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Kaurava Kunda Night Trek

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Kaurva Kunda Night Trek – An Adventure Meant Only For The Brave Hearted


Kaurva Kunda is an immensely beautiful yet little known trekking destination located at a distance of no more than 75 kms from Bangalore. The twin hill has derived its name from the mythological text of Mahabharta, and is a combined name for the Kauravas and Pandavas. The destination roves to be an exciting getaway or people seeking to do something fun and exciting over the weekend. With the trekking trail not yet having the rush of adventure seeking bearing down on its pathways, the area is the right choice for someone seeking peace and seclusion while also having something exciting and enthralling to do.


The Kaurva Kunda night trek is a lot more challenging than other similar trekking expeditions carried out around Bangalore. The participants have to undertake a steep climb over the sandy steps to reach the twin peaks of the glossy mountain. The trail is extremely slippery which makes it extremely risky especially when traversed at during the night time. However, the promise of enchanting views and doing something that seems beyond their scope is something that drives adventure seekers to take part in this thrilling and adrenaline pumping activity that is not meant for frail hearted individuals or people with no trekking experience.


Apart from the natural beauty and the tranquillity, the one other thing that the trekkers seem to enjoy the most during the trip is a visit to the hollowed abode of Lord Shiva that lied almost midway up to the peaks. The trekkers seem to get inspiration and strength from the visit, which refreshes them not only mentally but spiritually as well. The reward for their efforts awaits the trekkers upon reaching the summit, when after a short rest they get to enjoy the true immense beauty of their surroundings in the refreshing golden light of the morning sun. It makes the participants fell humbled by the majesty of nature and the beauty that is gradually fading away due to human greed. 


Tentative Itinerary:


Day 0


  • 10:30PM Pick up starts from Bangalore


Day 1


  • 01:00AM Reach Base (03kms trek one side)
  • 03:30AM Reach peak and enjoy camp fire. Relax with Sleeping bag
  • 06:15AM Enjoy sunrise
  • 06:30AM Descend to the base
  • 09:30AM Have Break Fast on the way.
  • 11:00AM Head back to Bangalore



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Capacity 20 Seats
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8th Dec, 2018
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