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Tadiandamol Trek in Coorg

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In local language, Tadiandamol means a large mountain and the fact that the peak rises up to a height of 1748 meter above sea level, completely justifies this name. Situated at a distance of nearly 280 kms from Bangalore, the picturesque Tadiandamol Trek in Coorg boasts of taking the participants to the top of the 5th largest peak in Karnataka. The trail is relatively lesser known amongst adventure enthusiasts and hence offers the unique experience of enjoying the genuine quintessence of nature for the trekkers. From nature lovers to adventure seekers, the trek offers a exclusive and memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.


The Tadiandamol trek trail passes through varied landscapes each of which yet another mystic chapter of nature for the trekkers. The rising and falling terrains, dense wooded slopes and mist covered valleys all hold a mysterious appeal attracting the trekkers and infusing them with a deep rooted love for the surroundings. The deep lush greenery of the Shola forests as well as the unique flora and fauna of the Western Ghats combine to make the adventure trip even more thrilling and fun filled. In case the participants are luck enough, they might sight some rare species of birds and flowers that make home in the region.


The trekking trip completed in 2 days and 2 nights, offers the participants the unique opportunity to enjoy rappelling. The package includes the exciting Chelavara Falls trek, where the trekkers can participate in the exclusive and fun filled activity of waterfall rappelling. In addition, they also gain the experience of camping in the wilderness, which further adds to the level of adventure and thrill.


Best Time To Visit : Like most other tropical destinations, Tadiandamol comes alive with a splash of color and beauty during the post monsoon months. That is why it the best time for trekking in Coorg, as the trekkers can enjoy the amazing natural beauty in its full bloom. In fact, the months between Oct and Feb are the busiest months as several trekking tours are organized in the region during this time.


A Word Of Advice : Given the fact that Tadiandamol is a relatively unfamiliar trekking trial, it is highly advisable not to undertake the trek during the off season, unless the participants are being accompanied by a professional guide having ample experience on the trail. It is also a good idea to opt for the rappelling session only if the participants feel comfortable about doing it and not just to fulfill a challenge or to show off their fearlessness in front of other participants.


Day 0 : This overnight journey to Thadiyandamol, Coorg begins from Bangalore. Trekkers are advised to have a light dinner.


Day 1 : Fresh up, have breakfast and head to Tadiandamol base with packed lunch. The trek starts from the Nalakand Palace at the base of the hill, as you proceed, you find the scenery unveiling; mini waterfalls and several crystal clear streams flowing nearby, enhancing the picturesque landscape. The diverse flora and fauna multiplies the hill's magnificence. As you advance up, the scenery just keeps getting better. The last few miles gets steep and troublesome, but the view from Tadiandamol peak is sure to leave you enchanted. Descend and have a nature walk in the boundaries of Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, and smell the aromatic coffee coming from the Coffee estates. Get ready to experience the thrill of rappelling in Chelavara falls (depends on water level). Come back to grab some delicious dinner at the Homestay where you can choose to sleep either in the rooms or tents at homestay.


Day 2 : Wake up and let the senses settle in to the almost movie-like scenery. Fresh up and get ready to make a beeline for Bangalore after breakfast. On the way back, pay a visit to the Golden Temple, a beautifully crafted Tibetan Monastery.


Tentative Itinerary:


Day 0 :  09:30 PM    Pick up starts from Bangalore

Day 1

  • 05:30 AM    Reach homestay in Coorg
  • 07:30 AM    Fresh up
  • 08:30 AM    Have breakfast and carry packed lunch
  • 09:30 AM    Start Thadiyandamol trek
  • 01:30 PM    Reach peak and have packed lunch
  • 02:30 PM    Descend
  • 04:30 PM    Reach base and head to Chelevara falls
  • 07:30 PM    Reach homestay and have tea
  • 08:30 PM    Enjoy campfire followed by dinner

Day 2

  • 07:30 AM Wake up and get ready
  • 08:30 AM Have breakfast
  • 09:30 AM Checkout from homestay and depart to Bangalore
  • 10:30 AM Visit Golden Temple and have lunch enroute
  • 09:30 PM Reach Bangalore


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