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Get, Set And Go – The Best Places In And Around Bangalore For One Day Trip

Bangalore, the IT hub of India is also known by the name of Silicon Valley which works for 24/7 all around the year. There are number of deadlines, schedules, and assignments which are followed by hectic work schedule which not only break you from outside but also from inside. As an employee who works for 5 or 6 days in a week can only look to his calendar for the annual leaves while being in Bangalore. If you are one of them who has been working in tough situations and looking for a quick escape for a day, then this article is for you. Starting from a road trip, a hike, or a visit to a temple, Bengaluru has something for every traveller and you can find you’re way-out.

Trekking in Bangalore is always a best way out at least for a day as it keep you energised and the best way to keep your closer to mother nature. With millions of trekking routes, India can never run out of trekking options as well as the variety of treks you can take up. Night trekking near Bangalore India is evolving these days as you do have an option to start your trek on Friday night and enjoy other sports at the spot on Saturday. Trekking has a lot of positive impacts on the growth of children. It helps in both physical and mental growth and therefore short one day treks are gaining a lot of popularity in India.

Kanakapura Nature Camp, Karnataka

Kanakapura Camp

The nature adventure camp in Kanakapura is one of the most ideal locations for all the adventure freaks in the state. The exact location of the camp is the Banantimari state forest area and is surrounded by extensive forest and greenery. The forest is not the only location to go for as it is also bordered by a lake and a mountain. It is around 50 kms from Bangalore, which is a home of a beautiful lake Hosadoddi. Other than trekking, you can also enjoy cave exploration, and water sports.

Kunti Betta Night Trek

Corporate Group Outing at Kunti Betta

When it comes to the people, who are looking for adventurous and unique trekking experience near Bangalore, Kunti Betta Night trekking is the perfect destination. It is also famous for Pandavpura which is associated with Pandavas from Mahabharata. The location has two hills which is situated at the maximum height of 2,882 feet above the sea level and after reaching at the top you can enjoy a majestic view of the surroundings. Once you are returning from the trip, you can also enjoy the water sports which will keep away the exertion and tiredness of the trip.

Skandagiri trek, Bangalore

Skandagiri sunrise trek

Another known location for trek enthusiasts which provide a refreshing break from the stressful lives is Skandagiri night trekking. The location is about 70 kms away from Bangalore and the top of the hill at night provides completely unique and memorable experience. The trek is of about 8 kms long and it is all covered with dense grass and bushes. Most of the trekkers visit the location of regular basis just to refresh their memories.

Anthargange Trek

Day Outing at Anthargange Near Bangalore india

It is not only about the trek and the view that you get once you reach at the top of the summit as there are other things revolve around it. Another location which is famous around Bangalore is Anthargange trek and caving which let you cherish the holiest rivers of India and also to feel the presence of ancient Kashi Viswanath temple on the same hill. It is considered to be the best places for night trek as it gives you an experience of trekking, cave exploration, hiking, and other thrilling activities.

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Ramanagara Day Trek

team resting after reaching downhill ramanagara

It is about your choice and what you want to experience in the upcoming refreshing tour. If you are looking for thrill and adventure to break the monotony, trekking in small place of Bangalore called Ramanagara should be your first choice. It is not only about the trek as it is a host of adventure activities and if you want to go to the next level and test your physical strength, rappelling and jummaring are also at your disposal.

Ravugodlu Night Trek with Go Karting

Ravugodlu Night Trek

Another one in the list is a night trek of Ravugodlu with an option of Go Karting which starts with different locations of Bangalore. Usually, the trek starts at night and once you will reach at the top of the hill, you can enjoy the mesmerising view of sun rise and later you can trek down. After reaching at the base, you can fresh up while enjoying your breakfast and play go-karting for 3 laps.

Acchalu Betta Night Trek

Acchalu Betta Night Trek

When it comes to the closest places from Bangalore, Acchalu Betta is one of the known locations but is one of the lesser known locations for trekking. The trail takes the participants to the top of a rock hill that is mostly covered in shrubs. The top of the hill also features a Muneshwara temple along with a decent sized statue of Nandi.  The total trek is for 2 hours but you can enjoy your stay at the top of the hill and enjoy the sunrise next morning.

Kaurava Kunda Night Trek


The location is about 75 kms away from Bangalore and yet it is little known but immensely beautiful place to visit. With the trekking trail not yet having the rush of adventure seeking bearing down on its pathways, the area is the right choice for someone seeking peace and seclusion while also having something exciting and enthralling to do. The top of the hill not only refreshes you mentally but also spiritually. The reward for their efforts awaits the trekkers upon reaching the summit, when after a short rest they get to enjoy the true immense beauty of their surroundings in the refreshing golden light of the morning sun.

Night Trekking – A Perfect Way For Adventure Enthusiasts To Feel The Adrenaline Rush

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Trek

Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek

As there are number of locations and hills are available for trekking but there is no comparison of Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta trek. Most of the locations are dry and of rocky landscape as Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta Night Trek consist of dense forest. It is this very aspect that makes the trek so popular amongst people seeking an exciting getaway from the hectic schedule of their life. Upon reaching the summit, the participants spend some time around the campfire before going off to sleep for a couple of hours. The participants wake up to the beauty of the sun rising in the distance and gradually spreading its golden rays across the surroundings.

Shivaganga Trek

Shivagange Night Trek

Shivaganga is also known by the name of Dakshina Kashi which is also related with a great religious significance. It is about 56 Kms away from the city of Bangalore and the destination is frequented by adventure seekers for relaxing and refreshing weekend getaway. As there are number of activities which are famous but specifically for

Shivaganga night trek as shivaganga hills trekking takes on different mythological forms when viewed from different directions.

Makalidurga Trek

Makalidurga Night Trek

Makalidurga is ideal for tracking who have less time and want to enjoy the vintage style track. For trackers who are new on the track let me tell you this track is around 60 kms from Bangalore. Its importance is increasing because it’s a night trekking. Makalidurga Night trek provides you the thrill once you start tracking during the night as there is a railway track which passes through the hill. You will get the feeling of ancient India.

Madhugiri Trekking


Madhugiri is again a small town which is located in Tumkur District which is about 100 kms away from Bangalore. It is also famous as it has been declared as the headquarters for education declared by the state government of Karnataka. The place is also famous for one thing and it is Trek Apart from trekking the other famous thing of this place is the Madhugiri Fort dedicated to the Hyder Ali during the 16th and 17th century, as the remains of the fort is even explored today the fort mains has 3 gateways to enter it as they are Antaralada Bagillu: the Inner Door, Diddibagilu: name used to describe Northern and Southern Entrance and Mysore Gate: The Main Gateway. 

Muthurayanabetta Trek


The exact location of the trek is about 70 Kms away from Bangalore and is one of the most frequently visited locations as rock climbing spots in the whole area. For beginners it is ideal destination as they can indulge themselves in natural rock climbing followed by rappelling at this site. This place is completely constituted by rocky mountain ranges on side and also there is a private lake towards the boundary end and on the other side of the mountain is covered by forest ranges which spread its area from Bandipur national forest infected by some wild life.

Manchinbele Dam Night Trek

Manchanabele Camping

Manchinbele is one of the locations which can provide a relaxing and refreshing getaway without venturing too far from their home city. It is located at a distance of 40 kms from Bangalore and is preferred by both nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts who come here to enjoy a wide range of activities ranging from trekking to rappelling and kayaking to various other water sports.

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