : Most people, who have opted for Ladakh cycling tour as well as travelling to the beautiful destination using other modes of transportation, consider the former to be a far enriching experience. This is because, riding the cycle allows them to explore the unique beauty of the region in a more relaxed and laid back manner. In addition, it enables them to get a glimpse of local culture and lifestyle from really close quarters, which is generally not possible in a regular tour.

Ensure Great Unmatched Fun And Thrill : This reason is quite obvious as paddling across the rough uneven tracks within the highest reaches of the Himalayas can make the adrenaline rush through the body of even the biggest daredevils. But it is this very challenge that draws countless people to opt for a cycling trip to Leh Ladakh.
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