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Enjoy Night Trekking Around Bangalore


The adventure and thrill of trekking at nighttime is totally unique and often quenches the thirst of the participants to do something exciting. There are several destinations in the vicinity of the metropolis of Bangalore where people can enjoy this adventure activity almost all year round. The anticipation that comes with traversing the popular trails for trekking near Bangalore surrounded by the dense darkness of night is something that gives chills even to the most accomplished trekkers. At the same time the participants also feel delighted about the prospect of enjoying the beauty of the night sky and an early morning sunrise that forms an integral part of such a trip.


Given below are the details of five most enthralling night treks around Bangalore that adventure seekers must enjoy at least once in their lifetime.


Kunti Betta Night Trek


Kunti Betta, as the name suggests is a hillock named after Kunti, the mother of the five Pandavas from the Mahabharta. The hill top is located at a distance of around 130 kms from Bangalore on the Mandya- Mysore road. The elevation of the hill is around 3135 meters and the total trekking distance covered by the participants is around 2kms.


At the base of the hill lies a sprawling lake named Tonnuru, with crystal clear blue water. The entire trail is surrounded by lush green beauty, which further enhances the fun of Kunti Betta night trek. The trekkers can enjoy exploring the surroundings as well as a bon fire while making their way up the hill. 


In addition to enjoying a mesmerizing view of the rising sun from the top of the hill, the trekkers can also take in the amazing sight of the surrounding countryside and the backwaters of the lake. The trek provides a refreshing break from the hectic and stressful life of the metro cities.


Anthargange Night Trekking


The Anthargange Mountain is located at a distance of around 68 kms from Bangalore. Known for its volcanic boulders and rocks that are heaped up in the form of caves and tunnels, Anthargange trek proves to be a great experience for adventure seekers. The total trekking distance of 4 kms takes the participants up to the height of 1712 meters above sea level.  


The trekking trail passes through a dark maze of large cracks, boulders, rocks and narrow holes. Trekkers can also enjoy the experience of exploring the various cave systems and tunnels that they come across during their upward climb. They also get an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of the night sky and witness the rare view of nocturnal life in the area.


Upon reaching the top, the trekkers can enjoy a great bonfire session and then bask in the glory of the sun casting its first rays on earth. The panoramic view of the surroundings at this time of the day is simply a treat for the eyes.  


Savandurga Night Trek


The experience of trekking to the highest monolithic rock in Asia, named Savandurga, is an enriching experience in itself.  Located only 65 kms away from Bangalore, the peak of the monolith rises up to 1200 meters above sea level and offers a total trekking distance of 5 kms. The monolith features two hills called the Billigudda and the Karigudda, having gentle slopes formed of granite


Trekkers can choose from one of the two trekking trails to reach the peak, each offering its own challenges and moments of excitement. However, a large percentage of the trekkers opt for the relatively easier Billigudda hill trail. The nocturnal beauty of the area often leaves trekkers opting for Savadurga night trek completely dazed and thrilled.


The trekkers reach the peak of the monolith in the early hours of the morning when they can enjoy a lively bonfire session or take short nap. Most trekkers wake up to the dazzling beauty of the sun rising along the horizon and enhancing the view of the beautiful surroundings.


Ramanagara Night Trekking With Rapelling


Ramanagara is one of the most famous trekking destinations around Bangalore. It is situated at a distance of only 50 kms from the metropolis and boasts of a rocky and somewhat steep terrain featuring large boulders of granite. The elevation of the hill at its highest point is around 3000 meters above sea level.


The Ramanagra night trek with rappelling trek is not really difficult but can prove to be a bit too much for the beginners. The destination offers several trails for the trekkers to explore and reach the top of the hills. The unusal beauty of the rock terrain attains a surreal look during the nighttime. The trekkers can enjoy the majestic sight of the star studded sky which often leaves them mesmerized.


The stunning view of the rising sun from the Ramanagra hill tops is something that haunts most trekkers throughout their life. They can also enjoy rappelling during their downward descent to further enhance the fun and thrill of their trekking trip. The trip helps people refresh and rejuvenate themselves in a natural environment.


Skandagiri Night Trekking


Skandagiri is a treasure trove of natural beauty situated at a distance of just 60 kms from Bangalore. With an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level and a total trekking distance of 8 kms, the Skandagiri night trek proves to be one of the most amazing adventure trips for the participants.


As the trekkers climb up the rugged terrain of the hill, they traverse the trail that is surrounded by great natural beauty. The night life and the sounds create a lively environment throughout the entire trail. Upon reaching the top, the trekkers get the feeling of floating amidst the clouds as the peak is often hidden amidst them.


The peak of the mountain is also home to the famous fort conquered by Tipu Sultan and despite its dilapidated condition it reflects the grandeur of that time. The amazing view of the sun rising above the layer of clouds is a truly unique experience that takes away all the tiredness of the trekkers and justifies every hardship that they might have faced during their climb to the peak.


Kaurava Kunda Night Trek


A dual peak in one trek, Kaurava kunda is located near Chikaballapur village, about 75 kms from Bangalore. Mostly preferred for night treks, this venture is considered to be moderately difficult. Even before you start, you are welcomed by dogs that are faithful enough to follow you through the journey!


As you gradually reach the top, the night brings in the chills making you stick to bonfire.  The first morning sunlight gives alluring view of the Chikaballapur village. The shaded clouds with tangiesh orange color are bound to take your breath away. Coming down from the other side is easier and dotted with lovely flowers and orchids.


Makalidurga trek

The hectic city life creates the extra urge to escape, not too far, not too close - somewhere we can really leave the hassles behind and drown in the silence of the wild. Makalidurga is the perfect place for weekend getaway.


Just 60 kms away from Bangalore lays this Makalidurga at an astonishing height of 4400 ft.  The fort at the summit still stands as proof of history. It has an old temple of Shiva with Nandi. The legend Markandeva Rishi performed penance here. There is a big granite boulder on the way, which is popular for activities like rappelling and rock climbing.


Kabbal Durga Night Trekking


The anxiousness created by the moonless night and the endless silence being interrupted by the distant sounds coming from the fields. The valleys around the hill are deep dark, but small towns twinkle from a distance. A night trek to Kabbal durga can't satisfy you more.


Kabbal Durga lies about 80 km from Bengaluru. The name of the site is a combination of the words Kabbalamma. This night trek to Kabbal Durga will take you atop an approximately 250-metre high hillock. There are no clear trails. The rocks are mostly solid granite and has steep gradient of about 40 degree and sometimes increased up to 60 degree on the way.


Savandurga Night Trekking


Savandurga, a trek which is just 60 km away from Banglore. At an elevation of 1200 mts, it is litlehard to believe that it is the highest monolithic rock in Asia. It is actually formed by two hills, locally known as “Kari gudda” (Black Hill) and “Bili Gudda” (white hill). The climb on Bili Gudda goes through the ruins of fort. There is a small Nandi Temple at the top of Bili gudda.

The trekkers reach the peak of the monolith in the early hours to wake up to the dazzling beauty of the sun rising. The view from the top is spectatular. It will bring out the photographer in you.


Narayangiri Night Trek


No, we don’t mean depicting Narad muni by this! Narayangiri is famous for its boulders and vast number of caves which can be explored while trekking. It hosts many wildlife and small creatures (even beautiful peacocks). The infrastructure here is not developed and during the trek it is advisable to carry water bottles as the peak has no drinking water source. On top of the hill is a temple maintained by the villagers & a family also stays there. While coming down you can try your hand with Zummering. Zummering is a climbing technique through a rope.



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