Deoriatal Chandrashila Peak Trek

How A Single Trek To A Small Village Mesmerized A 10 Year Old

Since childhood, we have always liked the idea of going to European countries for vacation with family. Not everyone could afford. Aadit, a ten year old boy got into the habit of visiting places of India every year with his parents. This time, he wanted it different and had the desire of witnessing snow-capped mountains and therefore thought of Switzerland, Norway, Denmark or Finland. His parents had different plans. They wanted him to see that beauty lies in India’s remote villages too. Deoriatal-Chandrashila Peak trek was the destination.

Aadit wasn’t too keen. Soon he and his family were at the base camp of the trek known as Sari. It is located in Uttarakhand and didn’t have population like that of other parts of India. It hardly had sixty houses in total.

Deoriatal Chandrashila Peak Trek

The beauty of the place

Aadit was taken aback by the beauty of the place. He loved the thick vegetation all around him and Rhododendron trees that were pleasant to see. He also spent a night in a camp at the bank of a beautiful lake. The lake popularly known as Deoriatal lake is gorgeous with green and blue shimmer every now and then to attract anyone. Moreover, the group of trekkers playing games and staying over in the camps seemed thrilling to the little boy. He never knew that India had places like this close to the Himalaya and full of lush green mountains.

The first day was a short trekking of approximately two to three hours. The real test was the second day when they had to trek for almost eight hours. The trek was from Deoriatal to Chopta. Aadit wasn’t moved at all when he heard of the difficulty level in the trek as he was prepared and being an enthusiast of Geography, he wanted to explore the thick jungle of the village more than anyone else would.

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Addit loved the sight of the trek phase from Deorital to Chopta. He found it to be one of the best treks of his life. He loved the sound of the birds and the green valley that was surrounding him. Being so young for his age to trek, Aadit is an inspiration to many young enthusiasts and school students especially. Spending summer or winter break in this way can truly open the doors of the mind to be more aware of the nature around any human being.

The Change of perspective

At the back of his mind, Aadit always felt that snow-capped mountains are just like the ones in Switzerland that we see on pictures. When he reached the summit of the trek, he witnessed what he always wanted to. The feeling was different though. He thought Switzerland would be the best place to witness such view. After reaching the peak and witnessing the beautiful snow frosted mountains, Aadit felt that they looked not from this world at all. He always thought about European countries to be the best vacation spots. Now he is short of words to thank his parents who decided about this camping trip. He is happy and grateful at the same time.

He not only liked the trek, he loved how the trek was conducted by the leader, the view from every angle, his photography sessions and challenging the peak as the villain while climbing. His idea about trekking and holidaying has changed. Now, he believes that India is rich in terms of nature and beauty and he doesn’t mind coming back to the same place in future. He would like to explore more of India.

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