Soar In The Sky, Paraglide In Ranges Of Bir Billing

Who does not want to fly in the sky and experience how it feels to be free in the air like a bird? Even if it’s just for a few moments? Thanks to the adventurous activities like Paragliding which lets one do so. And such experience becomes even more special when done in the right place with stunning view and perfect climate. And Bir Billing is known for it. And before signing up for the roller coaster, it’s more fun when the ride is planned.

People have the misconception that Bir and Billing is the same place, but in reality it’s not the case. Both the places are different, and Paragliding is done on the top of the mountains, one is for takeoff and the other is for landing.

Here are some answers to the W’s and H which will provide an overview of the lifetime experience

Firstly, why Bir-Billing?

Paragliding at Bir Billing is one of the popular recommendations in Asia. And there are certain aspects that make Bir Billing earn that.

  • Height: The height of the mountains from the sea level is highly suitable for the sport. This lets one to have a breathtaking view, making the ride more special.
  • Weather: Apart from the monsoon months, the climate throughout the year is highly pleasant. The ideal cloud base and wind makes it a delight for the paragliders.
  • Take off: It’s known for its take off, because of the boom of the altitude of 2400 Mt from the sea level.
  • Landing site: When the landing site is accurate, it adds up to the experience. And this place has required zone perfect for the same. It also helps to gain maximum ways of quick help.


What is the best time to fly?

As mentioned earlier, apart from the monsoon season, almost all the months allows one to enjoy the sport. But to make the most of it, spring and summer and winter months are the best. From March to June and from October to March are suitable for Paragliding.


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What to carry along:

More than the basic necessities, one needs to carry a heart filled with excitement, adventure and the sense to live in the moment.

How to reach the nest?

Located in Himachal Pradesh, it is on the western side of Joginder  Nagar Valley. Himachal Pradesh is a hot tourist destination, thus, it’s easy for the tourists who are already there. The nearest bus station is the Baijnath. Its 13 km approximately from the station. The nearest railway station is Pathankot with around 140 km  from the destination.There are several trains from Delhi and other major cities to Pathankot.


Which nests (Paragliding base camps)

Kangra, Billing road, Baijnath is the base to reach the nest. As mentioned initially, the destination for takeoff off and landing is amidst the sea, one gets the panoramic view of the Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas and Kangra valley.

What price to pay to soar in the sky?

Categories and prices

Considering the economic factor about the tourists, the packages designed are in such a way that there is something for every budget.

And thus, it’s advisable that one track down which category, and price is beneficial. The prices vary in each category. The categories are described on the base of the time duration of the activity.

  • Long flying: around 1700 INR for 30 minutes.

The prices also vary from service providers. So it’s preferable to check with all the service providers before finalizing one. And if it’s a group, one can always bargain and get a great deal.


Where to rest, when not flying?

Since its a tourist state, the land offers several options for one to reside. The Camp Oak View is one of the offbeat stay as it provides a stays in the natural habitat of forest. Apart from that, there are several near the locations. Jannat Hotel, Sai Garden, Glass House, Dome Tents in Billing are some.

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