Cycling Trips In India

13 Awesome Cycling Trips In India That Every Enthusiast Of This Sport Must Undertake

Cycling has come a long way from being a recreational sport enjoyed by young kids. Today, it has emerged as a popular adventure sport pursued by adults to feel relaxed and refreshed in a healthy and fun filled manner. Cycling is completely different from the other conventional adventure activities that people take part in as it not only helps them to revive their childhood memories but also enables the participants to set out on a journey of self-discovery. The activity ensures complete engagement of the body, mind and the soul, thus providing a wholesome experience to the participants while fulfilling their thirst for excitement and thrill.

Cycling in India

The popularity of cycling in India as an adventure sports has grown only over the past decade or so. This is actually a bit surprising given the fact that the geographically diverse landscape of India provides countless avenues and destinations to enjoy this exciting activity. From enjoying the fun of the most thrilling cycling trip in Ladakh to riding down the trails passing through the lush green landscapes in Munnar, the enthusiasts of this sport can choose from amongst a variety of destinations, each of which proves to be unique and enthralling in its own way. Some of these trips like Kerela cycling can prove to be a life changing experience in the true sense for the participants.

Given below are the brief details of the 9 remarkable cycling trips across India, which all cycling enthusiasts ought to participate in at least once.

Manali Leh Cycling Expedition

The grueling yet exciting Manali Leh cycling expedition is undoubtedly one of the most challenging cycling trips that participants can enjoy in India. The 11 day long trip starting from the picturesque hill station of Manali in Himachal Pradesh requires the participants to cover a distance of 550 kms to reach the dry arid mountain desert of Leh in Jammu & Kashmir. During the entire trip the cyclists get to enjoy the views of some of the most amazing and scenic landscapes with the majestic Himalayas forming an enchanting backdrop.

Manali Leh Cycling Expedition

The road also takes the cyclists across some of the most famous high altitude passes including Khardung La, Baralacha La and the world’s second highest motorable pass of Tanglang La while cycling in Ladakh. The trip, while also providing them with an opportunity to explore some of the toughest dirt tracks and make some of the toughest climbs and gut-wrenching descents. The participants get to traverse the invigorating and memorable route that passes through the alpine Kullu Valley and mesmerizing Indus Valley, while also cutting across three mountain ranges of Pir Panjal, Main Himalayas and Zanskar.

Manali Chandratal Cycling Expedition

The cycling trip from Manali to Chandratal Lake proves to a truly breathtaking and enthralling experience. The trip, which commences from the beautiful hill city of Manali, takes the participants through the lush green landscapes of Kullu to the arid surroundings of Lahaul & Spiti. The total distance of 130 kms is covered in 6 days, each of offers a new reason for fun and excitement to the participants. The journey ends as the delightfully beautiful Chadratal Lake, which gets its name from its crescent like shape.

Manali Chandratal Cycle Expedition

The Manali Chandratal cycling expedition requires the participants to traverse over challenging landscape comprising of steep pathways, rock strewn narrow trails and cold deserts. The one thing that remains constant over the entire cycling route is the sheer natural beauty that constantly surrounds the cyclists and seems to motivate them to go on. The journey also takes the participants through the extremely famous Rohtang pass and the equally mesmerizing Kunzum La pass both of which offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and valleys of the Great Himalayas.

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Coastal Route

While cycling in the mountains is surely enthralling, cycling along the peaceful sandy beaches of Mumbai is also a completely unique experience. The Mumbai Midnight coastline route promises to offer an entirely different view of the city that never sleeps, to the participants. With only the quiet stillness of the night and the noise of the waves breaking along the shores to accompany them, this cycle ride proves to be one of the most memorable and fun activities for a majority of participants.

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Coastal Route

The 25km long ride commences from Nariman Point and takes the participants along the coastline of Mumbai to end at Bandra.  All through the route, the participants get to enjoy a slight spray of the salty sea breeze which seems to make them feel refreshed and drain out their stress and worries. Apart from enjoying the thrill of cycling in Mumbai at night, the participants also get to take in the views of the most famous sites of the city as they in a laid back manner. The rumbling noise of the sea coming from a distance has a soothing effect especially when it does not get lost in the noise and pollution of traffic and human cries.

