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Yana and Unchalli Falls (Lushington Falls)

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Yana: The of bio diversity hot spots of Karnataka lying in Uttar Kannada District, Yana is a known for the two hill formations of different heights called the Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and the Mohini Shikhara. This place is in the Sahyadri mountain ranges which is an integral part of Western Ghats. This unique rock formation is very precious and antique piece of the world.


The two mountain peaks Bhairaveshwara Shikhara and the Mohini Shikhara are at the heights of 120 feet and 90 feet respectively and place in series. Due to these rock formations there are many natural cave formations around this mountain ranges. Just a beneath the hills of Bhairaveshwara is small cave having natural rock formation assembling the linga (Idol of Shiva) and during the monsoons the water from the top come down and fall on the linga as droplets a special thing and attracts many devotees here and on a Shivarathri day there is lot of crowd gathering here to attend the special pooja’s.


To reach Yana you need take diversion at sirsi and move in to the Yana village and reach the hill you must compulsorily trek/walk for 3 kms and during the monsoon this path will be very slippery and must be aware of the leeches. We conduct treks at Yana were we will trekking right up to the top of the hills and view the magnificent scenery of the Sahyadri range covered by the forest and also alongside our guides we provide you the bird watching activity here were you can spot some of the endangered birds.

These mountain peaks of Yana are made of the limestone, manganese and iron and this was proved scientifically by the geological survey of India and it is very rich in chemicals. You can have an enchanting view of Yana hills and also explore the beautiful waterfalls nearby called as Vibuthi Falls.

As per the Hindu Legend states the Demon Bhasmasura had meditated here and obtained a boon from lord Shiva. That when Bhasmasura had placed his hand over any one's head, he would be burned into ashes (bhasma) and in order to test his powers, Bhasmasura wanted to place his hands on Lord Shiva's head. He chased Shiva and prompted him to move from his heavenly abode to earth to seek the help of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu transformed himself to beautiful damsel named Mohini who enticed Bhasmasura with her beauty. Bhasmasura was quite attracted by Mohini, and agreed to a challenge she issued for a dance competition. In which Mohini cleverly performed dance bhang with hand over head. Without realizing the gravity of this act, the demon king also placed his hand over his head and perished by the fire and converted into ashes of his own hands. It is believed that the fire that emanated during this act was so intense that the limestone formations in the Yana area were blackened. The loose black soil or ash seen around the two large rock formations in the area is cited as proof of the legend.


Lushington falls/ Unchalli falls is one of the prime waterfalls caused by the drop of Aghanashini River and it is one of the major prime spots located in Siddapura, Taluk of Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka and this fall is at a height of 300 feet which is majestic to view especially in the monsoon and we conduct treks to right at the top of falls and enjoy this enchanting view of the surrounding forest and also have some chance of viewing some wildlife. To reach this falls we need to trek through the jungle of Sahyadri range for 5 kms giving you an additional chance of viewing the wildlife.




  • 09:30 pm pickup from Bangalore
  • 06:30 Reach Home stay near Siddapura
  • 08:30 am Have Breakfast at home stay
  • 09:00 am Take Packed Lunch and start Trekking
  • 01:00 pm Have Packed Lunch
  • 05:30 pm After Exploring gigantic rocky peaks of Yana Trek Down to Home stay
  • 06:15 pm Have Tea Snacks
  • 07:15 pm Bonfire
  • 08:00 pm Dinner
  • 09:00 pm accommodation in tents and Sleeping Bags
  • 06:00 am wake up and Freshen Up
  • 07:30 am Early Breakfast and Depart
  • 09:00 am Reach Lushington Falls
  • 10:30 depart to Bangalore
  • 12:30 am visit Tavarekoppa Lion Safari
  • 01:30 am Head Back to Bangalore
  • 07:30 pm reach Bangalore


Possible Activities for Customized Outing (11+ members) 


  1. Forest Trekking
  2. Team Games
  3. Archery/Target Shooting
  4. Camping with Bonfire
  5. Tented Accommodation
  6. Visit Jog Falls
  7. Visit Murdeshwar Beach
  8. Visit Gokarna Beach


Things to Carry

  • 1 Torch/head Compulsory
  • Water Bottle 2ltrs/head min
  • Comfortable Shoes (Rubber Sole)
  • Jackets / Raincoat at Monsoon
  • Energy Bars/Dry Fruits
  • Personal medicine (if any)
  • Camera optional
  • Sweat Towel
  • Tissue Paper
  • Eateries / Snacks
  • Comfortable clothing for activities.
  • Moov Spray and Dettol (avoid leech)



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Date From 1st Jan, 15 to 25th Jan, 26
Where Yana
Duration 2 Days / 2 Nights
Difficulty Moderate
Capacity 100 Seats
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