Dudhsagar waterfall

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, A Milky Ocean Flowing Through The Lap Of Nature

PS – There are 3 different routes to trek in Dudhsagar. We took the route called castle rock.

The speeding train suddenly slows down

Boisterous crowd becomes silent, they peep out in one direction.

Dense Jungle covers the view. It makes me wonder,

What’s in those green leaves?

Suddenly, I could hear the roaring sound of the waterfall

No, it is not amongst the 100s of streams I encountered on my way

The sound is buzzing my ear in a much stronger way

I quickly realize what is going to come

Fighting against the standing crowd and literally pushing them aside

I reach my friend for the camera and got glued to the door,

And then it comes…..

 Dudhsagar waterfall has always been on my bucket list. The time that I had spent there, discovering something new, unexpected adventures and the experiences that I had, I will never forget them in my life. The place is not just about the destination, but the journey itself. Thanks to the movie Chennai express, Dudhsagar is no longer a secret.


After a year of planning, I finally take off to the dreamy falls of Dudhsagar along with my friends Chaitra and Kuldeep. We board an overnight train from Mumbai to Goa via Pune. The journey from Mumbai to Pune offer exciting views of deep valleys of Lonavala. Standing at the door, I am literally feeling like floating in the air. A dramatic view of moving fog and cascading waterfalls amidst the sea of greenery plays below me. We then arrive at the Castel rock station near Goa, early morning at 5:00am.

With loud cheers and with full of excitement, we start our trek. I could feel the climate changing. The air is full of mist. Rains lash heavily and then vanish like they were never before. The greenish path is dotted with occasional red trees. What do you call such trees? Redhead!

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trek to dudhsagar

The trek isn’t through any plain path or rocks, but through a railway track! Yes, the 14 km trek to dudhsagar has to be done on a railway track to reach Dudhsagar waterfalls (You can also reach Dudhsagar station directly).

I walk through the middle of the track, skipping a wooden log at a time, like I use to do in the childhood. And when I lose my balance, I walk on the sides of the track. Numerous tunnels greet us on our way. Some are as long as a km! The Portuguese architecture looks classic on some of the entrance of the tunnels as it is elegantly carved out. A sheet of water fall carpets the door. It is spooky to walk in pitch darkness. The thrill of walking in such tunnels exhilarates the excitement from inside to shout out loud.

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Numerous streams flush itself on the way. Few of them are so big and alluring that it makes us want to settle for it, forgetting Dudhsagar.

Dudhsagar Fall

We came across a patch where it opens up to a huge valley. As I stare towards the landscape, the Smokey fog gets sucked like a vacuum. Dark clouds carpet the sky. Few mountains far away get enlightened with the sunlight through the overcast sky, as if they have the entire spotlight. Its sheer beauty is an eye candy to the site. The usual sea of greenery has something unusual that makes me adore it for a while, lost in my own world. We spend considerable time clicking pictures here. But one thing I did not like is the littering done by previous trekkers. Back at home, looking at the pictures I realize how I was sitting between filth.


We reach a station called Caranzol on our way. We are relieved to see it and inquire the immediate person about the distance. While we are still struggling to stand properly with those bulky bags, it takes us to surprise when he said that there is still 8 kms to go. We have to anyways continue it. After all, Helicopter won’t come to evacuate us. The ligaments of my leg start stretching with sharp pain. It is getting more difficult to reach the waterfall on time. We literally drag our self in the last few stretches of the trek.


As we are nearing, I could hear the gushing sound of the waterfall and it is a good motivator. We did not see much people through the whole stretch. But as soon as we reach Dudhsagar, people instantly multiply to thousands! It is an instant put off to see so many people as it feels more like a picnic spot. Vendors are selling everything from water, chips to even beer!

So here we are, finally reaching the mighty Dudhsagar waterfalls. We are not able to see its full view as we are too close to the waterfall. The water flows unanimously from its mouth, spreads wide further, and then units again to flow under the bridge, into the jungle. The parts of the flow feel like a Mumbai pipeline bursting and flowing furiously. The magnitude of the falls is so strong that the water sprinkles on us.

Another Day Of My Life Well Spent When I Decided To Visit Dudhsagar Waterfall

Dudhsagar waterfalls

After spending a considerable amount of time at Dudhsagar station, our train for Goa finally arrives. The aching body demanded some rest and so we just sat on the floor of the train, not caring about anyone. After a while the speeding train slows down. Jungles surround everywhere. I can hear a familiar sound of the waterfall. I quickly realize what is going to come. Fighting against the standing crowd and literally pushing them aside, I reach Chaitra to borrow a camera from her. I get glued on the door.

And then it comes…..

The image is well pictured in my mind. The full view of Dudhsagar waterfalls slowly reveals itself. First its crest, then body, and then it’s full view till the base. The picture in my mind comes alive with its flowing water. The elegant beauty shines like straight from heaven. The continuous flowing water creates foaming white color. It literally looks as if the milk is flowing. I could also see the bridge on which I was standing an hour back. The water flows through it. And the bridge just adds to its beauty. The glimpse is only for a few seconds, but it gives me an experience of a lifetime.

Dudhsagar waterfalls 1

Tips –

  • It is not recommended to go by your own. Going with a group will help you to deal with everything.
  • There are 3 routes to reach Dudhsagar. Castel rock, Kulem and a jungle trek.
  • The trek is long so be prepared for it. Don’t carry too much wait with you.
  • Protect your stuffs with a plastic bag and yourself with a poncho. Don’t even dare to think of an umbrella.
  • Don’t just go only for the waterfall. I personally enjoyed the journey more than the destination.
  • Protect your camera from the rains. My camera stopped working due to water entering inside.
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After completing my graduation, I decided never to open my books again. Now there are only 3 things in my mind – Travel, Travel and travel!



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