Breakfast Ride At South Mumbai

Racing with the sun at the break of dawn in a city like Mumbai is a truly enthralling experience. This is exactly what the Breakfast Ride at South Mumbai promises to offer to the participants. The trip offers a perfect combination of adventure and heritage as the 15 km long ride takes the cyclists across some of the most famous hot-spots of South Mumbai, including Worli Sea Face, Bandra Bandstand, Gateway of India, Nariman Point and Shivaji Park.

Breakfast Ride At South Mumbai

 This is one of the most popular cycling events in Mumbai that offers a great way to explore the best of Mumbai in the early morning hours. The trip starts with a scrumptious breakfast in one of the famous eateries after which the cyclists set out on a ride to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the city when it is still in the process of waking up. With little traffic, pollution and noise on the streets, the cyclists can feel the fresh morning breeze blowing in from the sea wash over them and make them feel totally alive and ready to rule to roads.

Cycling Ride To Alibaug

The picturesque destination of Alibaug holds a special charm for the people of Mumbai who often come here to enjoy a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the metro city. Apart from the usual method of taking a ferry to Alibaug and then getting a ride to a chosen destination, the trend of cycling to the destination is also becoming quite popular. The cycling activity is mainly carried out along the various beaches of Alibaug including the extremely popular Awaas beach.

Cycling Ride To Alibaug

The cycling ride to Alibaug proves to be an enchanting experience for the participants as they get to enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature in a single trip. The cyclists cover a distance ranging between 40 and 50kms and in addition to the sandy beaches of the area, they are also able to explore the hilly and rocky terrain which presents ample challenges t satisfy their thirst for adventure. The participants also get to relish the taste of delicious Kankani food during this amazing trip, which proves to be an additional advantage making the amazing trip even more awesome and memorable.

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Heritage Ride

As the name suggests, the Mumbai midnight cycling ride provides the participants an opportunity to enjoy the view of some of the most popular monuments of Mumbai in the calm stillness of night. The ride commences at Colaba Causeway sometime before midnight and after covering a total distance of around 25 kms moving from one monument to other, the cyclists end the ride. The most important landmarks that the cyclists get to enjoy a view of, during this exclusive activity include, The Gateway of India, Worli Sea Face, Haji Ali, Rajabai Clock Tower, Flora Fountain and The Antila Tower etc.

Mumbai Midnight Cycling Heritage Ride

What makes this one of the most famous cycling trips in Mumbai is the fact that the participants get to see an entirely different façade of Mumbai. The streets are empty, the crowds are gone, the surroundings are calm and even the monuments seem to be relaxing under the soothing light of the stars. In fact, many participants find the beauty of the monuments they ride across to be much more appealing and mesmerizing than it is during the daytime. It helps them get familiar with the great heritage of Mumbai which is often lost in the rush, noise and pollution that converges on the city with the break of every new day.

Dehradun Mussoorie Ride

The cycling ride from Dehradun to Mussorie is one of the most joyful and thrilling experience. The 25 km long ride takes the participants through an amazingly beautiful hilly terrain comprising of several passes and challenging slopes. The ride which commences from Dehradun proves to be an experience that most cyclists cherish for the rest of their lives primary due to the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the hilly terrain, which accompany them through the entire trip.

Cycling in Dehradun

 Cycling in Dehradun can act as a real confidence booster for most participants, especially as they maneuver the steep climbs that take them from a height of 430m to 2100m within the shortest possible time. At the same time they learn to control their cycles in a better manner while moving down the sharp bends and corners while going downhill. The majestic appeal of the Himalayas beckons the cyclists to move forward to their destination and enjoy a truly memorable experience.

Kufri Chail Solan Cycling

The thrill of riding along the beautiful mountain terrain of Shivalik Hills is surely a great experience for most cyclists. The Kufri Chail Solan cycling ride takes the participants through some of the most scenic landscapes of this mountain range and enables them to feel refreshed and relaxed in the lap of nature. The cyclists cover a total distance of approximately 64kms over a period of 2 days. While a major part of the ride is conducted on well-paved roads, some distance is covered on unpaved and rock strewn patches.

