Different Mountaineering Terms And What Do They Mean

Mountaineering terms are important to know when one decides to go for a high altitude trek. The climber should be familiar with the ice and rock terrain around him/her. Knowing some basic terms helps in an easy flow of communication and efficiency while in emergency. Acclimatization – Acclimatization is a process in which you prepare […]

A complete guide for trekking in Monsoon in Western Ghats

A Complete Guide For Trekking In Monsoon In Western Ghats

“The dampness in the air The elegantly shining greenery The taste of the fresh stream water Hills engulfed with the dreamy fog and The earthly smell of the mud” Trekking in Monsoon is all together a different experience. Western Ghats, A UNESCO world heritage site, is a heaven for trekkers and nature lovers. Monsoons are […]

Rappelling At Duke Nose

6 Thrilling Spots For Waterfall Rappelling Around Mumbai And Pune

‘The fast beating heart shouts like a truck horn As you start descending, adrenaline rush runs down your veins The continuous gush of water fights against your body You feel the tremendous power and the roaring sound of the waterfall Group members and strangers shout alike to cheer you You suddenly go blank and all […]

Dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, A Milky Ocean Flowing Through The Lap Of Nature

PS – There are 3 different routes to trek in Dudhsagar. We took the route called castle rock. The speeding train suddenly slows down Boisterous crowd becomes silent, they peep out in one direction. Dense Jungle covers the view. It makes me wonder, What’s in those green leaves? Suddenly, I could hear the roaring sound […]

Waterfall Rappelling

Rappelling Down The Falls Of Heaven, Bekre Waterfalls (Bhivpuri, Matheran)

Standing at the door of a moving train, I was staring at the manmade landscapes outside. It suddenly redraws itself into vast meadows and dark green mountains rising from the crust. The eyes retreated with a lush, green canopy of forest and the nature. Source – The mountains glittered with the water of the […]