spiti valley Bike Trip Cost

Summer Chills By The North

The temperature in India is shooting up every next day, and in this unfathomable heat, it is quite an impossible thought to spend the break and vacation time under the heat. We understand the fact that it is a nightmare for a travel lover or an adventurous individual or anyone for that matter who devotes precious time to travel and has to stay in or even visit a destination which doesn’t let you explore and make the most of this beauty. And to make sure that you don’t end up entering the heat tunnel for the holidays, here are 4 offset adventures hosted by the North of India, which will not only make your summer holidays heat free but will give an experience you will cherish for long.

Spiti Valley Bike Trip

spiti valley Bike Trip Cost

Spiti Valley, where the Spiti means the middle land, the land that connects the two countries, India and Tibet. Spiti valley is a home to beautiful Himalayan terrains and you know which is the best way to explore it at your own pace? It’s on the bike trip where you pass through the mountain slopes, roads where the view is full of jaw-dropping snow peaked mountains and abundance of natural beauty around. The Spiti Valley bike trip itinerary makes you step out of your comfort zone and ride the most dangerous road which leads to the beautiful Chandra River and gives the opportunity to camp near the Chandratal lake. The Spiti Valley Bike trip cost 8 long days and serves you with the one in a lifetime opportunity to witness and live the lifestyle of and at Keylong, Kaza, Chandratal, Kibber village, Tabo,Kalpa, Sangla, Sarahan and Shimla which might would be possible if you directly found a way to reach the Spiti Valley.

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Pindari Glacier Trek

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Another option for longer days is the Pindari trek of Uttarakhand. With a moderate level of adventure, the trek takes you to the swirl of snowy mountains, forests trails filled with oak trees and rhododendrons, an insight of the village, Himalayan Ibex and a picturesque view at every step. It is pure bliss to tap to the eyeful view of the not so popular destinations. And it is a surreal experience to explore the charm of a location which is pleasant in its own way as it is untouched by the flock of tourists. The Pindari Glacier trek cost for 15015 INR per person and it covers your journey from Kathgodam, Loharkhet, Kharkia, Khati via Dwali, Phurkia, Zero Point, another name of Pindari Glacier and the reverse route till Kathgodam.

Bir Billing Paragliding

Imagine the feeling of flying up in the sky, having the Himalayan mountains beneath and splendid nature to adore in front of you. Paragliding in India has gained immense popularity lately and Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh is considered as one of the best. Paragliding in Bir Billing serves with a chance to fly in the Himalayan sky. The Bir Billing Paragliding season Kickstarted earlier this month and it is the perfect time to get the Paragliding wings on as the weather at this time is usually predictable and comparatively suitable. It is a visual treat to witness the sight of the Himalayas from a bird’s eye view. The moment you take off to the time you land, it is a moment you will never forget and hold a special place in your heart. You also get the opportunity for Camping in Bir Billing by the River Ganga which means you get to live two adventures in one visit. Bir Billing Paragliding cost as per your booking slot and advance booking.

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Nag Tibba Trek


The highest peak of the Garhwal Himalayas Tibba region is Nag. A peak that offers an unparalleled landscape with the dramatic sunrise and sunset and a magical night by the stars. The Nag Tibba Trek cost you only your weekend, especially if you are travelling from Delhi. The trek scales the mountain and descends from the other, letting you seize in the beauty from every possible way. You get to trek, camp at the Himalayan mountain which is quite a dream and a bucket list mention for many people and wake up by the sound of the chirping birds and great by the panoramic mountains, a morning and an experience which can make you forget all the chaos of summer and life.

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