Rafting in Rishikesh

Planning To Enjoy A Rafting Trip In Rishikesh – Factors That Determine The Cost Of Such Adventure Trip

The holy town of Rishikesh located in the Himalayan foothills boasts of being the hub of various adventure activities. This draws countless visitors to this small town situated on the banks of River Ganga from all parts of India and the globe.  Amongst the various adventure activities offered in the region, white river rafting is undoubtedly the most exciting and popular option. Hence it is not surprising that there are countless tour operators in the region offering a wide range of Rishikesh rafting packages. These packages range from extremely inexpensive to the relatively budget friendly and even highly expensive to suit the diverse expectations of the participants.

Rafting in Rishikesh

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Choosing The Right Package

With such a wide choice, the big question for the participants to ponder is about which package should they opt for rather than which suits their needs the best. In most cases, the cost of the package is the biggest deciding factor for the participants to choose a specific rafting package. However, the participants need to understand that opting for an inexpensive Rishikesh river rafting package might not always prove to be the best choice. In order to understand this fact, the participants first need to become aware of the various factors that influence the costing of the rafting package. The most important of these factors are discussed in brief as follows.

What The Package Includes : One of the most important factors that influences the price of a rafting package is what all it includes. In general, the packages that are limited to offering only rafting tours and services are less expensive than those that might include other adventure activities or even accommodation facilities.


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Total Rafting Distance : Most operators also base the price of their packages on the total distance that will be covered during the activity. The River Ganga, offers an opportunity for the participants to enjoy rafting across rapids with difficulty level ranging between 1 and 5. Hence, it is not surprising that the participants can choose from a variety rafting packages that are spread over variable distances, which in turn can influence their costing in a significant manner.

Features And Facilities Offered : Another major factor that influences rafting in Risikesh cost for the participants are the features and facilities that are incuded in the package. This generally means whether or not the package includes the availability of a trained instructor throughout the trip, safety measures used to ensure the well-being of the participants and any training and guidelines provided before the adventure. In most cases, the quality of the rafting equipment is also known to influence the package cost.


Important Aspects That Participants Need To Consider

In addition to gaining awareness about the above mentioned factors that influence the cost of rafting packages, adventure seekers intending to take part in this activity should consider the following aspects about choosing the right package.

Keep Their Safety Paramount : While saving money is always a good idea, it should not be done at the cost of risking the life and well being of the participants. As such the adventure seekers should make sure that the package they choose offers ample safety features for the participants. This might include providing proper safety equipments such as life jackets etc, basic training about rescue and first aid and other such features.

Check Proper Licensing :  The participants should make sure that the tour operator they choose have proper and valid license from the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board. Most authentic operators will willingly show their license on demand. Here the participants need to be aware that such a license is issued only for a period of two years of Rishikesh rafting season and operators having an license dated more than two years old should be avoided at all costs.

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White Water rafting in Rishikesh

Type Of Instructors And Guides : The participants should make sure to check the background and experience of the rafting guides and instructors being employed by the tour operators. It is advisable to check the certifications of these professionals and also check the goodwill and reviews of the certifying institutes. The participants should especially check for the first aid and swiftwater rescue certifications of the guides and instructors.

Doing white water river rafting trip the right way

White Water rafting in Rishikesh

Goodwill Of Tour Operators : Most people might consider this aspect totally unimportant while selecting the best tour operators. However, gaining information about the kind of goodwill enjoyed by the tour operators can help the adventure seekers in making an informed decision. However, rather than relying just on online reviews and feedback, it is advisable for the participants to know what the locals feel about the specific tour operator and the packages being offered by them. This might also provide them with information that the operators might be deliberately concealing from their clients.

Keeping the above factors in mind can help the rafting enthusiasts to enjoy an extremely fascinating and thrilling adventure in Rishikesh. Most importantly it will ensure the safety of the participants through the trip.

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