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Allure Of North

We as human beings for our own selfish reason, exploit nature to the extreme. But nature has always surprised us with its splendid beauty and the charisma which only knows to give joy. While tourism has hit the North of India highly lately, the beauty of the place still makes the people in awe.

Mount Everest Base Camp

mount everest base camp height

Everest does not need any description. Over the years, several of us have scaled the highest mountain in the world and the number just increases. It’s the unrealistic view and experience that draws people to it from all over the world. But what about the people who just want to inhale its beauty without any rigorous adventure? Right beside it dwell on another explicit trekking train, the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek. Mount Everest Base Camp trek heights 5555m or 18225 ft and it takes 16 days to make it to the base. You get to be in close proximity to the Everest, and exposure to the Sherpa culture and a fulfilling thrill of adventure.

Hampta Pass Trek

hampta pass trek in july

Seeking to soak in the paradise of the North but being a beginner can be a restriction. But in this situation, Hampta Pass trek in July (though it can be done throughout the year) is an apt choice. What makes this trek more than unreal mountain landscapes is that it connects the two surreal valleys, Kullu and Lahaul. And what better view than the Himalayan mountains, birds, flora and fauna? Not only that, but you also get to see the crystal clear lake water amidst your journey to the peak. And that is one of the points where you will be left amazed as you will have a view which is straight of a dream. The magical journey of Hampta Pass Trek cost 9975 INR for 5 days.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

bhrigu lake trek cost

Bhrigu Lake Trek, another small yet fulfilling trek of North India. If the lush green calms your heart and light the spark of happiness in your eyes, book your slots for Bhrigu lake trek. The trek, when scaled in May and June, is full of pleasing greens right from the initial 10 minutes of the trek. You get to see the best of nature in one view where you have the stunning mountains as the backdrop in the clear open sky with maybe some art of clouds and the still yet dancing water of the lake at the forefront. The Bhrigu lake trek cost for 7088 INR for 3 nights and 4 days.

Adventure, The Need Of The Hour

Nag Tibba Trek

nag tibba

Nag Tibba Trek, the highest peak of the Tibba range of Garhwal Himalayas is home to some offbeat experience. It is a perfect weekend adventure, especially for people who reside around Delhi and Chandigarh. It covers every insight of the place with takes you to the ‘I can’t believe this view’ of Bandarpoonch peak, the ever famous Kedarnath peak, the majestic Gangotri ranges, the musical air of Doon valley and the ice cream like snow peaks of Changabang. The Nag Tibba Trek cost for 6400 INR where all of this can be covered in 3 days and 2 nights.

Bir Billing Paragliding


If you are looking for some thrill to feel your adrenaline rush at its peak in the company of nature, Paragliding in Bir Billing is a treat. Paragliding in India is popular mainly because of the outstanding standards that are available at Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. The feeling of flying in the Himalayan sky looking down at the out of the world beauty from a different angle is altogether a unique experience. The solace that you feel Paragliding in Bir Billing is an experience you will not sense in any other adventure. Along with the adventure, you also get grab the chance of Camping in Bir Billing which is unique as you also get to explore the Tibetan culture and reside by the mountains. Bir Billing Paragliding cost your time and your faith in going a step further to fly in the sky.

Unwind By The Nature

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