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The Fun Of Cycling – Turning It Into An Instrument Of Change To Create A Better Tomorrow

The realization of the damaging consequences of pollution caused by vehicular traffic is only the first step in the direction of making amends in terms of reducing environmental damage. However, in order to bring about a positive and significant change, it is important to find a viable transportation alternative. The one option that is being seriously considered by many environmental experts is that of increasing the usage of cycles. In fact, the growing popularity of various expeditions for cycling in Mumbai is often seen as an opportunity to create awareness about the benefits of using this mode of transportation. Fun cycling around mumbai to enjoy a wonderful experience and appreciate its unique beauty.

Sadly, many people in India consider choosing cycling as a means of transportation as a sign of regression into a bygone era. Worst still, many people consider the choice to be indicative of a major drop in the social and financial status of an individual, which makes this decision even more difficult. This concept is quite opposing to the view adapted towards cycling in the western countries, where it is accepted as a sign of progress and intelligence.


The adoption of cycling as a national habit can impact the country tremendously.

Understanding The Benefits Of Cycling

The one biggest benefit of using cycling as a means of transportation is that it will prevent the burning of tons of carbon fuels. This one step in itself is enough to bring down the global pollution levels by a large percentage. In addition to this great benefit, cycling can help ensure better health and fitness of the cyclists as well as the large section of the population. Furthermore, the use it can help reduce the stress experienced by an average commuter by bringing down the instances of traffic jam caused due to the chocking of reads by excessive vehicular traffic.

What Needs To Be Done?

However, before the dream of using cycles as a primary means of transportation can be realized, it is important to instill a sense of need for the same amongst the masses. It is also important to break the shackles of negative perception associated with the decision and actually evangelise the act itself. To do so, it is imperative to not only make the people aware about the benefits of cycling but also to the joys of riding a bike. This can be done by organizing mass participative events which helps to bring together large groups of people to generate awareness about this cause. It is exactly this kind of event that is being organized by Saksham Pedal Delhi, in the form of India’s premier cyclothon. Can You Think Of Cycling Around The World In Just $3 Per Day?.

About The Event

For the thousands of enthusiasts who love the joy of cycling Delhi, the Saksham Pedal Delhi is a highly awaited event. The cyclothon, which is to be held on the 5th of November 2017, will feature around 5,000 riders across four categories. The event will be hosted at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium under the aegis of Petroleum Conservation Research Association along with Cycling Federation of India and DoIT Sports. The primary objective of the event is to spark a movement that will not only help to redefine the cycling paradigm of India but will also embed socio-environmental consciousness and promoting awareness about fuel conservation amongst the masses.
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