Kufri Chail Solan Cycling

 The ride provides ample thrill and excitement to the participants with enough challenges to test their endurance and riding skills. The ride, which commences from the small and beautiful hill town of Kufri, just on the outskirts of Shimla, takes the participants through the Shimla Forest Reserve and Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. It provides them with an enthralling experience in mountain biking and prepares them to cover more challenging routes in the region.

Motor Bike Trip Rishikesh Gangotri

The motor bike trip Rishikesh Gangotri is a full on adventure activity which is carried out amidst the great beauty of nature. Starting from the holy town of Rishikesh, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the ride takes the participants through some of the most difficult and challenging mountain terrain to end at Gangotri, the holy place believed to be the originating point of River Ganga. The mere thought of travelling to such high altitude within a mere 5 days, makes the adrenaline pump through the veins of the participants with great rush.

Motor Bike Trip Rishikesh Gangotri

During the entire trip, the participants get to enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of the majestic Himalayan landscape. The lush green vegetation proves to be their constant companion as does the sound of the river meandering through the deep valleys far down the sloping hills. The opportunity to explore one of the holiest places in India after a journey full of great thrill fun and excitement surely proves to be a memorable experience that the riders cherish for the rest of their life.

cycling trips

In addition to the above cycling trips, adventure enthusiasts can choose from other numerous options to at multiple destinations across India to enjoy their favorite activity. Each of them offers an equally mesmerizing experience across different terrains and landscapes adding to the vast riding experience of the cyclists. Most importantly it helps them to explore the treasure of immense natural beauty and geographical diversity of India. In most cases these trips prove to be a truly life changing experience for the participants.

Nainital Corbett MTB

The seven day long mountain biking tour in the Himalayas is full of great fun and thrill. The tour provides the participants with an opportunity to enjoy the rugged and scenic beauty of the Himalayan Mountains besides quenching their thirst for adventure. The tour has a high difficulty level and hence it is suitable only for people with some experience of mountain biking. The breathtaking trails require the participants to make steep ascends and deep descents besides maneuvering narrow patches of rock strewn track which can prove extremely tricky. However, despite the challenges, the tour proves to be an exciting and memorable experience.

Madh Island Sunset Ride

Madh Island Sunset Ride

As the name indicates, the ride promises to offer an amazing view of the setting sun along across the costal vistas of Madh Island, a locality renowned for its natural beauty. The thrilling experience of riding through the beautiful landscape that offers a perfect combination of lush greenery giving way to the sandy beaches is not something that can be explained in words. The refreshing salty air coming in from the sea makes the participants feel extremely relaxed and refreshed. The trip ends with the participants sharing much more than a pint of beer and creating everlasting memories and friendships that are to be cherished for a lifetime.

South Mumbai Evening Heritage Ride

South Mumbai Evening Heritage Ride

The ride takes the participants on an exclusive tour to explore the some of the most beautiful heritage sites in South Mumbai. This is an extremely easy cycling trip that is intended to make the cyclists feel relaxed while providing them an opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of some of the most famous colonial structures of South Mumbai. These structures tend to take on an entirely different appeal in the backdrop of a beautiful evening and the mingling crowds of visitors. At the end of the ride the cyclists enjoy beer with their fellow participants and share their anecdotes and experiences to forge strong bonds of lasting friendship.

Seed Bombing Cycle Ride at Aarey Colony

Aarey colony

Imagine the fun of contributing towards preserving the environment while enjoying a cycling ride through lush green vistas. That is exactly what this particular cycling trip is all about. This extremely easy and fun filled ride is planned with a serious motto, namely that of trying to restore the greenery of Mother Earth. This ride surely provides the participants with a unique way to reconnect with nature and help undo an extremely small percentage of damage that modernization and selfish nature of human beings has caused to our beautiful planet. For people looking for fun with a purpose, this is definitely a ride that they cannot miss at any cost.
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